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View from the Bochinger street on the mountain area with foot connection in Birkenweg. Daschupngrundstück gehört mittlerweile der Gemeinde und grenzt direkt an den dahinterliegenden Friedhof an. Photo: Fahrland

With the possible completion of the living quarters between the Bochinger Straße and the Friedhof in Rahmen, an internal review is made in accordance with the decision of the Court of Appeal of the Mayor Stefan Hammer.

Vöhringen-Wittershausen – Ortsvorsteherin Kerstin Jauch has a share of the area of ​​the municipality, two other private plots are available and there are certain pre-orders. The background of the mangel at Bauplätzen, to the first of the paragraph Paragraph-13b-baugebiete im grabenäcker zur Verfügung stehe.

No good construction plan

The Gfrörer Ingenieure created a plan for the “Bochinger Straße 15” on two plots with about 470 and 540 square meters from which the conclusion without a return on the price list costs 111,000 Euros. A decent construction plan does not exist. Building materials must be installed.

Vorgesehen ist eine 4.75 Meter breite Stichstraße, über die auch die Abfuhr des Grüngutcontainers am hinteren Friedhofstor gewährleistet wird. The dormitory for the green area and the farm area is not accessible at all. There is no suitable place for the sale for a possibility. The road guide follows the route of the existing summers.

The Oberflächenwasser can be accommodated from the existing water canal, and the event of a TV call on the damages can be found. The water supply is possible by ring connection. As well as the well-known Heinz Binder on the cutting edge of the outer baubles on the ground of the zwangspunkte.

Dritter bauplatz noch unsicher

Helmut Maiers’s view that the community has a financial risk of two financial risks and a maximum risk of a zero-sum game, a humble hammer with a fee, a “precautionary measure, the construction price and value of money”.

In addition to the construction price, the construction price is set to be discussed and discussed, and at the time of the construction of the construction site, the construction of the land plots at the border of the Friedhof is realized. Even though the area of ​​the “Friedhof” construction plan has been built, it has been replaced.

The footpath must be maintained

Hammer ging from additional costs of more than 10 000 Euros from. Helmut Maier’s service was extended to a clandestine conversation with the landowner, so that a year-long pledge agreement was not terminated during the investigation. Laut Andreas Haberer soltte sich der Ortschaftsrat “wegen eines Holzschopfs” nicht brakes lassen. Alternatively, the interest should be given to the interests of the first two builders.

One of the public roads, along the footpath between the Bochinger Straße and the Birkenweg in the Leichhenhalle direction, is a must. Vermutlich unterliege er dem Gewohnheitsrecht, worüber der Gemeinderat jüngst beüglich einer fussläufigen Verbindung beim Amselweg in Vöhringen diskusiert hatte.

Also in Wittershausen, the population fails to make the required cancellation. Ever solnte grasbewachsene Trampelpfad verbreitert and befestigt werden, damit er auch mit Rollator, Rollstuhl und Kinderwagen genutzt werden könnte. A road connection for vehicles does not stand for discussion.

Pied and sensitized

Hammer power, with the trauma of the settlement of the mousse, the necessary infrastructure must be provided. A visit to the Friedhof is located at the Friedhof and the waiting hours are not available.

Outside the Friedhof, a park and green area in the village. “Fluck, the guide is to a third,” says Kerstin Jauch, a believer in the management of the area through the planned planners and the trend of urn.

So rightly friends can be a hammer with this argument today. “Ich schlucke ein bisschen bei dem Gedanken, in das Allerheiligste der menschlichen Seele einzugreifen”, äusßerte er seine Bedenken in Sachen Pietät und Sensibilität der Bevölkerung in Friedhofsfragen.

Option will be used

The preparation ends with the decision, the possible conclusion of the places in the Bochinger Straße. The theme was followed by a summer break in the municipality.

Sofern die Änderung des Beuuungsplans “Friedhof” für den dritten Bauplatz zurückgestellt wird, soll diese Option dennoch beim Bau der Straße und der Versorgungsleitungen beruchichtigt werden. The next housekeeping consultation must be carried out in accordance with the 2023 household plan.


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