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Here is the list of Snooker: Ronnie O’Sullivan (46) was not considered to be a Weltmeister, a genius and a bad boy in the sport. Bei der Weltmeisterschaft in Sheffield will be titled Number 7, starting with David Gilbert. The start-up of the BamS was completed at the end of the marathon and at the end of the Marathon Tournament.

PICTURE OF THE SONG: Mister O’Sullivan, with 46 years of service, is number 1 in the Snooker and camps in the WM area. Wie fühlt es sich an, wenn alle Sie schlagen wollen?

Ronnie O’Sullivan: Ich find the role of a well-known leichter. Denn ich weiß, was mich erwartet. In this case, the driving force is set at the same time as the headlamp and is used as a means of transport. In this case, Ronnie auf Sicherheit spielst, dann wird er bestimmt genervt. Aber das funktioniert only nicht! Wenn oll Vollgas gebe, überrolle ich alle! Das macht Spaß!

Dann haben die anderen keine Chance?

In this case, Gegner can use a tactical approach. If we are still there, we are not kidding. These are fast and easy to use and often have the following meaning: Hab einfach Spaß beim Spielen! Gib dein Bestes, aber bich in Top-Form und du fehrst heim. Aber in me Kopf weiß ich: Es ist egal, was der Gegner tun wird.

Keine Momente der Schwäche?

These are clearly controlled on the ground. Ib habe aber dieses Selbstvertrauen, diesen Glauben an mich. Dadurch ich с fast alles aushalten, was die Gegner mir entgegenwerfen. It is well known. This is the case. Mir maht es Spaß, gegen neue, junge Spieler anzutreten. The same is true. Dann sage ich: “Two of them are treated as such and in the same way as in the first place.”

These are 46 inches at a time.

Dies Langlebigkeit started playing Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic in Tennis. I went to the Order, when the Grand Slams came and went, and came to Yahweh. These types of water are still present in the solid state. These are all covered by the Agreement.

You are a fan of Fan von Djokovic. Warum?

I can tell you. This is due to the fact that the splitter all the way to the Grand Slam title. Er, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are playing for tennis.

Wie sind Sie im Vergleich zu ember?

Wir haben unterschiedliche Stile. Ich bin eher wie Federer im Snooker – artificial roller. Allerdings et alen weniger verlässlich. Djokovic is described as having the following characteristics: The spectrum of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Djokovic are in Germany. This is a complete combination of spielers.

Are you looking for a snooker or a tennis match to win other games?

(lacht) Wenn er in der Stadt ist and es emalmal austrobieren will, soll er sich melden. You can play tennis here. I bin wahrscheinlich besser im Tennis als er im Snooker.

Was Ihr Geheimnis, so lange mithalten zu können?

The new spieler is set on the other side of the frame. This is not the case. Daher muss man stets offen für Neues sein. I must know that we have been able to do so. Darum lieben wir Sportler wie Tiger Woods, Michael Schumacher, Cristiano Ronaldo. Ein Tiger Woods is marked with the same name. Also stellte sich um. This measure is intended to apply.

The box office of Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte is located at the Wembley Stadium for about 90,000 square meters. Do you want to go to another place?

Ich habe ein paarmal vor 4000, 5000 Zuschauern gespielt. I go to the Hungarian Atmosphere. The snooker can be used for up to 15,000 men’s functions. 90,000 wwer schwer, denn das Problem beim Snooker ist, dass es ein sehr ruhiger Sport ist. 90,000 persons are not allowed to be inspected, and the boxes are not present and are not treated in the same way. Da hat jeder ein paar Drinks. The hand of the Snooker-Schiedsrichter is handled and reads:

Im Tennis klappt es …

Stimmt! Aber in New York dans the fans trotzdem durch.

Were you looking for a snooker?

This is not the case with the backbone. For this purpose, the batch machine is used. This was done in the past. We have been able to carry out any of these measures. (lacht)

Was war Ihr societies Erlebnis im Snooker?

Wahrscheinlich das Match gegen Stephen Hendry, als ich einfach gegangen bin (bei der UK Championship 2006; d. Ed.). Das war wirklich seltsam! In this case, it is not possible that we do not know how much. Aber als ich es mir später anschaute, merkte ich, wie es alle komplett überrascht hatte. Doch es gab Gründe für die Aktion: To the end of the operation, we are not involved in the operation. We are still interested in sports activities. Mein Kopf war is not clear and focused.

Were you able to use WM?

In this case, WM then begins to use a mixture of water and a solid under the following conditions: The Tournament shall be replaced by a copy of the Tournament. Each time the ground floor is exposed to the sessions, it can be covered with water. The train is connected to a train that is trainable. Dann hält er die Tortur aus.

Did you work for fitness?

Pilates for the Rumps have been used. Das ist gut für meinen Körper. These are also available in the Fitness Studio and the Krafting School. Purchase Pilates can be used as a ride and can be ridden for hours before the snowshoe.

Was it the lock that the WM was used to?

Constance! I do not have to wear a brilliant wall with the right moment of the light, and then the grease on the wheel. The WM is 17 years old. For the first time, the Tournament is a genius. The man is the first to leave. In the first place, the WM-Siegen klappte es wegen meines Talents, das war eher Zufall. Here, according to Steve Peters (Sports Psychologists; ed.), A combination of all the other substances and the best possible reagents are used.


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