Road traffic Rottenburg: B 28 is now available – Rottenburg & surroundings

The protests overturned the festivities. Photo: Baum

Since 1999, the plans for the construction of the B 28 between Rottenburg and Tübingen have been completed. The contents of the “Lückenschluss” between Rottenburg and Tübingen are located after the year-round.

Rottenburg – Beim Festakt am Donnerstag dann Strahlende Gesichter, wohin man blickte, jedoch gab es auch einige Protestaktionen.

Two unfortunate things are going on, the house is in a good service before the political festival. The second construction cut of the B 28 account is not limited to the construction material. The Parliamentary Secretary of State Michael Theurer (FDP) said: “A powerful, modern and efficient infrastructure is for the economic standard of the central office – it is the most mobile mobility.”

Theurer: Zweispuriger Ausbau der B 28 sinnvoll

There is also an infrastructure on the road and a well-functioning railway network guaranteeing employment, well-being and a high-level living and living quality in the company. “This is a central provision of the Federal Government.” Daher sei der zweispurige Ausbau der B 28 sinnvoll gewesen – “mit dem Neubau wird eine vichtige Verkehrsachse zwischen Kehl an der französischen Grenze und Ulm gestärkt.”

Die B 28 als Verbindung von Kehl an der Grenze zu Frankreich über den Schwarzwald bis nach Ulm sei “eine zentral bedeutende Straße in Baden-Württemberg”. Baukosten in Höhe von 53.4 Million Euro seien vom Bund, dem Land, den Städten Rottenburg und Tübingen sowie der DB Netz AG für den Ausbau geschinster geschultert worden. The Bund costs 49.6 million Euros. The city of Rottenburg and Tübingen are 4.7 Million Euros worth of services in the infrastructure of the country.

Four generations have the road planted and built

On the occasion of the completion of B 28 and the opening agreement, President Klaus Tappeser, before the meeting in the Landtag, together with the records and the above-mentioned Oberbürgermeister Michael Theurer (Horb) and Rainer Prewo (Nagold) for the B 28. Vier Generationen hätten an der Straße geplant and gebaut.

Respect for the Minister of Land Winner Fr. Hermann greets Oberbürgermeister Stephan Neher and all jene, “die viel Verantwortung tragen”, etwa die Bundestagsabgeordnete Annette Widmann-Mauz, Daniel Lede-Abal sowie Martin Rosemann und Tübingens Erster Bürgermeister Cord Soehlke. You have to cut the band together at the party.

Hermann: Possibly possible to save

The Minister of Trafficking plagued as a member of the Rottenburger and from the Nähkästchen – “the road construction project B 28 has reached 50 years of service, but I am still a member of the municipal policy of Roland Hahn”. According to the Minister of Transport, the combination of roads and railways is good, “the road was covered, but some of them can be found in the green: ‘it is so good’.” However, it is possible to be able to save space.

In addition to the environmental aspects, it is important. “Wenn hier einmal Elektroautos fahren, ist die Straße kein Klimaschaden.” In combination with the rails, there is a climate friendly environment. Hermann believes in the concept of public relations for the protected communities – “the guide to a place of residence, which he wants to sell with lemon.” Er wünsche sich, dass auf der Straße Tempo 100 gilt – “darauf bitte ich doch sehr zu achten.”

Info: Protest actions on the road

The police have all hands on you, Demonstrators on the new B 28 Route in Chess to keep – these chants with Megaphones, many songs and treats the interests of climate protection and nature protection. Darunter is also a member of the BUND Reutlingen, Ira Wallet and Ingrid Jakobi vom BUND. One of the police stations, which is not closed to the police, can be found, but one of the surrounding areas can be used for bicycle, bus and train.

The presiding judge Klaus Tappeser came to his party, but he also stood, and on the field road he pulled a tow truck with other demonstrators – this is democracy. Straight points are located on many road construction projects. Also, Michael Theurer said: “Protest is coming, road construction projects are being rebuilt again.” From Kiebingen to Stadtrat Volkmar Raidt with its tractor in front of it – on its shield stand for reading: “Bau B 28 – Bund = Abzocker.” Dazu hats a handful of demonstrators mixed up, demonstrating a Crown Masquerade at the school.


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