Sennheiser Sport True Wireless in Test – Sportlic InEars with aptX

In Kürze

The Sennheiser Sport True Wireless allows you to play sports in the middle of the world and paint in Halt in the Ohren. For example, the product is used and the mixture is used for the purpose of generating the product.


  • Guter Klang
  • Starker Halt in den Ohren
  • Umfangreiche Einstellungsmöglichkeiten

Sennheiser has been involved in the development of professional and private companies. The Sennheiser Sport True Wireless is designed and equipped with a branded, In-Ear Cable Car that is suitable for all sports applications. The new True Wireless model has been used with paint and bass. We are able to use the headset.

Klangtest – Fette Beats für Workout

Wenn du dirim Sport Sportne Copper in the Ohren Steckst and in the Motivations-Playlist is also listed as a guide to the soundtrack. In the case of a turner, a bass bell, a bellows and a whitewashed body for the sport sportsman, the parameters are shown. This is why Sennheiser Sport True Wireless. For all rapids, Rap-Tracks was developed by Kendrick Lamar and Co. the sound and tie fields are used.

The Klang der Sennheiser Sport True Wireless is the perfect access to the sport.

However, other generators of this type have been used. It is possible to use the equalizer as an equalizer. The focus is on the In-Ears on the ground and the clutch. These parts and details are shown above the headings of the struts, which do not have to be removed from the strings and the strings are shown in detail. The podcasts and handles of the show are used as test equipment.

For the purposes of this Directive, the provisions of this Regulation shall apply to the following countries:

Praxis – This is a combination of Sennheiser Sport True Wireless and Alltag

For the purposes of extraction, sports equipment may be used for the purpose of determining the type of flow and silicon in which they are used. These terminals are connected in the form of a ring and a ring, which can be connected to a ring, which is not suitable for use. Immediately before the end of this year, the company has entered into force. In addition to the use of the Sennheiser in the field, the title “Sport” is based on the fact that it is handled and handled by the Sporting Party. The Sennheiser plant is based on the product.

The product is a Sennheiser Sport True Wireless product
Sennheiser sparted wichrich nicht am Zubehör.

Denn Sennheiser has also been involved in sports activities, including sports music, which are not included in the list. However, the Sport True Wireless Headset is equipped with a rubber stopper that can be used for cleaning. For this purpose, a mixture of the best of the mixture may be used and the mixture may be treated as such. For this purpose, the product must be treated as such. With the Sennheiser Sport, the True Wireless has been used for a maximum of three years. For example, the copier may be used as a power supply.

Kein ANC, Focus- und Aware-Aufsätze

Ein Hörer der Sennheiser Sport True Wireless
The in-ear conveyor is suitable for use in the construction of open-air vehicles.

Auch bei In-Ear Aufsätzen bieten die Sport True Wireless Flexibility. Sennheiser is designed to be equipped with silicone and “silicone”. These compounds are also used in the form of a transparent class. In the appendix the app can be used to display the same price and price. Aber Vorsicht: These measures are not applicable to the operation of the microphone. Dennoch is one of these features, which may not be included in the ANC and the Transparency Mode, but the situation is absolutely clear.

Das Ladecase der Sennheiser Sport True Wireless
The ladder of the Sennheiser Sport True Wireless is available.

The battery accumulation of the batteries can be slowed down. These will work for up to an hour and then bring the lock to the workout. The company will be notified in the first instance of the mobile phone bill for up to 27 hours. For this purpose, the operation of the system is performed for up to 15 minutes. This will take 1.5 hours. These are designed for sports use, and are designed for IP54 standard operation. This means that the workout and the operating conditions are complete.

Touch and touch application App

The bed and breakfast is equipped with a wireless touch screen with a touch screen. Other products are used in the manufacture of such products and may be treated as such. The Griff for Smartphone is also listed in the Playlist, also required. About the Dazugehörige App Sennheiser Smart Control can be used individually.

The Sennheiser Sport True Wireless in Ladecase
The reaction mixture is reacted with the solution. We must also use the other parts of the vehicle as well.

This is not the case. In the App you can find a new Equalizer with the sound of the Vorlieben at the same time. If necessary, the test must be performed according to the test results. These measures are based on the genealogy of the present invention. This preset for optimizing your browsing experience and podcasts is included in the App installation.

The App der Sennheiser Sport True Wireless
In the Sennheiser app you can choose from the following settings.

Guter Klang and stable Verbindung via Bluetooth 5.2 und aptX

This is a true wireless headset with a UVP of 130 Euros and is based on the codec. The Sennheiser is set to use the standard, but the standard set for the SBC and AAC of the standard codec is set to the codec. So you know the best Android-Nutzer * from here in Genuss von hochwertigem Klang. The function of the apple machine is such that it can be used only. The Sennheiser Sport True Wireless is compatible with Bluetooth 5.2 and the Test is a stable version of the Smartphone.

Edle Verarbeitung

The Sennheiser Sport True Wireless is available in Ladecase
The Sennheiser Sport True Wireless is designed and equipped with high performance in Eindruck.

In the case of sports equipment, the other parts of the instrument may be fitted with an optical surface. The design of the Sennheiser Sport True Wireless is only available in the past, and the EarBuds are not suitable for use. Dennoch will then be used with the same color and the Sennheiser logo will be used as well. Selbiges gilt für das Ladecase. For this purpose, it is possible to replace the wall, the optics and the accessories can be easily removed.

Fazit zu den Sennheiser Sport True Wireless

This sport is also available from Sennheiser Sport True Wireless and is available in India. In the case of a cluster, the appendix may be used as a power supply and a solid battery for the operation of the device in which the device is used. In this case, the Sennheiser can be used as a shuttle and the shoe can be removed slowly. The price of 130 Euros (UVP) for the True Wireless Transceiver is available for use in the area, and the parts are equipped with the same parts.

The falls are equipped with ANC such as the Beats Fit Pro on the wall.

Technical Data
Bluetooth Standard 5.2
Battery charge 9 Std. Kopfhörer; with Ladecase 27 Std. (Laut Hersteller)
Noise Canceling Nein
Codecs SBC, AAC, aptX
Wassergeschützt IP54
Anschlüsse des Ladecase USB-C
Gewicht Hörer: 6.8 Gramm / Ladecase: 41.6 Gramm
Maße 64.5 x 40 x 41.6 mm
Price 129.90

Hier findest du weitere In-Ear Kopfhörerin an independent Test Lab by an Expert * from here:

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