Sport-Union als Serienkiller gefordert –

Nacherregen in Folge wollen die Neckarsulmer Alexander Albert (von links) Marco Romano und Marc Mgerle in Reutlingen einen Dreier holen. Photo: Bertok Photo: Bertok, Alexander

Nailerlagen in Folge ist die Sport-Union Neckarsulm wieder in the Tabellenreger abgerutscht, der der um um den Klassenerhalt geht. The results of the 13th League-17. Dorfmerkingen ist auf fnf Zhler geschmolzen. Auf Platz elf, in the name of the SSV Reutlingen, entered, and entered into the Rckstand drei Zhler. And just go to the sun and go to Samstag (15.30) to enter and leave, but you will not be left in the area.

Will the Sport-Union with a point in the field of his family run, which may be a state-of-the-art group. “Reutlingen hat im april alle drei Spiele gewonnen. Fr still ist es jetzt wichtig, diese Statistik zu brechen”, nennt Marcel Busch einen Auswrtserfolg als Ziel. This is the case with the Drei-Spiele Negative Balance. I was lost to SUN-Sieg in the stadium an der Kreuzeiche. “The day on which it was performed,” said the SUN-Trainer deutlich.

For the purposes of the free trade report, a trainer was found

After 0: 7, the kick of the kickers and the 0: 1 blanket of FC Astoria Walldorf II were used at 2: 3 am.

“We have not been able to function as well, but we have been able to say goodbye,” said Busch. “Aber es stimmt, der Auftritt gegen Freiberg war schon erfrischend.” For the purposes of the contract, Freiberg or Ostermontag is not entitled to a contract with a Blick of the Qualified Staff. “I had to go to Gegner on the ground floor.

Leistung der Vorwoche muss jetzt die Messlatte sein

And the bus is positive. “If the jewels are present, they must not be used in the presence of the same type of wine,” as the case may be, in the case of a class which has a negative effect. “Das muss jedem Spieler klar sein,” said Busch deutlich.

In that case, the Landesverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH is considered to be the only Member State of the Federal Republic of Germany. “These are the results of the application. In this case, the kick of the kicker is shown on the basis of the gate”, said that the transfer was not allowed.

In the Bundesliga bringe to Borussia Mnchengladbach and auch nichts zu often: “These are not the only way in which the Freiberg has been established. This means that, in the case of reinsurance, it is necessary.

In the table you can leave it

In the light of this, the SGV is equipped with a non-reference barometer on the other hand. “Fuball ist eggebnis-Sport and wenn man die lifert, ist es immer einfach”, sagt Busch. Seine Laune was found to be able to use the “energy of the land in Germany and the country to achieve a high level of energy”.

Dass Tabellenbild zeigt, dass es im unteren Bereich sehr eng zugeht. It is possible to place the spieler on the wall, but on the bush. “If the Saison jetzt is left out of the area and then the surface of the ground is smoothed. After leaving the area in Reutlingen.

Entspannte Tage

The two-time group of Kickers and the Netherlands in Walldorf (0: 1) and Freiberg (2: 3) were mixed with Marcel Busch, who was born in Schlern im Schullandheim. “I had a large number of people,” said SUN-Chefcoach. This is the case when Fuball has been blocked. “I had a great time with Co-Trainer Nicolai Grgic in Contact and abused about Zimmer’s habe ich mir Videos from Spielen angeschaut.

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