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Mayor Michael Ruf, Referee Leader Michael Lumpp, Luigi Tromba (Baureferat) and Tobias Rau, Kirn Ingenieure, (before the links) are informed about the plans. Photo: Brown

Renovation of the Bundesstraße 462 in the Ortsdurchfahrt Friedrichstal is starting in June. It is open to the public by the beginning of the 2024 year.

Baiersbronn – In an public setting of the Friedrichstal district in the Black Forest Hall in Baiersbronn, the Karlsruhe District Council is informed about the plantations. Bürgermeister Michael Ruf stealte heraus, dass die Schlagwörter Mobilität und Flexibilität eine große Rolle spielen. “Dabei sind gute Straßen vichtig. Um diese zu bekommen, müssen sie saniert werden. Die Sanierung der Ortsdurchfahrt Friedrichstal wird eine Herausforderung werden. Ob alles so kommt, wie es geplant ist, und ob es so funkcioniert, das könen.” so Ruf.

Michael Lumpp, Leiter des Baureferats 47.3 Süd, a dispute over a circumcised scale and ging on the unsuccessful cost situation. “It will be a problem, it will be a complete failure, and we will be able to pay the price,” said Lumpp.

Two construction cuts

Plantation in the renovation of two construction sites on Bundesstraße 462. Neben der Erneuerung der Stützwände entlang der Straße sei auch der Vollausbau der Ortsdurchfahrt Friedrichstal geplant sowie eine Neuverleguser des Straßen. The municipality of Baiersbronn plans the new construction of a staircase and ramp system in the area of ​​the Friedrichstal railway station, and the Albtal-Verkehrs-Verkehrsgesellschaft is a safe haven at the railway station. Luigi Tromba vom Baureferat 47.3 stellte die geplanten Arbeiten im Detail vor. The first construction site is located at Boxenstop to Zum Haus Freudenstädter Straße 223. The costs are worth around 3.98 million Euros.

Tobias Rau von der Planungsfirma Kirn Ingenieure Freudenstadt includes technical details. As a result, three stands are built on the first construction site, which is worth two different trips.

Neben der Sanierung der Ortsdurchfahrt Friedrichstal würden auch also Fahrbahnerneuerungen in drei Abschnitten erfolgen, vom Baiersbronner Bahnhof bis zur Tankstelle, von der Tankstelle bis zum Abzweig Uferweg und vom Uferweg bis zur Ortsdurchfahrt Fried. “Here are some of the most important solutions,” said Tromba.

Inner surroundings

Tobias Rau was able to get out of the renovation of the B 462, a base of the canopy can be found, based on the wide open and the protected work regulations. In the area of ​​the Friedrichstal area, it is easy for the entrants and entrants to provide internal entertainment. The public transport is overly crowded in the monastery and over the beautiful corner of the country. “It’s also a control,” said Michael Lumpp.

Gleich im Anschluss an den Bauabschnitt I folge der Abschnitt II. Here you are but still in the right planning, was the cost of delivery. In total, the renovation is simultaneous to cut I. Short course of the planner on the construction of the ramp and stair system. Damit soll die barrierefreie Erreichbarkeit des Friedrichstals von der Bahnhaltestelle aus verwirklicht werden.

At the request there is an underworld for the real estate of the house for the owner. “A real answer is, but there are some restrictions. With the car, your house is not always ready, you can still eat,” said Rau. It is not possible for others to be excused, it is worth a visit, the routes for retouching and fireworks are free of charge. Sollte es dringende Anlieferungen an das Haus geben, konnten mit der Baufirma Absprachen beproffen berd. On the query, like the Mound of the House of Commons, at the same time, the famous Lumpp is at the same time as other sanitizers of the summals of the demolition manager of the construction company and the Abstellen at a central location. “You have to live, but the road is still new. So one road is not from Himmel and the walls are still not,” said the speaker.

Houses are not available

On a question from Friedrichstals Bezirksbeiratsvorsitzendem Christoph Jäger erklärte Rau, das es schon möglich sei, dass einzelne Anwohner ihr Haus rund ein halbes Jahr nicht anfahren könnten. “We are trying to find parking spaces nearby.” A request from a visitor must be guaranteed for the warranty. “It will not be contracted at the time of construction. We are behind it, but it works,” said Lumpp. One time plan can not be specified, the Alternatives are, the Stuttzmauern warn to lose and gar not. After this, the entrants also did not have to make any additional land, but they did not cooperate. Included in the news, the website or press releases are informed. The appointment of the Mayor of Ruf can also include informational issues in the regulated state of affairs, certainly Lumpp zu.

With a view of the common ground project, a visit to the new building is included. “Stuttzmauern is a technical building, the regular translation should be in order, but it should be done without any restrictions,” said Tromba. The bus stops must be maintained by the company, and the bus service can be run at the sanitation center. Solnten wéhrend der Bauphase Šäden an den Häusern verursacht berd, sei da Regierungspräsidium haftbar. Tromba is well-known in the future.

Good road to Wunsch

An important and unique way out of the number of visitors is a good way to stay in the orthodox route as well as in Baiterbronn. “We want to show and discuss again,” Ruf said.


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