“On the basis of the Ukrainian war, the question is very high”

ACCESS RELEASE. The current location in Ukraine is still visible, as well as the protection of civil protection. Doch nicht nur für das Bedrohungsszenario atomarer Zwischenfall müssen sich die Gemeinden und jeder einzelne Bürger rüsten. Unwetter and naturkatastrophen genauso wie technicche Katastrophenfälle wie ein Blackout sind bei uns möglich i machen Selbstschutzmaßnammen unumgänglich.

Support at the Citizens’ Advice on the topic of the Civil Protection Act is based on the Civil Protection Association of the Member States. Stefan Schipke is from the Hellmonsödt district for the district. “The inquiries in the Civil Protection Bureau are massive, the last of the bourgeoisie. The decision is made by Vorteil, that in the districts of Jeweils one of the most controversial persons, in which the citizens and the community can be found “, said OÖ Zivilschutz-Projektleiter Christian Kloibhofer.

“Safety goes to school”

OÖ Zivilschutz deckt mit seinen Projektin eine große Zielgrouppe ab, denn Zivilschutz beginnt bereits bei den Kleinsten. Surely in the traffic, the number of numbers and the zivilschutz-sirenensignal play a big roll. We have received the highest number of schools from the district in the crowded year at the corona-dedicated project “Safety goes to school”. The self-protection and self-government of the Crown do not depend on the background, but it is for the students of the third class that the Civil Protection-Children’s Olympics. Dabei wurden die Aufgaben bzw. The activities of the organizations, the numbers and the zivilschutz-sirenensignal as well as the rich verhalten at Gefahren and Notfällen behandelt. Based on the great experience, “Safety goes to school” is available in the autumn.

The question is very large

An additional point of interest is located on the front door. Schipke: “On April 26, there was a blackout in Oberneukirchen and on September 21 in Feldkirchen. In addition to the precautionary measure, the precautionary measure in the ‘Outfall Plan Blackout’ is provided by the OÖ Civil Protection in the Land Registry in the extended year of use, which can be used as soon as possible. OÖ Civil protection is available. In addition to this product, you can also collect information from selected products. Advertise your business now on the website of Zivilschutzes, Zivil- und Katastrophenschutz-Shop (zivilschutz-shop.at). “We have found the most expensive monastic assortment, but also on the questions of the citizens. “We have a radio with an LED lamp on the Zivilschutz-Notkochstelle, so we have a safe range for sandboxes,” informs Kloibhofer. “On the basis of the Ukrainian War, the question is very large.” www.zivilschutz-shop.at You can also use the brochures of the Public Health Protection Fund, for the Krisenfester House Haushalt, the Strahlenschutz or the Blackout, free of charge. Further information about OÖ Zivilschutz and Zivilschutz-SMS. “In the future, this information should be communicated to the public, a citizen should be informed. With the Civil Protection SMS, the citizens are able to pay attention to disasters and notices. Regional information and information services will be extended to the public. The citizens can be free of charge www.zivilschutz-ooe.at Apply “, says Schipke, who says:” We are very happy with the protection of SMS. It is in the midst of the two years that the old people have been, but also in the hinblick on the Crown Information and many other communities are known. Dazu comes, that the information in the crisis directly from the mayor of the community of the community comes. Damit ist da System in Zeiten von Fake-News eine gute möglickeit, sich aus erster Hand zu informieren. “

Uncomplicated info tool

In the district of Urbahr-umbebung, you can use 21 SMS systems, you will be able to talk to them. “We are overwhelmed, the number of people, the zivilschutz-SMS use, we still have to. “In time, we will be able to inform the people who want to be informed – and thank you for the protection of SMS-SMS, the community will provide an uncomplicated info tool for delivery.”

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