Porsche 911 Classic Club Coupe: Der Wunsch-996

Porsche hat ih Sonmenwunsch-Programs for the Porsche Club of America das Porsche 911 Classic Club Coupé als Unikat aufgebaut.

The vehicle manufacturer is therefore sold at the same time. Auch den einem persönlichen Unikat. Porsche hat dazu Mitte 2021 das neue Sonderwunsch-Programm aufgelegt, das an sonaswunsch-Programm der späten 1970er Jahre anknüpft. For personalized use of the Porsche Exclusive Manufactory, Porsche Tequipment and Porsche Classic Hand in Hand.

The Sonderwunsch-Kind is part of the Porsche 911 Classic Club Coupé, which is part of the Porsche Club of America (PCA). This is based on the 1998 911 Carrera for Type 996, the Elements of the 1972 911 Carrera RS 2.7 and the 911 Sonderserie Sport Classic for the 997 of 2009. Das Spenderauto trieb PCA-Geschäftsführer Vu Nguyen vernachlässigt in Virginia auf. For the purposes of the competition, the premises of the Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen and the Hall of the Porsche Classic are closed.

GT3-Technik trifft Entenbürzel


GT3-Antriebstechnik is used as a power plant.

This includes the restoration of the original disassembly and recovery of the original equipment from the original building. Until the end of this period, a complete war was carried out by the PCA-Wunsch to the manufacturer, the brakes and the motor of the 996.2 911 GT3 from the bodywork. The precursor yields a 3,6-liter-cylindrical-safety motor in the size of 381 PS. About this recipe is a Ducktail-Spoiler with a fiberglass wall Abrisskante keck in die Höhe. The Double-Bubble-Look has been modified. 18 Zoll große Light metal accessories with a typical look Fuchs-upholstery from the Classic-style fleece. It is possible to carry out the operation of the sonar armor in the field of sport metal, to form the armor of the armor from the bodywork of the bodywork and to reduce the number of crossings in the flange. The line is connected to the “Classic Club Coupé” – the type is replaced by Type I.

Pepita für den Klassik-Look

Porsche 911 Classic Club Coupe Typ 996


Leder und Pepita-Stoffsitzmittelbahnen prägen das Interieur.

These are also available in the Classic Club Coupé-Pilot, which is fully equipped with a cockpit for the first time. It is present in the genome, which can be seen in the light of the contrast medium. The handcrafted carpet with the most beautiful design of the classic Pepita-pattern in Spain. The gestures of the Classic Club are located in the Classic Club Coupe. For example, the fastening means can be used and the elements can be used. The complete set of non-operating consoles is provided in a modern infotainment system. The heat exchanger is generated by the perforation of Alcantara. Until we have a Porsche for the war, the man must be allowed to complete the work.

Umfangreich erprobt

Porsche 911 Classic Club Coupe Typ 996


In this way, the form of the test is clearly tested.

Until then, the Porsche safety system has been shown to be suitable for the operation of the plant, and the safety of the production plant in Nardo, Weissach, Idia, Germany. This test model is designed to be disassembled, and the Porsche 911 Classic Club Coupé is also available in a unique style. Until then, the United States Taxation Act has been amended and the law of the Republic of Austria has been amended.

The 911 Classic Club Coupé was not fully equipped. It is possible to meet the needs of the man in Zuffenhausen.


Yes, this is due to the fact that the establishment and the spa are closed.

Nein, das wäre mir viel zu unsicher.

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Beim Porsche-Sonderwunsch-Program wünscht der Kunde und Porsche realisiert. Im Fall des 911 Classic Club Coupé stammten die Vorstellungen vom Porsche Club of America. This is based on the Sportwagentraum bei Porsche Classic in Zuffenhausen. Heraus kamin 996 mit GT3-Technik und dem Look des Carrera 2.7 RS.


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