Russian tactics: Tensions in Putin’s surroundings?

WAs in the Kremlin, the real thing is that there are no people with security. It is very possible, but it seems, that the Americans and the British are overlooking the Russian leadership. Dafür speaks of the publicity services. It is mutually possible, in the driving circles in Moscow, nervousness to protect and possible opportunities to believe. It is a good idea to choose only one, but in Washington and London it is relatively safe, but in the reports the true core is.

The blossoming Auge is one of the most important, so that the Moscow plan for the invasion of falsehoods is a mistake in Ukraine – the mood in the population, the functions of the state institutions, the forces of the army and the rest of the world. The day in Moscow is definitely worth it, it is true. Aber Wladimir Putin has already decided that he is not in any other situation, but he is not ready. The very Moskauer Machtelite is located in one of its boats. Daher ist es durchaus möglich, dass die russische Führung trotz innerer Spannungen angesichts des äusßeren Drucks derzeit geschlossener ist, als sie es vor dem Krieg war.

From this ground, it is clear that the consequences of the Kremlin, from the perceptible failures of the Kremlin, have taken away the protection of the Kremlin. Putin does not want to be considered, but he is ready to do so. Abbringen von diesem Ziel kann ihn nur eine induetige Niederlage. So come on now, but the long time has come. And Putin is also looking forward to a nervous war. It is also known that Europeans in the United States are interested in the history of gas production, and in the presentations, with a connection between the South Ossetians and Russia in the conflict area in Georgia.


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