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The Verein Orfanis summed up many helpful lives for the people of Ukraine. Photo: Fuoß

In 2016, the Christian Churches of Rosenfeld will also host the Orphanage.

Rosenfeld – The Christian community of Orphans, founded in 2016, is also a nuisance for Ukraine-Flüchtlinge. Der Vorsitzende Wolfgang Fuoß included in this area over long experiences. On the basis of the great opportunities for contact persons in Romania through the war, the organization’s affiliation with the airline in Romania and Germany is limited. It is possible, new contacts can be found and networked, and more help can be provided for the airport and the Romanian organizers.

Bus company holen Flüchtlinge

In cooperation with the bus company, the Ukrainian airport is organized according to the transport requirements.

Orphan is still in a state of disrepute, the flight is not only for Germany, so they are also in front of the city for a safe place to visit. In a pilot project, in the absence of private flights, it is possible to see that the Ministry of Defense, through the development of Sachspenden, is very large and, in addition to the organizational forces, to be able to help others.

If you are positive, you will be able to spend a lot of time living in a residential house through the construction of the Nebenkosten and festively rented accommodation. Further, friendly gastronomic families are welcome. Bei Interesse stet Vera Würfel, Phone 07427/5 90 93 53, zur Verfügung.

The living room is welcome

A large amount of fluctuating currents for the municipalities in Romania do not apply. The contact persons, the mayor and the school teacher of Saniob (Romania), can be found in the village of Visk (Ukraine), one of the men with the help of the Hilfs. Orfanis hat sich zum ziel gesetzt, in Zusammenarbeit mit Speditionen, Hilfsgüter in die Lager von Saniob zu bringen. The usual medium-sized freight is provided by medical assistants, hygiene items and foodstuffs and only then with small transporters and their best-kept food according to the whiskey and the best surroundings.

Vocational school builders

In Chadea (Romania) there is a large storage camp with 125 beds. The billing provisions of the building, can be found on the stocks. The Orfanis School of Applied Sciences is very close to the project, which is a project, and the staff of the Orphanage is responsible for the fact that the camp has been prepared for the camp.

The latest frame conditions must be used again. The city, for which the costs are paid, has only a limited budget, the bill is used. On the way to a well-structured system, we are able to support each other, to organize our organizations together, and to be financially well-informed.

Search camps in Romania

In Saniob there is a meeting room for 60 people (45 in the Turnhalle and 15 more in Sportheim). Hier konnte Orfanis beiten a wesentlichen Teil zur Ausstattung beitragen, dank den von einem Möbelhaus gespendeten Betten, mit den von einem Verein eingekauften Hygieneartikeln und den von der Bevölkerung Gespendeten Lebensmitteln män der Sammelaktion. Functional washing machines are available for the warehouse. Here is your partner Wolfgang Fuoß, Phone 07428/91 73 52 or Handy 01736/65 07 75.

Food, baking bags and hygiene items are available

For the next transport from 15 to 18 April, Mehl, Öl, Fleischkonserven (Haltbarkeit mindestens Mai), Margarine, Teigwaren, Reis, Zucker, Müsliriegel, Multivitamin-Brausetabletten, Hygienearticel, for all children and women Player devices for drafts (belts, hops, chalk) and for drinking (malbücher, stew of all kinds of centimeters, scissors, spokes and radiator tires) can also be used with pocket lamps with spare batteries. You can open this road on Bergstraße 28 in Täbingen.


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