Sarah Keuchel from Drensteinfurt trained for Trekkingtour in Nepal:

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Fühlt sich fit young for the Manaslu-Umrundung: Sarah Keuchel. Carsten Schake (links) and Thorsten Beilke, leitender Trainer im Drensteinfurter Gesundheits- und Fitnessstudio, begleiteten die Vorbereitung. © Matthias Kleineidam:

One of the big favorites is Sarah Keuchel. The Drensteinfurterin will take you to Manaslu, with an area of ​​8163 meters above sea level. “I want to make a big mistake, it’s a big trauma of death,” said the 33-year-old, who had been working hard for some time on the trekking tour in Nepal.

Drensteinfurt – Los geht es am Freitag, 25. Marz, per Linienflug von Deutschland nach Kathmandu. The travel group from Germany suffers for many people. “Wir haben uns im Januar kennengelernt. It is one of the largest groups in the world at 68 years old, says Keuchel. In the Hauptstadt Nepal you are the only one who has the ability to make general appointments or to make a statement. The next Tag of the tour goes to Soti Khola, at the exit point of Manaslu-Umrundung. Manaslu is one of the 14 Achttausender, which Runde zählt zu den spectacular Lodgetrekkings in Nepal. Manaslu means in Sanskrit (Altindische Sprache) “Berg der Seelen”.

Höchster Point of the tour is located in Larkya La Pass, at 5106 meters above sea level. Above night in Lodges. “Das sind einfache Berghütten”, says Keuchel. If the temperature does not rise below the Gefrierpunk point, then the Keuchel, which in the Altenpflege and the self-supporting Kosmetikerin workstations, also have a new Schlafsack. “The organizers have already arrived, to buy a Downschlafsack in Nepal to support the Bevölkerung to support it,” said Keuchel. If you have any plans for the project, please log in and sign up for this page. If I had a group, I would like to have them installed on the operator. “

V vglich vier bis acht Stunden laufen:

13 days after the order is given. Sometimes it will be hard for hours to come. “Bei der Passüberquerung und der Besteigung des Sama Peaks können es auch acht bis zehn Stunden sein”, kündigt der Veranstalter aus Augsburg in seiner Kurzbeschreibung der Tour an. Technically we want the route to be connected to the freeway, if you want to cross the carriageway. Allerdings arrives at the Tour taking long distances of approximately 180 Kilometers and about 9500 Höhenmetern over a “very good condition”.

This is Sarah Keuchel, who has a great reputation. “It’s a bit of a sport”, says Drensteinfurterin, as if the idea had been prepared and had been signed for the Manaslu-Umrundung. In order to work out in the Fitness, stand for Monet Intensive Training in the “Wellness Oasis” on the program. “80 to 85 training facilities have been completed,” said Carsten Schake.

Exercise training for the weekend:

Thorsten Beilke, leitender Trainer im Drensteinfurter Gesundheits- und Fitnessstudio, erarbeitete di Trainingspläne. More information about Woche kam Keuchel zum Ausdauertraining und trrug dabei eine Zehn-Kilogramm-Gewichtsweste als „Rucksacksimulation“, wie sie sagt. Außerdem stand zweimal pro Woche Gerätetraining an. “The Wellness Oasis is my newest home”, says Keuchel, below and below: “Ike merke, dass ich viel fitter bin” – also a corona-Erkrankung ihre Vorbereitung unterbrochen hat.

Also Beilke is zufrieden. “You must be able to use the export license immediately”, said the A-Licensing Inhaber and Ausbilder at the Sportbildungswerk NRW. Be sure to check out the 33-year-olds who live in the suburb of Sudan. Keuchel will also train the backpackers of the Trekkingtour in the Wellness Oasis. “He blewt us erhalten”, freut sich Schake.

2011 Jakobsweg Gelaufen:

Found in Sarah Keuchel ohnehin in Sachen Wanderungen. 2011 is when the French Jacobsweg Camino sails across the northern Spanish coast from the Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela, and has completed a total of 800 Kilometers. In Kürze starts the biggest big adventure. Back in Germany you will be here on April 14 – safe with many flights in Gepäck.

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