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So stealt sich Tobias Gaiser die Gestaltung des “Schweigekilometers” vor. Photo: Gaiser

Do you want to get rid of a very small motorcycle? Tobias Gaiser from Obertal will be the most famous. The “Schweigekilometer” is a project for the Schwarzwaldhochstraße.

Kreis Freudenstadt – The 22-year-old Hat in the frame of your bachelor’s degree from the study medium Medesndesign an der Dualen Hochschule DHBW Ravensburg die Idee dazu. From the idea is a medium-sized project, for many landlords found it. After the “Schweigekilometer” you can see, but also about many factors and conditions.

Helbingfelsen in Focus

“Die Schwarzwaldhochstraße gilt als eine der unfallreichsten Motorradstrecken des Landes. Actual traffic safety measures are not recognized by the relevant authority,” Gaiser said. In addition, in the area of ​​Helbingfelsen, in the year of the war, he was appointed to the warring failures, but he was not allowed to do so. He has written the question, as he did without the use of bicycles, ruts, blitzers or “expiring” posters, the driver is sensitized. How can the number of long-term unfortunate people be? The idea of ​​”Schweigekilometers” stands, and so all of them can be seen, the ride on the Schwarzwaldhochstraße with their lives is not allowed. “Das aber nicht mit einer Schweigeminute, sondern eben mit einem Schweigekilometer, der aufrütteln soll”, so der Ideengeber.

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Many reactions on video

At a distance of 1000 meters, the traffic lane can be used as soon as possible. “Zugleich soll an jene Fahrerinnen und Fahrer gedacht werden, die auf der Strecke ihr Leben lassen mussten”, sagt Gaiser. Damit soll auch den Angehörigen ein Ort der Begegnung geboten werden, um zu trauern und Menschen zu treffen, die denselben Verlust durchleben mustan. With a video, the “Schweigekilometer” is visualized, the Gaiser shows the possibilities, and this is the only thing that matters in the future.

“By the way, the video in the social media has been published, it has been a long time since more than 60,000 people were arrested and some of the most powerful German motorcycle influencers have been affected,” he said. The reactions, in addition to all the young motorcyclists, are always positive. We also received critical comments. “Dabei ist vichtig, dass jede konstruktive Kritik, jede Anregung oder Vorschlag zur Umsetzung des Projektz heartzlich willkommen ist.

Cooperation with the police

In the month of six months, the project ideas are located and the contacts for traffic police in Baden-Baden are completed. After the parking lot Helbingfelsen, where the “Schweigekilometer” is located, it is located on the bathroom. It is important to them that this project is not with the end of the bachelor’s work, so that the value of the company is appreciated. “Ob das gelungen ist, müssen später andere beurteilen.”

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When he was in the vicinity of the B 500, he was confronted with a small amount of confusion on the subject – with the trip, the speed of the motorbike, but the leader also with the tragic consequences, which can be found. Tobias Gaiser does not have a motorbike. He has been able to work for many people with many people, and he has taken a differentiated picture. It takes a lot of time, and in the course of the project, more than a few people to come, they want to live with their time and knowledge.

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The “Commissioner”

There are many motorcycle rides, the effective advertising for the project is well-known, and the “Schweigekilometer” has all the organizational skills of the # 110. Rennleitutung # 110 is a private prevention project for sporty motorcyclists and police officers and their friends and helpers. The “Rennkommissare” can be seen in the event of a motorcycle accident and on the basis of a bikern and behörden.

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