Press group for the WMG Group: “Deutschland ist ein Ungeheuer” – Sport

The group of members of the Football Association from 21 November to 18 December will meet in Qatar. Some international presses:


Telegraph: “Traum-Los für England. In this case, the team for the team from Gareth Southgate in Qatar was taken over by the Land of Germany and the state was established in the State of Iran and the Iranian Group.”

Times: “I have been involved in the northern part of the country of England, and the group of third parties, as well as (in the case of a special purpose vehicle from Schottland or Wales Anm. d. Ed.) war in Pferdefuß in Qatar … “

Guardian: “Half-finals of the Weltmeisterschaft, Finalisten bei der EM, kann England noch einen Schritt weitergehen and zum ersten Mal seit 1966 e Tourni gewinnen? The six-half-year team will be able to meet the requirements of this Regulation. “

Mirror: “The grouping for which the WMD is based on the name of the company and is then available in England.”


Le Monde: “For the French team, the establishment of a fast-track team with the Rediffer-Fifa-Gianni Infantino, in the form of the State of the Dialogue and the” Frieden and Einheit “in Welt. this Group B shall be the year and year 2018. “

L’Express: “The French State of Trade and Development.”

L’Equipe: “Die Blues sind gut dran, Schock Deutschland-Spanien.”


AS: “Germany has a problem. It is possible for the German authorities to use the problem.”

El País: “The Kingdom of Germany is a subsidiary of Spain.

La Vanguardia: “Germany is a member of the Federal Republic of Germany. In the case of Germany, the German authorities have entered into force in the United States of America.”

Sport: “The Kingdom of Spain has entered the territory of the Republic of Spain in the territory of the Netherlands. It is considered to be the subject of a decision by Brazil and the French authorities in the field of Wegner.”

El Periodico: “The Spanish authorities in Qatar are currently operating in Germany.


La Nación: “This is a perfect description for the right and correct: Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Poland. Argentina is ideal for the top 4 countries in Saudi Arabia. , to Poland. That is to say, it is an ideal solution. “


Globo Esporte: “This is an independent group. In the case of the Community, the Netherlands or the Netherlands, the European Community and the European Community, have been approved by the Group of the Parties to the Agreement.”

Costa Rica

La Nación“Keine Frage, the national authorities are not members of Spain or Germany.


Nikkan Sports: “Japan is included in the Ligagrupppe E, as far as Spain and Germany are concerned.

Hochi Shimbun: “The President of the Japanese Football Association, Kozo Tashima, said:” There is a group of members. “


Algemeen Dagblad: “This is a perspective on the perspective of Louis van Gaal on the Orange Wall, which has been the subject of injuries.”

De Telegraaf: “Injury injury to the orange. The crystal body of Louis van Gaal is only present in the order. now the name of the gluten is removed from the wall. “

de Volkskrant: “The number of Member States 20 (Senegal), 46 (Ecuador) and 51 (Qatar) in the Community of the Netherlands for paper-based production in Africa, South America, Asia. For the European Union Gegner.”


1news: “All the whites in the playing field in the case of the Costa Rica – the number 31 in the case of a grouped company, which is part of the group, in which they are part of a well-established company.”


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