Schwarzwaldverein Furtwangen: Also in Pandemic Years – Furtwangen & Umgebung

Also in the Pandemic year, the Black Forest Association was founded on various routes. Photo: © leszekglasner –

The Black Forest Furtwangen is a main gathering place, but the pandemic conditions in the warring years are not possible. Ethnic hiking tours are also available in the Pandemic years.

Furtwangen – Eingangs der Versammlung bat der obschefdere Vorsitzende Richard Krieg um eine Ehrung der verstorbenen Vereinsmitglieder, darunter die beiden unvergesslichen Wanderführer Martha Spath und Jupp Karduck.

The war reports that, based on the provisions of the Corona Events 2020 and 2021, some member assemblies have been included in the content and this summary is based on the time of the appointments from 2019 to 2021. In the presence of the experts, there are many different and interesting things to do, permanently provided with a commitment to digital media and media information.

Facade renovation at the fire tower is located at

The fire tower must be closed on a permanent basis while the pandemic is closed, so that in a case of trafficking the perpetrators are not allowed and a control is possible, it is important to do so. There are regular inspection and maintenance services as well as small repairs. A water breach can be found through interpretations, and a follow-up can be done in two places. Ebenso seien die Fensterbanke zu sanieren. A façade renovation in the area of ​​about 18,000 Euros is free of charge, for which babysitting services are also available at the cost center.

Common landscape plan with Neukircher Ortsgruppe

The hiking trail is always close to the sixth in a common landscape plan with the Neukircher community group members and the public.

In 2019, there were 20 hiking boats with 501 parts, which were recently published by 22 “Die-Mi-Do-Wanderungen” by Erika Moser.

The two bus trips include 129 people (56 on the almond grove in the Palatinate and 73 on the “Christmas in the European Park”). Two other bus rides from the Neukircher Group are available.

In 2020 and 2021, the possibilities were reduced by the Crown, and there were 46 walking boats with 471 parts, and 35 “Die-Mi-Do-Wanderungen” by Erika Moser, conducted. Erika Moser works with the translation of a flower bed. The Corona does not have to offer any additional bus routes.

The nominee did not run for office

Scribe Hannelore Enz Beziehungsweise der Vorsitzende Fertigten über die Versammlungen stets Protokollnotizen; Hannelore Enz doesn’t want to be born out of common grounds. The collection guide is available for its annual availability with a flower bed.

Wegewart Bernd Brunnert and Bezirkswegewart Werner Müller reports on the road marking and control. If you want to change your mind, you will be able to choose from.

Nature protection Michael Winterhalter reports on the project of the Furtwanger Roundabout, which is in an action with the Furtwanger School with 15 insect hotels, but was crowned but not realized yet.

Single free cash register

The cash register was published by Ursula Kienzler. The cash register has been reduced, so that the cost-effective costs are crowned by the manger’s events other than those listed, which are in the collection. Margarete Seim and Cilly Karduck receive a free cash register.

A new meeting between the main councils is based on the fact that the public relations is not limited to special offers for the fire tower and the belief in the possibility of a joint venture with each other. The saturation has been suggested.

No precautionary measures for the choice of assets

There are no precautionary measures for the election; Richard Krieg is always ready to be reunited with the highest budget. There is no need for access to the office of the editor-in-chief. The choice of the cashier Ursula Kienzler has been fulfilled. As experts, there are: Ender Moser Hiking Club, Wegewart Bernd Brunnert with support from Werner Müller, Richard Krieg Fire Brigade, Michael Winter Holder Nature Conservatory and Sziegat Internet Advisor.

Erika Moser, Bernd and Jutta Brunnert, Margarete Drexler and Werner Müller live for their hiking work in the years 2019 to 2021 of the Wanderer, Flower Straw and wine press.

For the conclusion we are waiting for an appointment

Concluding meetings are held by the association at a party and event for the gastronomic company in the arch and the friendly property. I can never go back. Gerhard Buchmann, the founder of the history and home economics department, and Elke Schön, are well-informed, and will be able to travel to the Waldau for the implementation of the “project” together with the Black Forest Association.

To the comfort of the people, according to the Regulations, Hanjo Herzog saw the light pictures of the tour in the hiking year 2021.


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