Schokozentrale erfüllt Goldstandard: Ritter Sport-Neubau für Nachhaltigkeit …

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We also offer a wooden façade, an interior design with a special design and an innovative Wasser and Energy concept: Die Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG. KG is based on the establishment of the Schokozentrale am Stammsitz in Waldenbuch ee Zeichen für nachhaltiges Bauen und innovatives Arbeiten. In order to ensure that the materials used in the building materials and walls are fully functional, the equipment is still available from the German Public Service Office (DGNB) with the DGNB Certificate in Gold. Round 20 Millionen invested in Ritter in den Neubau. The experts in the field of construction and specialization in the construction of Drees & Sommer SE have been involved in the project.

“I do not want to be involved in the development of the project,” said Benjamin Flaig, a vertebrate project leader. “The certification of DGNB shall be carried out in such a way as to ensure the safe use of the product. The new scheme, which is based on the conditions of operation and the opening of the plant in November, is based on the work of the Innovation Network in the field of innovation and investment. 47 Criteria for the additional DGNB certification. “This is an intensive project in which the company has been involved in the development of this theme. We are already working with experts from Drees & Sommer to boot it,” said Flaig.

Jedes Bauteil unter der Lupe

Derived from the provisions of this Regulation, the provisions of this Regulation are intended to apply to such objects. This is due to the fact that the fruit and vegetables are present and dried. “About 500 materials and products with the quality standards of DGNB and the corresponding Cradle to Cradle Criteria are used”, according to Daniela Schneider, Ingenieurin für Architecture and Umwelt and EPEA – Part of Drees & Sommer. Cradle to Cradle (“from the Wiege for Wiege”) is used for the purpose of determining whether it is a non-hazardous material. The construction of the Cradle to the Cradle Principle is based on the principle that the batches of the biospheres are treated as such.

In addition to the application, the application is based on the following facts: In this context, the provisions of this Regulation apply to the construction of the building materials, including the use of materials or materials of the same type. It is therefore possible to obtain the aid for the sale of the product and to obtain a refund for each other.

Nachhaltigkeit trifft auf Design

In addition, the materials used in the production process are: These products are still available in the form of wafers and carpets in the form of iron, steel and light bulbs in the form of woods and plants in the same workpiece.

Wer nun an kahla Wände und schlichte Holzmöbel denkt, wird überrascht sein. Derived from the centralization of the product: the design and modern design of the hand in hand. The internal architecture is based on the characteristic colors and materials of the brand Ritter Sport auf. Biodynamic Licensing is designed for the design of atmospheric atmospheres. The LED lamp imitates a natural light with the same color as the light and has a high color. The licensing of the feedstock to the feeder and the transfer of the feedstock can be carried out on a positive basis. For this purpose, the air conditioning system must be operated in such a way that the air is clean.

Innovative Wasser- und Energiekonzept

The innovations are based on the technical elements: The regeneration is carried out in the same way as in the present invention, which is filtered off and is used in the preparation of the plant genome. In the case of photovoltaic plants, the recovery of the product is regenerative. The modernization of energy and electricity is based on the modernization of energy-efficient buildings in 2016. The cooling and cooling system is equipped with a solution for the comfort and energy efficiency of the feed. The thermal activation of the heat exchanger is determined by the fact that the water content is green.

Luft nach oben gelassen

The following measures apply: The measures are flexible. In this case, the measures taken in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation do not apply to the supply chain, which is subject to the conditions laid down in this Regulation. These measures apply to the Member States. However, it is considered as appropriate, and the relevant material is used to determine the material, which is determined. This is the case in which the goods have been sold.

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