Ramadan: So try to train and train your Muscles:

Faisal Abdalla:

Ramadan fills this year on the Zeitraum from April to May. Personal Trainer: Faisal Abdalla: you have the most common tips, you can buy Fastenmonat.

It’s very important to be able to use K erper for a long time, but if you want to train well, you can leave your trainings easily. The training kraft trainings will be completed by you at Fastenbrechen.

Juliana Campos, former Fitness trainers of the Abu Dhabis Family, said that in the event of a major accident in Lebensmittel ebenfalls ascending.

In this year I found Ramadan from 2. April to zum 2. May. Muslims on the road to the world from Sonnenaufgang to Sonnenuntergang, as soon as possible, Zeit mit der Familie verbringen and den heiligen Monat zelebrieren.

It is wise to keep the Ramadans on their toes and gestures to buy. For men, who are interested in your Fitness interest, Personal Trainer Faisal Abdalla has a limited opportunity to train during Ramadan.

„Als Trainer is my Fitness for me not only light, then slow-moving. Deshalb kann meine Welt nicht aufhören, wenn der Ramadan beginnt. How many Muslim Personal Trainers, Fitness Enthusiasts and Sportsmen on the World Cup trainers I myself and other trainers and other men, well and fast “, wrote Abdalla, Mr. PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) is available.

If you go to Ramadans to train, you must be a Patent Officer for all. “If they react unscathed to the Fasten, they all have unsolicited family benefits and benefits,” Abdalla said.

If anyone reacts to Fasten, please Abdalla, as it is, to be a Körper zu hören. For the benefit of those who are busy Krafttraining hard and on the Iftar (Fastenbrechen bei Sonnenuntergang) Cardio trained.

“Ich mache das schon seit Jahren und mein Körper reagiert gut darauf”, fugt er hinzu. “It’s nothing, it’s generally effective, it works for me”. If you have ever been to a hospital before, you owe it to yourself to give Ramadans a try, and Abdalla’s training will take place at a later time in the week, and if you want to go to Iftar.

If you do not find what you are looking for then just ask for a discount. If you have any plans for Kraft Training, please contact Abdalla, who lives in Morgen vs. Suhoor (Sonnenaufgang).

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Beginners of Ramadan without any new training program:

Abdalla r jt jedoch davon ab, w deshrend des Ramadans mit einem neuen Trainingsprogramm zu beginnen. “I’m not going to go to Ramadan, I’m still in Hinsicht to get rid of it, and the Gundundit is a decent order,” he said, referring to Insider. “If you want to stay in one place and fall actively, but I do not want to be involved in many new, exciting training programs to start.”

If left unmanaged, they can also be traced back to the same intensity as the Ramadan IGTV Series, and the large Fitness Club for the Zeitgeist to earn money.

Vermeidet: gebratene and salzige lebensmittel:

If so, be sure to check out the Ramadans where you can refine and refine Zucker zu sich zu nehmen, da dies hilft, euren Energiehaushalt zu regulieren.

Idealerweise solltet ihr verarbeitete, gebratene und salzige Lebensmittel vermeiden. “Diese dehydrieren euch u sorgen dafür, dass sich das Fasten viel länger anfühlt”, exclaimed Juliana Campos, former Fitness trainer of the limited family of Abu Dhabi, in an interview with Business Insider. Abdalla supported this point and said, in the same Lebensmittel “the next day to make a good camp”.

If you want to be locked in, you will not be able to use Wasser as much as possible, but it is not easy to understand. “Ziel ist es, etwa 2.5 Liter Wasser zu trinken, aber langsam und vernünftig, bis ihr wieder mit dem Fasten beginnt, damit euer Körper das Wasser richtig aufnehmen kann”, sagt Abdalla. “If you have been trained at Fastenbrechen, then you must also go to the Training Wasser train.”

“I also recommend Einnahme von Vitamin-C-Preparations and Zürereung by Säften oder Tees mit frischem Ingwer and Kurkuma, denn beide Zutaten enthalten vele Antioxidanten sind gut für das Immunsystem”, so Campos. Vermeidet außerdem Koffein, da es euch eher dehydriert.

“Refreshment is not too much, the calorie burn of the days is increased”, says Abdalla. “It simply does not exist and is not more than just a normal day of Ramadan.”

Haltet euer Energieniveau hoch, indem ihr euch euf nahrhafte Lebensmittel concentrate. “Entscheidet ei bei den Mahlzeiten für komplexe, phaserige Kohlenhydrate mit langsamer Freisetzung wie Vollkornreis, Quinoa, Bohnen, Linsen oder Süßkartoffeln, da es länger dauert, la sie abgebaut sindal”, erkl stabilize the blutzucker.

Datteln become traditional for Fastenbrechen gegessen and are a good energy. „Datteln werden emffohlen, weil sie viel Potassium enthalten, das die Funkttion von Muskeln und Nerven unterstützt. Außerdem sorgen sie für ein regelmäßigen Stuhlgang, was in den ersten Tagen des Fastens ein Problem sein kann “, so Abdalla. “But they are also involved with Zucker, they are also honest with them.”

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You will not see more Muscle Masses:

“Even if your training is consistently well-defined and a high-quality qualifying exercise with a high degree of protection, you will not have to undergo a musculoskeletal test, but you will always be able to do it properly, and you will not be able to do that.”

Während manche Menschen befürchten, während des Ramadans zuzunehmen, neigen andere dazu, ihr Gewicht zu reduzieren. “Also here: “If you are consistently trained and always successful, you will not be able to solve any problems,” Abdalla said.

You must have a large amount of money written on it:

Up to 30 days without a normal training program you have often seen, while your Craft and Fitness classes have, but it is not really easy to fall. If you have been active in Ramadans for a long time, you will need to install Muscle Instruction quickly to get back to normal Normal Training, according to Abdalla.

„Das Training solt and muss nicht wegen des Ramadans unterbrochen werden„, sagt er. „If left unchecked we will not be able to use it anytime soon, it will not be easy for you to complete the application, but it will be easy to use if you want to activate it. Meiner Erfahrung nach ist eher ein psychologischer Kampf. The man was swallowed, but the man Kraft and Schwung were released. Sobald man diese mentale Hürde überwunden und diegene Gedanken ignoriert hat, wird man feststellen, dass man comfort wieder einsteigt “.

This text has been translated by Marlene Schulze from the English. The original is found here.

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