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The location of the Fitness and Generation Park near the sports complex in Villingendorf: after the “Leader” -Suschuss-Zusage is a nun of the specific planning. Photo: Pfannes

In addition to the multi-storey building, there is an apartment in Villingendorf, which is interesting and not very important for the citizens.

Villingendorf – Zweifelsohne is a well-financed foundation of a serious municipal policy. After the opening balance of the municipality (according to the arrangement of the housing rights of the Chamber of Commerce on the Doppelganger) the basis for the accounts is concluded and the chamberlain Michael Hardtmann with his team members of this team reife Fruchte vom Baum.

Jener von 2019 ist a diesem Abend an der Reihe, sein 2020er-Nachfolger soll demnächst im April folgen. The 2019 number of players is positively supported. The total amount of the account calculated is 1,106 million Euros. In the house support stand as an orderly result of a transfer of 191 100 Euro.

The financial account is derived from the operating company in a payment transaction in the amount of 1,165 million Euros. According to the plan, the number of payments is 633 547.87 Euro. Von den Schulden wurden 2019 genau 69 328.45 Euro gotilgt. The increase in the year 2019 is 702,594.08 Euros, the total liquidity in one day, before the construction of the multi-store hall, 5,185 million Euros.

63.45 Percent

The balance sheet total is 25,905 Million Euros (1 January 2019) to 1,397 Million Euros out of 27,302 Million Euros (31 December 2019). No ein Detail: Die Oigenkapitalquote (Verhältnis Eigenkapital zu Bilanzsumme) is a 63.45 percent discount. And you are a hohe.

Das Fazit von Finanzkapitän Hardtmann, der zum 30. Juni die Fregatte Villingendorf gen Ruhestand verlässt und sich in der Regel nicht in Superlativen äußert, lautet: “Das ist ein sehr, sehr gutes Ergebnis!” If you are on a stretcher, you will be able to read this article.

Karl-Heinz Wachter, Bürgermeister-Stellvertreter extern, fühlt den Arbeitsaufwand, der hinter den gebundenen 336 Seiten steckt, und sagt Richtung Bürgermeister-Stellvertreter intern: “Ein wahnsinniges Ding. So umfassend und klar darar.” Speaking in the name of the municipality is a “big lobby”. Beifall in der Ratsrunde.

Positive goes further: In the meeting with the equipment of the Fitness and Generation Park, 2021 Spend is spent on 8270 Euros. In addition to the Leader-in-law (since the meeting of the Leader-election election on 18 February), the music must not have been revoked and can be used by the municipality. How much more Spence at the school for 350 Euro. This is natural – unique.

Fitness Park Planning

Airlines and fitness facilities can be connected to the air conditioning and generation park. The offer of “Burkhart Sandler Landschaftsarchitekten” (Hohentengen) is from the third largest and most affordable accommodation: 40 265,57 Euro. Die Kostenschätzung vom Oktober (Objektplanung) betrug 55,854.59 Euro. This offer does not include nursing master Marcus Türk alone. Thanks to Sandler, the community is located in the Zusammenhang with the outdoor equipment of the mehrzweckhalle kennt.

Überall vier Meter Abstand

To the construction plan “Hahnenburg – Waldenwiesen, 4. Amendments” the conclusion of the conclusion – according to the management of the arrangements from the open-air system – is in tune. Erhähnenswert ist, dass der Abstand des fraglichen Areals z jedem Grundstück künftig 4.0 Meter betragen soll. At the moment we were 2.5 meters tall.

Evidently appreciated is the fact that the position of the natural conservationists is the most important of all. You are treated to all kinds of Totholz, Stuobobstbendände and Fledermauskasten.

Drei sind zwei zu viel

The building has a built-in basement: an apartment with bungalows with a garage as a business apartment on the commercial road. First of all, next to the unparalleled entertainment (trade hall with two company apartments) was published. Theoretically three apartments are for the Grammar and many.


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