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The highest prices for the 2020 incoming Zimmerner Kindergarten an der Schule with a number of groups (total costs 4.9 million euros) are cheap. For the three-group children’s garden in the “Zimmern-Ost” there is a cost of 4.7 million Euros. Photo: Weisser

In this year, the common rooms of the new children’s garden in the “room east” are built. Doch bei der Submission der ausgescribenen Arbeiten kam jetzt der große Schock. Due to enormous cost estimates, the project is based on this.

Zimmern o. R. – Das Ausschreibungsergebnis haute alle Beteiligten – Planer, Verwaltung sovie den Gemeinderat – vom Hocker. With long stories, and fast rattlesnakes, all the rounds of the service in the Flözlinger Turn- and Festhalle are combined. I am also looking for a way out.

The commune is in tune with the foresight of the government, the expropriation of the expropriation, a new one after a single work in the next year and the latest static figures at the Catholic Kindergarten in Adol. Bis Ende 2025 – so der Stand heute – kennte diese Kindertageseinrichtung noch betrieben werden.

The total cost is 4.7 Million Euros

Great choices for construction prices for the best deals. The economically affordable offer – only two of which are available – costs 3.4 million Euros from the company Holzbau Fluck aus Blumberg-Riedböhringen. The offer of traders is worth 141,000 Euros. According to the Rottweiler Architectural Office KTL, the total costs for the project (including external facilities, costs and equipment) are up to 4.7 million Euros.

From the Kfw agreement there is a significant increase

In June, the estimated costs of 3.4 million Euros were increased. In the 2022 house, the municipality was paid 3.5 million euros. According to the cost estimate of up to 1.3 million Euros, it is still available in January, the end of the Kfw-40 agreement. Man wisse nicht, ob und wann ein neuer Förderprogramm aufgelegt werde, gab Bürgermeisterin Carmen Merz zu bedenken. Appropriations in the high of 680 000 Euro are available in the financing of the plant.

In addition to the enormous costs and costs of the eventual decline of the Kfw agreement, it is very difficult for you to make the claim, but to make it clear. At an inspection of the timber construction (solid or steel construction) you can find – with architect Peter Koczor – a maximum of 250,000 Euros saved. The Kindergarten an der Albert-Mager-Straße has the property of a general company.

Bauruine vermeiden

“We have to give good experiences, the cost of living is free, we want to have a good time and sleep well,” said the mayor. Also at the Kindergarten “Zimmern-Ost” there is a community and planning office available. The letter of formal notice will be returned to the General Company. The property offers a comprehensive safety deposit, a well-equipped carriage. It is still not festive, but at the end of a single trade and other payments. At the end of the day, in the current situation, the situation in this situation is not clear, but a company does not want to know more – “and then we have a baroness”, said Winfried Praglowski.

The cost of the year in the original year is solid, the answers of the planner on the questionnaire of Guntram Ober are in accordance with the cost estimate method. The office has built the budget, the number of special plans paid, the current prices are available and the facilities are up to 50 percent. However, I have never been able to reach the point of departure. The Festhalten an Holz stellte Gemeinderat Matthias Teufel in Frage.

Zweifel an Angebot

Von einem “Fantasieangebot” sprach Ratsmitglied Andreas Schobel. In the first year of this year, at the highest price of wood, the middle ages have been used again. “Das kann niemals reell sein,” äußerte Schobel. Allein wegen der unsicheren Situation bei der Kfw-Förderung (“Wenn sie wieder kommt, dann ja mit höheren Anforderungen”) soltte man abwarten, forderte Christa Schamburek. Auch Thomas Bausch (“We know the AKP children’s garden until the end of 2025”) is also a sale from.

It can only be speculated, but not at all, it is in a year, warrior Kämmerer Martin Weiss. “We want to get the right decision,” he said. Die Lage – so ihre Einschätzung – sei sehr verzwikkt und guter Rat teuer.


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