Sports with spare parts: The best tips for pollen allergens:

For many people with basic skills is Sport in Freien a Heraussforderung. If any tips are easy, you can get the workout done right away.

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Heuschnupfen gert with the distance for the highest allergies in Germany – the Robert-Koch-Institut (RKI) offers more than 20 percent of the children and more than 30 percent of the adults in the kitchen with their own allergies.

Thanks to the modern Therapies, you will be able to use the files in full to create a checklist. “If most of the medications are not available immediately, the allergy allergen will be removed. “Become a member of Faust and not be optimally treated,” said Dr. Jörg Kleine-Tebbe from Allergy and Asthma Centers in Berlin.

Also was soltten sportbegeisterte Menschen wissen, bevor sie ihr Training draußen absolvieren?

Sportswear and Sports – How are you?

For this sport, the Symptom of a Heuschnupfens negative beeinflusst, is an Irrtum. The German government for Sportmedizine and Prevention (DGSP) has been announced, and all of Pollenflugeze’s vigorous, well-defined and well-publicized polling stations.

If you have ever had an allergic reaction to carp, you need to be careful when it comes to sin. An allergic reaction usually occurs when the immune system reacts and the immune system – to the base pollen – is activated, which gives the body a healthy risk.

Most allergy sufferers may not only notice the symptoms easily, but also try to swallow and swallow some or all of them. Zehn Prozent der Allergiker in Deutschland erleiden jedoch heftigere Reaktion, die sich auf die Atemwege auswirken: Reizhusten, Atemnot und Kurzatmigkeit makhen den Betroffenen das Leben schwer. Asthma can be detected in Ernstfall.

Atemmusculature with Sport strength:

The sport is also designed to strengthen the musculoskeletal system. These are the negative outcomes of a pollen allergy. Besonders gut geeignet, um die Atemmuskulatur zu trainieren, ist Ausdauertraining. The list does not only come from the Hertz-Kreislauf-System in Wallungen, then there is also a Wohltat for the Lungs.

For a training effect you can get your training completed. The most important thing is that the regular trainers and the bodyguards are trained. With the zeitgeist can the expansion of the cardiotrainings tighten. If you want to get a number, just ask for a free consultation, which is the best training course for anyone.

Trotzdem bleibt zu bedenken: Beim Sport atmet man tiefer ein, wodurch die lästigen Pollen bei Outdoor-Fans tiefer in die Lungen gelangen. Deswegen is äußerst wichtig, dass die Allergie consequently behandelt wird. Also the backpacker with one Arzt only to be used.

Augentropfen od Nasensprays, which Antihistamines are administered, also have an allergic reaction. They block – as the name implies – the Botenstoff Histamin, for which typical allergic reactions are possible. Die Augentropfen and Nasensprays can also enter the Pharmacy without a prescription and can easily visit the store.

Your work set is relatively simple. Dadurch can be verveden, wie es die Beschwerden gerade erfordern.

„Bei mittleren bis starken Symptoms hilft man am besten mit einem cortisonhaltigen Nasenspray nach, das schützt auch die Augen. Einmal tiggich reistht meistens. Falls nicht, hilft eine zusätzliche Antihistamintablette. One of the tags is almost completely different from the typical symptoms. Wirkstoffe wie Azelastin, Cetirizin oder Loratadin machen auch nicht mehr so ​​müde wie noch frühere Präparate “, so Dr. Kleine-Tebbe.

Gut zu wissen: „Reacts to Nase to Allergen contact before sale with Verstopfung, effective Nasenspray cortisol. “If Cortison were not allowed in Schleimhaut and the community in Körper is still, it is very good,” said Dr. Kleine-Tebbe.

Wer die Flimmerhärchen und die Nasenschleimhaut schonen möchte, der greift am besten zu Produkten ohne Konservierungsstoffe. Bei Augentropfen bieten sich Einzeldosen, sogenannte Phiolen, an. If you have problems, just do not hesitate to contact us.

Mostly Augen and Nase can be shuffled, they can train with a large and round breeze. Pull out the pollen screws from the Pharmacy.

If you like Pollen unterwegs sind, sollte man den Sport jedoch nach drinnen verlegen und lieber im Fitnessstudio oder zu Haus trainine.

Tips for Training with a Pollen allergy:

People with a single pollen allergy should take the following Pollen-Hochsaison tips:

  • Since the Pollenflug besonders schlimm ist, sollte das Training besser in einem geschlossenen Raum stattfinden als draußen.
  • If atem Atem kommt, sollte das Tempo gedrosselt werden.
  • Schlagartige Wechsel zwischen Ruhe- und Belastungsphasen, sollte man vermeiden. Darauf counts the Atemwege very responsibly. Concrete heißt das: Your training in a Warm-up and the Cool-Down Anschluss do not take place.
  • Man sollte sich nicht völlig verausgaben: Kurze Erholungsphasen können ruhig zwischen den einzelnen Übungen eingebaut werden.
  • Bei auftretender Atemnot oder einem Asthmaanfall muss das Training sofort beendet werden!
  • If you have any problems, you can try to get rid of the drug with the help of antihistamines. Wer an Wettkämpfen teilnimmt, sollte mit einigen Nasensprays vorsichtig sein. They are usually on the doping list.
  • Sports activities should be immediately followed by the current Lungenfunktion.

So Vermeidet Man Allergens:

It’s not easy, only the microscopic pollen can be polished, but only a few dings can be used to make a normal sound:

  • Vor dem Schlafengehen die Haare waschen.
  • Complete dressing is not possible in Schlafzimmer.
  • Fenster soltten nachts geschlossen bleiben. Were in a Stadt lebt, only mornings between 6 and 8 o’clock. The best time on land is 19 hours.
  • If öfters mit dem Auto unterwegs ist, sollte die Lüftungsanlage with a special Pollenfilter ausstatten. This solstice will be regulated as soon as possible, so that the general effect will have an effect.
  • Wer im Urlaub frei durchatmen möchte, der fährt am besten ans Meer oder in die Berge. But more on the wind most pollen frees Wasser. In Bergen it is man from 1600 vor den kleinen Plagegeistern sicher, denn der Wind kann sie nicht höher hinauftragen.

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