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The best of the 80s and 90s are the same as the 80s and 90s, and they are used in the 80s and 90s of the technology – the Audi Coupe and Ferrari Testarossa.

The techno class is as follows: For the purposes of this Regulation, the pause of the light blades shall be applied to the substance. They are included in the Old Dimension under Hall, Automotive, Model and Prospectus. In this case, the sales of the manufacturer are: Tafelsilber, Audi, BMW, Mercedes and VW, and Volvo or Opel will also be sold at the Depots.

40 Jahre 190 und 50 Jahre W 116

A. Of-Allinger

In Hall 1 of the Mercedes-Clubs, the following were used: R129-Schnittmodell.

The clubs have been sold in Belgium and have been sold in the same way as in the first half of the year. It is only available in W 201, 40 for the S-Class W116, for 50 years at the time of unimagination. The Compressor Club is equipped with a purple safflower and a restaurant. The R129 Club was not included in the Schnittmodells, was a high-tech roadster in 1989.

40 Jahre Sierra

Ford Clubs Halle 3 Techno Classica

A. Of-Allinger

Granada in various variants of the other, was the Ford Clubs in Hall 3.

One of the classics for the Ford Clubs in Hall 3 is the same as Stelle Ungewöhnliches: the DTM gefahren hat and zulzet währendend der Classic Days auf Schloss Dyck bewegte. The model may be used as a model for the manufacture of the model in accordance with Article 40.

Market value: Die 80er und 90er

Techno Classica 2022 Markt

A. Of-Allinger

Ferrari Testarossa gibt es gleich in masreren Hallen zu sehen. Dieser hier steht bei Aaldering in Halle 5 zum Verkauf.

The Techno Classics are used for cars, cars and cars. For the purposes of this Regulation, a total of 120,000 square meters of the vehicle is used: This is the case with messaging so. The Angebot and Porsche 911 are also available – these are also available in the Carrera RS 2.7. Auch Ferrari Testarossa scheinen in fast jeder Halle zu stehen. However, the transfer may be carried out on the basis of the Techno Classics (see the Biller Gallery) and the Messages may be used as a means of communication.


Mittwoch, 23. March: 12 to 20 Uhr

Donnerstag, 24. März: 9 bis 18 Uhr

Freitag, 25. März: 9 bis 19 Uhr

Samstag und Sonntag, 26./27. März: 9 bis 18 Uhr


Tageskarte Mittwoch, March 23: 45 Euro

Tageskarte Donnerstag bis Sonntag: 25 Euro

Tageskarte Jugendliche (12 bis 17 Jahre) Donnerstag bis Sonntag: 20 Euro

Tageskarte Kinder (8 bis 11 Jahre) Donnerstag bis Sonntag: 15 Euro

Family cards (Eltern mit 3 Kinds bis 11 Jahren) Donnerstag bis Sonntag: 65 Euro

Der Veranstater empfiehlt, Tickets are available online for sale.

Das Angebot auf der Messe

Anders als sonst fehlt Mercedes; the market is located in Hall 1 of the market market. Weitere Clubs bauen ihre Stände in Halle 8 auf. The car manufacturer is then listed in Hall 3, 5 and 6. The second and second parts of Hall 2 and 6 are thus free from the Schnappen-Markt: Kauf an. In Halle 4 you will find, in Halle 5 Automobilia wie etwa Bücher, Prospekte und Modellautos.

Das Hygienekonzept

Weil Corona is not suitable for the construction of the Hygiene Concept. If you want to enter the network, you will also be able to receive 3G status. The 3G ticket is available digitally from the ticket office. The typical Corona-Symptom (e.g., Fieber, Husten, Geschmacks- or Geruchsverlust) is not included in the Messenger Chapter. For the purposes of this Regulation, the Directorate-General for Medicinal Products for Human Use. Ausnahmen gelten an den Coffepoints und in den Restaurants.


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