Sport in Russland – “Ein Instrument der sanften Machtprojektion”

Putin sonnte sich im Licht des WM-Pokals (AFP / Mladen ANTONOV)

Matthias Friebe: Welche Rolle spielt Sport in der russischen Politik?

Aleksandra Yatsyk: These are designed to play the role of soft power. And here is the Erbe der Sowjetunion, weil Russland sehr daranert war, seine Macht a geopolitischen Bühne zu demonstrers, und definitive war der Sport wichtig russischen Staat. This is an instrument for the implementation of the International Prestige Act.
The aid granted to the Russian Federation, including the Russian Federation in Ukraine, has been granted to the Prestigeclub. Sport war also has a significant geopolitical role. Natural sports in Russia include sports in the Netherlands, in the Geopolitical Scheiterns. Until the end of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, the situation in Russia is limited.

“This is a systemic cache, and is only valid.”

Friebe: The purchase of doping scandals has been accompanied by sports sanctions. Are you interested in mediation – do you want to change your mind?

Yatsyk: We have been able to meet the requirements of the Olympic Games until the end of 2014 at the end of the year, so that the Medium will continue to apply. This is due to be held at the 2013 Universiade in Kazan, and it is possible that all of these events will take place. Until Russland has been a member of the State Party. This is the case for the Olympic Games in Sochi. The measures relating to the establishment of the Russian Federation in the field of international prestige, including the position of the Russian Federation in the field of sport, are considered to be related to geopolitics.
In the case of Doping or Doping, you will be required to enter into Schemes or Proceedings. We are interested in the Russian state. The situation with regard to doping is not limited to the situation in the management of sports facilities. We use a static system, which can be used and operated by a sports system. It is a systemic cache, and it is set.
In addition to the provisions of this Regulation, the Sports of the Russian Federation have been approved for the purposes of the Agreement. In addition to the FIFA Fellowship Championship 2018, the company will be able to participate in the establishment of the FIFA Football Association in accordance with the rules applicable to the Olympic Games in 2014. Trotz dieser Misserfolge war die Weltmeisterschaft eine Erfolgsgeschichte. Menschen kamen nach Russland und die Touristen und Fans waren zufrieden. The aid is granted to the competent authorities. In this case, it is possible to wage war.

Friebe: Russland hat ss als offenes Land gezeigt, die Welt war erstaunt…

Yatsyk: Yes, in the event of a war in the wake of the Scandinavian, the Corruption Scandal, the Olympic Games in 2014. The Erfolg der Weltmeisterschaft wirklich, wirklich unerwartet. Menschen, the landowner, was sold and the Gästefans were suffocated. Das war, würde ich sagen, ein kleiner Erfolg. Until Russia, the Erfolg for the other geopolitical operations and for the production of soft-power instruments are used. Aber leter is not a member of the community.
This year, in 2019, the Doping Scandinavian Association of WADA and, if necessary, the Russian Federation for the purpose of implementing the Olympic Games in the Olympic Games. Das geschah also 2019, noch vor Russlands Einmarsch in der Ukraine. Until now, Russia has been involved in sports competitions, and Russian sports clubs in Russia do not have the status symbol, the flag and the anthem.
The Sportler, who is a member of the Jewish Sports Association, and is a Russian sportsman, will not be subject to any new situation. This is not the case with sanctions. It is indicated that it does not fall within the scope of this Regulation. This is the case with the present invention. These include, but are not limited to, sports in the field of sports, legionary Russian sports sports and under-sports sports in the world. In this situation, the situation in the northern part of the country was replaced by the presence of the situation.

Friebe: The Invasion of the Invasion is a sanction. Do you want to use the Russian Sports Games?

Yatsyk: For the purposes of the Russian Regulation, the measures relating to the situation in Russia, which are the subject of the control of the State of the situation, shall be taken into account in the context of the situation. If the situation still occurs, the situation in the sports field, which is in the Russian state, is still in order. Mr Oleg Matytsin, the Russian Minister for Sport, said that this is not the case for international sport. The glaze was not isolated, and the isolation was carried out or dried.

“Sports for the public sector”

Friebe: Is there a Sprache, a Putin versteht?

Yatsyk: Wiss wissen es nicht, denn alles, was wir sehen können, wird von den russischen Medien bestimmt. Und die sind, ich wiederhole, staatlich kontrollert. We also consider that, in the present case, the provisions relating to the provisions of this Regulation apply to the following situations: The Russian Sport is a place in the Russian culture, it is a place in the Russian culture. This is the case with the Russian Federation. However, the image is shown in the image above.

Friebe: On the other hand, Putin’s accession to the Swedish Union. Did you play the sport?

Yatsyk: We are involved in sports activities in the Russian state. The nature of the sport is determined by the Demonstration of Selection and the Prestige. About the world: Wenn Russland is a world leader, is it a world sport: What role is a world sport? For the purposes of this Regulation, the Publikum Wichtig wärre. Naturally, it is possible to use the best sports equipment, such as the construction and the construction of the careers and the investment. These are the same as in the case of the Russian state and the State of origin. Aber wie ich schon sagte, ist die Situation derzeit chaotisch. So, in this case, we will be able to do so. These are also available in both directions and operations. This is also the case for the German Ergebnisse.

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