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Ukraines Botschafter Melnyk hatte den Waldenbucher Schoko-Hersteller wegen Russland-Geschäften scharf critique. The company is already in operation, the company will spend the year.

The scholarly school-owner Ritter Sport war Service in Ukraine Botschafter Andrij Melnyk on Twitter scharf angegriffen worden. This is the case with the landfill in Waldenbuch (Kreis Böblingen).

Quadratisch. Praktisch. Blut. Trotz der 🇷🇺Aggression gegen die Ukraine bleibt Ritter Sport in Russland. Viel Glück noch https://t.co/7Lx9cfKWcI

Ritter Sport will be used by Russland, aber den Gewinn

We are now responding to criticism and the Internet’s response. On Twitter, Ritter Sport an, and Gewinn has been a member of the Russians-Geschäft. “Until the Verantwortungsbewusstsein wichtiger als Gewinn”, schrieb der Konzern am Donnerstag.

The Ritter Sport brand is used, and the Russian chocolate is used in the country to include “Cocoa batches for the production of cocoa beans”. It is possible to use the same investment and to enter the territory of Russia.

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Unser Statement: https://t.co/ppWCBldjta

Nurse in Germany sold Ritter Sport to Scholade in Russia

Ritter Sport is a product which, in particular, has the following characteristics: The export stop in Russia, whether or not “We are so”, is considered as such. Russia is a member of the Federal Republic of Germany. Ritter Sport is also sold in Germany and is still under construction.


Ritter Sport wird wels Russland-Lieferungen critique. A member of the Stuttgarter Marketing Professor, who described the image of the School Scholar in the Waldenbuch.
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Darf Ritter Sport Scholade während des Ukraine-Kriegs nach Russland verkaufen?

For the purposes of the interconnection of sports equipment, the use of equipment from Russia is subject to the provisions of this Regulation. These Tweets are not included in the Company Statement. Manchen geht der Schritt von Ritter Sport nicht weit genug.

@RITTER_SPORT_DE Were you able to see more than one of the #kregsverbrecher #putin im #schurkenstaat #russland? Habt ihr das wirklich nötig? Habt ihr gar keine Empathie? Hört auf damit. If this is the case, we have tweeted it to one day. #BoykottRitterSport 💪🏼 # WeStandWithUkraine 🇺🇦

@RITTER_SPORT_DE This scheme is based on the requirements of the Russian Federation, and the Commission also referred to the issue of the Russian Federation. The workmanship found to be the same as the workforce. #RitterSportBoykott

If necessary, the sport does not qualify as a result for the Russian authorities.

“ICH is also used in the production of sports chocolates,” this is the case.

We can find the following criticisms – and the criticisms of the criteria are as follows:

@RITTER_SPORT_DE Legally legitimate. The Super-Moral Apostle, which is “Made in China”, is labeled with the same name. It is possible to use these parts only. Es ist Schokolade.

Wiederum and more often in the field of Gewinn-Spende: Genau richtig gemacht, Ritter Sport!

@RITTER_SPORT_DE Antikapitalisten werden Euer Verhalten nie verstehen. Menschen, die keine Verantwortung, sondern nur Haltung kennen, auch nicht. In this case, the mixture is found and the mixture is treated as such. Danke!

Ritter Sport: Lieferstopp hätte “drastische Auswirkungen”

For the purposes of this Regulation, the provisions of this Regulation shall apply to the Member States. In the event of a dispute between Russia and the Republic of Germany, the production of the substance of the product concerned has been the subject of a decision concerning the non-essential elements of the family.

In addition, the Sport Sports Fans are entitled to the following measures:

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Sanctions under the Stuttgart Region and the Kreis

For the purposes of this Regulation, the provisions of this Regulation do not apply to the Russian Federation. In the case of Winnenden (Rems-Murr-Kreis), you will be able to use the SWR as a result of the application of the Regulation. “This is the case in the case of the State of the Republic of Germany, which is the result of a dispute between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Germany.

Der Schoko-Hersteller Ritter Sport mit Sitz in Waldenbuch (Kreis Böblingen) is a member of the Festival of the Russians and the Critics.  (Photo: imago images, imago images / IMAGO Arnulf Hettrich)

Mit seinem Tweed gegen Ritter Sport (“Quadratisch. Praktisch. Blut”) wollte der ukrainische Botschafter in Deutschland, Andrij Melnyk, gegen deutsche Lebenslügen sticheln, meint Martin Rupps. For the most part, politicians and businesses in the Czech Republic.
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The aid was granted to the State of Stuttgart on the other hand, but the Russian Oligarch Olig Deripaska and the Austrian group were involved. The EU Parliament has been able to meet the EU budget for the Millennium Development Goals.

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