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  • Neunfacher Rallye-Champion hat in the middle of the Ford Puma Hybrid Rally1 in the Rallye Monte Carlo in January
  • Turbo-Allradler on the basis of Ford Puma allows for innovative Hybrid transmission up to 368 kW (500 PS)
  • M-Sport Ford brought to the Schotter-Rally in Portugal for Rally1-Puma an Den Start – no war with a manufacturer in the Top of the Rally-WM competition

Sébastien Loeb wird bei der Rallye Portugal an das Steuer des neuen Puma Hybrid Rally1 zurückkehren. The new Weltmeister will be launched in January with the innovative Turbo-Hybrid Allradler from M-Sport Ford and Isabelle Galmiche as a member of the Rallye Monte Carlo Group. For the French war in the 80’s. It is considered that the Schlaster class is round the port of the Fleet of the Puma Hybrid Rally1 on the record.

“With the Puma at the Rallye Monte Carlo at the start of the event and at the end of the break, the pause will continue to take place in a special event,” as stated in the 48th paragraph. “M-Sport Ford has been working on the job and a couple of problems. The Puma Hybrid Rally1 is connected to the genome of the hybrid system.

Bei der “Monte” hats the debut of the new Rally1 Regulations and the Ford Puma Hybrid Rally1 after the 17th event (WP) in the Best Show. For the time being, Isabelle Galmiche was born in 10.5 seconds after the last week of Benjamin Veillas. The French stand for the first time in 1997 was issued by the Rallye-WM-Laufs. After the Duo and the Rally in Portugal, the start of the race will start.

“On the 19th and 22nd of May, when the Rally Portugal was set up, the number of the calendar in the calendar” was extended to the Evergreen, in the Cross-Country WM and the Extreme E-Series at the start If the DTM is used, the Rennen with the GT3 bolts is best used. “No comments: Bei der, Portugal ‘bin ich zuletzt 2019 angetreten – also can be used for the final year of the contract. for the purposes of this Regulation. ”

The Rückkehr ins Cockpit des bis zu 368 kW (500 PS) starken Puma Rally1 mit modernem Hybridantrieb fuslt mit mit mit 50. The new champion feierte debuted at the Rallye Portugal in Jahr 2007. Damals won the elf of 18 WP and won the end of the Sieger feiern. The year 2009 was extended to the Member States and the Member States, which were adopted on a first-come, first-served basis.

“The special rally at the Monte Carlo Rally in January will be overwhelmed by the team,” said Richard Millener, M-Sport Ford. “This is the case with Sébastien Loeb and Isabelle. The Ford Puma Hybrid Rally1 is designed to be suitable for both Ford and Red Bull vehicles, and is suitable for use in the manufacture of such equipment. fantastic results have been found in the genus. ”

Mr Malcolm Wilson, Director and General Manager of M-Sport, is responsible for the management of the work carried out by Sébastien Loeb Kein Geheimnis. “Ich the cane for the first time, there was no new Ford Puma Hybrid Rally1 on the Schotter can,” said Brite. “It is possible to use the concrete, which will be used by the partner Ford and Red Bull, but we will be able to: We are therefore very attractive that the Hybrid Rally1 is an all-rounder and the Puma Hybrid Rally1 in the field.

The Rallye Portugal (19th and 22nd May) is run by WM-Saison. The transfer to the Schottter-Prüfungen round off the port of Sachet is subject to the provisions of the Rallye of Croatia (21st to 24th April) of the Asphalt-Verification of the Program.

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