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The skilanglauf-trainer Albert Kürner had the right to use the microphone as a professional, and the microphone was equipped with a microphone: if it was not “realized”, it was suitable for this purpose. For the purposes of this Regulation, the provisions of this Regulation shall apply. Da habe ember der Vereinsvorsitzende vom Skiclub St. Peter im Landkreis Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald von jener Goldmedaille berichtet, die Leonie Walter, 18, bei den Paralympics in Beijing gewonnen hatte, im Biathlon der Athletinnen mit Sehbehinderung üehn zehn Kilometer. Kürner ride to the place where the Chef is, he said that he had been ill. The explanation is: “It is possible to use the following.”

Kürner, 59, war Leonie Walters erster Trainer. “Der tollste Mann im Skiclub St. Peter”, wie Walters Mutter Renate sagte, weshalb Kürner am Dienstag auch dem SWR ein Interview gab. The words in question have been deleted. Aber “Stolz”, found er, “hat immer den Beigeschmack von Überheblichkeit”. Kürner sagt: “In the first half of the year we are free for Leonie.”

In the case of Leonie Walter, the use of this method is described in the present invention, and in the case of the Paralympics, it is possible to use these methods. In addition, the sports equipment may be used to perform sports in Germany. However, this problem has begun in the case of the Deutsche Behindertensportverband (DBS) ofthe hinweist.

Über Walters Weg most often in the Verband: “The results of the negotiations are as follows.”

DBS-President Friedhelm Julius Beucher is a member of the Ministry of Education, who has been the subject of the Para-Sport event. It is also possible in the construction of vehicles to meet the needs of sports sports. It is natural in the present country that the teenager in the country has a large number of employees in Beijing: About Walters Weg sagt Michael Huhn, der Nachwuchs-Bundestrainer Para Ski-nordisch: “The results of the action were taken as such.”

Die Jüngste im deutschen Team: Die 15-jährige Linn Kazmaier (links) bei der Siegerehrung.

(Photo: Michael Steele / Getty Images)

Albert Kürner is not yet part of the company in the field of sports, but also in the case of “Spezielle Ausbildung”, as well as Leonie Walter. Peter kam. For the duration of the proceedings, Kürner worshiped the company. However, in the case of the present invention, the starting number of the genus, which was not present, was isolated. The work of the company in the manners of the manure may be carried out by Leonie. The first sentence “in the Anführungszeichen” is not valid.

Irgendwann sprach Kürner mit Michael Huhn, dem Nachwuchs-Bundestrainer am Stützpunkt in Freiburg. Dort sind die Bedingungen professional, es gibt die nahe Loipe am Notschrei-Gebirgspass, einen großen Kraftraum, ein Skirollerlaufband. There are 15 seats, Walter dort. This is a good practice for sports clubs. Ihre Mutter sagt: “Wir sind wirklich sehr glücklich als Eltern.”

Relevant biographies for the verifiers are included in the free text of the following: Da Martin Martin Fleig, 32, in the case of a career path, a training center, a biathlete and a windscreen, rolling stock, gold medium Wieder ein Athlet weniger.

The Para-Alpine group is covered by the Community

In the case of the Para-Sport sport, the restraint can be obtained. The rack for the trainer in the landlord was inspected, and the talents were selected. The idea arises in North Rhine-Westphalia: One person is selected from the group consisting of members and members of the group, and the person concerned is included. However, the Community has been involved in the transfer of sports equipment. The Bundesländer have been established in Baden-Württemberg and Bayern.

In the Nordic Discipline, Michael Huhn, in the case of the National Assembly, was found in the Freiburg National Assembly. For example, the group has a DBS in the area of ​​the Alpine Wintersport. 2018 war die Seriensiegerin Anna Schaffelhuber zum letzten Mal bei Paralympics dabei and critique, dass es an Nachwuchs fehle. From 2019 onwards, the Nachwuchs-Bundestrainerin.

Maike Hujara has been approved for the Paralympic Association, which has been approved by the German Confederation. These functions are described as having the same effect on the operation of the plant. So, and so on, they were given the opportunity.

These are used in the form of a plant in the Tyrolean region of Tyrol and have been treated as such. The name of the Member State in question has been amended accordingly. The other members of the team may be recruited by the organizers, who will be responsible for the implementation of the measures. The measures are set out in paragraphs 1 and 2 below.

The structure of the land is the structure of the national ski area. At the Paralympics in 2026, the German team will play a great role in the athletics and skiing. For example, the results of the talent in Beijing are as follows: Leander Kress, 21, and Christoph Glötzner, 18, to be included in the present invention.

Paralympics: Im Pech: Christoph Glötzner nach seinem Sturz im Trainingslauf.

Im Pech: Christoph Glötzner nach seinem Sturz im Trainingslauf.

(Photo: Christoph Soeder / dpa)

Wenn man Glötzner fragt, was able to use the other means, said: Hujara is uninterrupted in its own right in the Bavarian Landesverband, and is registered with the National Board of Governors in the context of the Trainingslehrgängen. Sprich: 50 statt zwölf Skitage.

In the case of the Paralympic Alpine Ski Area, the following measures are taken: Ein Monoskibob, wi in Rollstuhlfahrerin Anna-Lena Forster benutzt, die Fahnenträgerin mit Fleig bei der Ernffnungsfeier und zweite Goldmedaillengewinnerin Peking, kostet so wie ein Familienwagen. These measures have been taken as a matter of course for the purposes of the Winter Paralympic Games. Aber es funktioniert, concrete Hujara, wenn man Guides findet, die vorausfahren.

This is the case with the Talent Tag in Winterberg, 60 This material has been used as a result. The Kennnen is a training center for the use of the training team, and the training team has been involved in the development of the Rennen.

It is also considered to be part of the family

Gloves and presses in Beijing have been used in the same way to classify them as follows: In the case of the same type of material, the weighting factor is determined by the fact that the competition in the case of competition in the United States. Glötzner wiederum verichzte sich for the purpose of starting the Training. Erfahrungen sammeln, das war sein Ziel in Peking.

To the Giachichte der Biathletin Leonie Walter, hat auch die von Glötzner etwas Exemplarisches. I headed to the engagement, in the walls of the wall and the family, wie Nachwuchstrainerin Hujara concrete. The front of the tractor is connected to the front of the tractor and the tractor. The ride is bad for the operation of the ski in the country and the Belgian Waldin Steinberg.

In addition, the Court of First Instance did not hold any agreement with the Paralympic Sports Association. “In the case of an exchanger, it is considered to be the same as in the Bavarian master”, “Here we go to the family in contact. If you want to go to the skier and go, you will not be able to cry.” This is the case in the United States. “Damit er trainieren kann.”


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