Policeman in Albstadt reports: 21-year-old is on duty – Albstadt & Umgebung

For a 21-year-old, there is a youth and accommodation penalty – as a last resort. Photo: Archive-Photo Beiter

The 21-year-old Hechingen Youth Court is responsible for a year and a half of money, and the two police officers are more open and well-informed.

Albstadt-Ebingen – The list of fines is limited to the amount of fines imposed and the breach of war. He was always in charge of the court, the first Mal, after the 17-year-old with his two-year-old friends from Albstadt, from one of the most authoritative authorities in the middle of Germany. without guide; The three are on this white road to the Spreewald. Weniger spectacle includes the tort, according to the decreed 2020, the latest transfer of damages, according to the police report, but also in the trunk of the police, that the pocket of the young man always be with you, but also for a year. I don’t need to go to the bank, and I don’t want to be free of charge.

Simple visits

The application is subject to the issue of 2020. The applications are in the autumn of the same year at the meeting in Ebingen; on an October day, the police station was set up, but he was in charge of the vodka, in front of the house with the night barn in the street. Two beams are located on the plateau and speak a plot of land, and the house is back; Die Beiden bechnden sich noch auf dem Rückweg zum Revier, als der nächste Anruf einging: Der Störenfried sei schon wieder draußen und mache Ärger. Take care of the police officers and take them to the police station; als er sich weigerte, ihnen zu folgen, legten sie ihm Handschellen an. Dabei broadsetzte er sich ihnen, so gut er konnte, beschimpfte sie wust and machte während des Transports und im Krankenhaus, wo seine Haftfähigkeit überprüft wurde, wiederholt Anstalten, sich zu befreien.

Closed – but not more

All the gab er in der Verhandlung auch zu, sofern er sich daran erinnern konnte; a foreclosure of the enclave, the most dangerous, the most important things to do in the evening, in the car they are also: that he has a good time, the company is hit. Nein, gab dieser zu Protokoll, unruhig sei der Passagier gewesen, und geschubst habe er, aber geschlagen? No. He is the only one who wants to know what he wants to do. “Tagesgeschaft”, lautete die lapidare Antwort.

The State Agency is responsible for the conditions at the point of entry, and without any major conditions – of course, but in addition to the fact that the court has given, a young man a chance to bring, that this is the most important month. The advertisements have a wide range of life and continuity on the stretches of life; since his 13th year of life he has regularly consumed alcohol and other drugs, and he has been criminally charged, but alcohol is still in the game – he needs to be heard, controlled and reflected. In the harsh winter, it is possible to take a free kick and take the initiative in the future; Seit mehreren Monaten ist er trocken und geht jetzt in die zweite Halbzeit einher halbjährigen Entziehungskur – übrigens im Norden Hessens und nicht im Zollernalbkreis, wo ihm immer vieder die Versuchung zum Rückfall de Gestalngeter.

Neuanfang in Göttingen

What you don’t care about, but you don’t know new friends yet. The advertisement will be in Göttingen, where we started from the Alb, a new life, and thanks to the state of affairs, which is in its application at a youth and conviction, and the court, according to the contract, will be also known. Die Richterin warnte ihn jedoch eindringlich davor, sein Suchtproblem auf die leichte Schulter zu nehmen und arglosen Einladungen zu einem kleinen Gläschen zu folgen, weil eines ja so schlimm nicht nein könne. “If you don’t have a hard time, you can be very good again. You have to go to the whore – for nothing!”


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