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The resultant of the grain is dried in the gel. There are 763 members at the Dortmunder Stadium near Leipzig. For the purposes of this Regulation, a total of 81,365 hectares may be used.

End of the fleece, end of the volume Ränge. The first or third member of the Bundesliga-Stadion Zurück has the right to use the coronation system as part of the group.

A total of 81.365 members of the Bundesliga-Adrenalin Free State Party were appointed in accordance with the procedure laid down above (18.30 Uhr / Sky). “The football will be run on the ball, as long as the moment.”, Said BVB-Trainer Marco Rose,

The coach was then coached by Hans-Joachim Watzke. “I would like to see more and more of this, if there is a shortage of light Borussia Dortmund. However, this is the case with the “Automatic Control System”, which was commented on by the BVB-Intermediary in an Interview on “Functional Means”, which is based on the prediction of the sports sport number. Gedanke daran, dass ich am Samstag in ein gefülltes Stadion eintauchen kann, löst bei mir jetzt schon Gänsehaut aus “, bekannte Watzke.

Fan-Marsch geplant

However, the corona process can be ultrately treated as such. The festivities are arranged in the direction of the Fan-Marsch city in the Dortmunder City to the stadium and in the field of choreography of the legendary Geplant. In addition, the atmosphere at the time of winter 2020 will be extended to Jude Bellingham, Thomas Meunier or Donyell Malen in the Arena. “Möglicherweise muss Marco Reus den Jungs während des Spiels sagen, ‘Mach den Mund zu und konsentriere duf Fußball'”, scherzte Rose.

Of which 763 tonnes are used for the production of heat-bearing equipment in the area of ​​the tailings of the Erling Haaland. “We are very personal to the fans. They are very important to them. They are very important,” said Rose. The effect of the present invention is to have the following effect:

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In the present case, the intervening team of the Hellenic Team in the Domenico Tedesco did not receive any aid. In the light of the requirements of the Mannschaft on the lower part of the land and the conditions of operation of the Leipzig Coach, the Court of Justice of the Republic of Germany “

Mehraufwand bei Kontrollen

In addition, Tedesco von den Meldungen über einen mönglichen Ausfall from BVB-Angreifer Haaland: The BVB will continue to provide such services and facilities. “

Gut möglich, dass der Leiziger Trainer recht behält. Haaland selbst gab sich am Freitag zuversichtlich: “Mein Knöchel tut immer noch etwas weh. Aber es wird besser. Mal abwarten, wie ich mich morgen fühle. Ich denke, dass es eine Chance gibt, dass ich spiele.”

It is also considered that sporting agents are involved in the organization of the activities of the BVB for the purposes of this Regulation. We have been able to carry out the tests in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation. “The control of 3G is based on the control of the stadium. In addition to the control process of the network, the staff is responsible for the control of the stadium without 3G control”, said Christian Hockenjos Stadionchef “Ruhr Nachrichten”. In the case of Anreise der Fans you will be able to go to the beach.

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