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CELL. Dass Celle ein ideals Ausflugsziel ist, konnen knapp zwei Millionen Besucher im Jahr bestätigen. Your sounding charms keep the Lower Saxon city from under the mix of traditional and modern elements.

Specialist houses in the old town

In the 500-hour high-rise building, the Celle Zeit and Geld are decorated and can be restored. In the Altstadt you can find a spotted ensemble of commercial houses – the largest connections in Europe.

Besponders da Hoppener Haus, in der Poststraße / Rundestraße gelegen, ist e publikumsmagnet. The 16th century building of the 16th century features tourists with six views, many figures and ornaments.

Excursion to the night stand

There is a lot of potential day-to-day flight around Celle. The Landeshauptstadt Hannover is about 40 kilometers south-west and locked with the Herrhäuser Gärten or a serious zoo. A good 50-minute drive is Hildesheim. Not only culture and art friends come to the city at their own prices, also shopping. A high fashion store in Hildesheim is a great place to stay.

Wolfsburg has an excellent distance to the Celle and points with the Allerpark, the motorway and the BadeLand. A further day trip can be reached after the Braunschweig, only 60 kilometers away from Celle. The castles or the churches are possibly accessible in the Löwenstadt.

There are also very friendly friends in the whole area. In Soltau, tourists can visit the famous Heide Park, in Hodenhagen, the Serengeti Park. Ebenfalls is also in the Welsrode World Park. All three flight tips are in the middle of the hour with the car available.

Gardens & Parks

This is an opportunity to visit with many green spaces. Visitors to the French garden with teichanlage and fountain locked by tourists. The protected green area is located in a rose garden and a biennial institute.

As a starting point for the whole family, the city park is located in the new town hall. The park has prepared water areas and is worth a visit. Attractions like a slack line, a chess game or a fitness park are waiting for you.

The frames of the Expo 2000 are located on the Heilpflanzengarten am Rande der Altstadt. It is about 7000 square meters large and has a southern corner. Visitors can also visit the Hundert Heilpflanzen, which is located in Themenbeeten.

Die Lüneburger Heide

The 70,000 Einwohner große Stadt wir as the southern Tor zur Lüneburger Heide bezeichnet, denn der Naturpark Südheide nimmt einen großen Teil des Celler Landkreises ein and reicht fast bis an die Stadtgrenzen. Tourists, the neighborhood and the rest of the world, are here very generous. In the parts of the park you can spend hours without visiting other places.

This unit also includes black animals such as black storms, sea viewers or fishermen, and a large part of the area under nature protection. In the Luther, one of the protected flutes, the one who lives there, lives in the underworld of the Fussperl muscheln.

A 20-kilometer stretch of adventure road to Örtze is an attraction for older classes. The fast-paced Central Station will be able to visit the forest and the river. Heide can also be treated to a fabulous education. Wer Glück hat, kann bei seinem Besuch Heidschnucken beobachten oder kommt auf seinem Ausflug bei einem Imker vorbei, der leckeren Heidehonig anbietet.

Celler Badeland

Celler Badeland has one day full of action on offer. It includes an indoor pool, a outdoor pool, a sauna and a wellness area. In addition to the baby and children’s area, there is a warm sunbathing on the sun or on a stretcher or on an emergency channel for people. Highlight in the spa bath is about the Rutschen: One of them is a 60 meter long tunnel, which with its curves and cooled light effects is locked. However, the rest of the Wildbergbach in the outer area, where the Rutsche has unparalleled bread and depths, was the main part of the Rutsch party.



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