ÖFB-Cup: Salzburg holt das neunte Double

The Salzburger has been used as a favorite and has been treated as a glossy vehicle. Luka Sucic sorgte in der 27. Minutes with the result of a search for the “Bullen”. Ein Kopfballtor from Maximilian Wöber (52.) is in the middle of a break and is a coach from Benjamin Sesko (87.) who is still in charge of playing in the field.

Reed hat in the direction of the chances of chance, for the purpose of finishing the sorghum. In this case, the mixture is dried at 0 to 3 times with a maximum value. The goods were sold in 1998 and 2011 respectively. The record for Austria was reduced to 27 years.

Der Kunstschuss von Sucic zum 1: 0

Luka Sucic stellte mrmal mine seine perfection Schusstechnik unter Beweis und traf in der 27. Minute sehenswert zur Salzburger Führung.

Salzburg in Bestbesetzung, Ried mit Fünferkette

In the case of the Rotation of the Land of Transport, the Sturm Graz of the Salzburg-Coach has been re-established. Einzig kleine Überraschung war Sucic statt Brenden Aaronson im offensiven Mittelfeld. Ried-Trainer Christian Heinle griffed to the team and received a team from the field. An ante Bajic als Solospitze. It is possible to start the operation in the same way as in the case of other species.

Danach began das Finale, wie es erwartet worden war. Ried war noch ohne Ballkontakt, als die Salzburger durch Sucic nach nur einer Minute den ersten – ungefährlichen – Torschuss abgaben. These measures may be taken as a result of the compromise, and the trade-off between the Community and the Community. Aus einem langen Pass hatte Salzburg die nächste Gelegenheit. Karim Adeyemi set out in the course of the proceedings before the Abschluss (9.).

Traumtor brought to Salzburg Führung

After this, a long service is required. Mit Rene Eisner took over the job of the job and ended the job at the Adeyemi level. This is the action of the DFB Sturmers for the Federal Government. Adeyemi sprinted in the gutter and under the balloon of the balloon. Der 19-Jährige traf aus 20 Metern traumhaft ins Kreuzeck (27.). The mixture is treated with a variation of the adhesive, and is adhered to.

GEPA / Wolfgang Jannach

Luka Sucic is a member of the sensory team

According to the provisions of this Regulation, the provisions of this Regulation do not apply to the situation in Salzburg. Im Mittelpunkt stand zweimal Goalie Philipp Köhn. In the first half of the 24th year, Bajic compromised on the Weg (30.), and a couple of minutes later from the wall and the schneller am Ball als der Ried-Stürmer (39.). The transfer takes place in the last minute and is dominated by Salzburg. In this case, the rotation of the pause gel is absent.

Compatibility with Wöbers Kopfballtor

The person in question has been given the opportunity to work in the first place. Bajic ließ im Strafraum Rasmus Kristensen ins. In this case, the corner is covered by a chain of white water. In the course of this year, Eckball was awarded Noah Okafor den Ball dochoch zur Mitte. Samuel Sahin-Radlinger from the field of play was set to play in the field of football.

Wöber erzielt das 2: 0

The minutes referred to in the preamble to the Treaty of Salzburg. Maximilian Wöber fought in the Flanke of Stelle and excited in the work of the Salzburger Treffer (52).

The clarifier and the two-way conveyor for Salzburger are not yet available. Nach Stanglpass von Andreas Ulmer schoss Adeyemi aus kurzer Distanz über das Tor (60.). The minutes of the stand stand at the beginning of the non-operating point. For the purposes of this Regulation, Adeyemi’s Ball was used as a means of obtaining an extension of its capacity. Dass der der 20-Jährige dabei Ried-Goalie Sahin-Radlinger has shown a good start-up discussion. For the purposes of this Regulation, the provisions of this Regulation do not apply.

Hitzige Schlussphase in Klagenfurt

In the case of Bajic, a number of issues were identified in this context (68), and the possibility of crystallization in Gegenseite (69) was followed by a change of interest in the case of a large number of cases. Der Rieder Leo Mikic ging nachem is a Zweikampf an der Strafraumgrenze zu Boden. Danach to whom I have taken care of the work. As a result, the Gelbe Karten für Sucic und Bajic, trotz Überprüfung des VAR gab es aber keinen Ausschluss.

This is the case for Adeyemi in the 81st century. Mit Dorgeles Nene and Josef Weberbauer brachte der Ried-Coach zwei frische Offensivkrafte and loste die Fünferkette auf. Beinahe hätte dieser Schachzug zum Erfolg geführt. Bajic scheiterte zunächst an Köhn. The Ball is for Mikic, and for the Tor hob. Wetters were found to be acrobatic on the line (83). Der Salzburger Innenverteetiger stand in the middle of the city. Thus, Schuss von Mikic found that both of them were not able to use the handwriting (85).

The Riedern sorghum is intended for the production of foodstuffs. The goods are not covered by the provisions of the Treaty establishing the European Community. The Flanke of Adeyemi has found that there are no problems, and the ball is in the line (87). On the 18th occasion, a large number of trains and cups were added to the cup. In the case of the city and town of Salzburg, the route to Zlatko Junuzovic for the purpose and duration of the meeting of the Board of Directors of Titel feiern.

Sesko sorgt für den Endstand

Benjamin Sesko kicked in at 87. The minute was 3-0 and the team was awarded the Cup final.

Stimmen zum Spiel:

Matthias Jaissle (Salzburg-Trainer): ‘This measure does not apply to the parties concerned. Die Favoritenrolle war klar verteilt. Dementia is used to dispose of it. The compliment is due to the fact that the group is closed. In this case, the parties have been involved in the implementation of this Regulation, including the application of this Regulation. This is not the case. Aber wen haben and auch schon richtig gutacht. It is assumed that 3: 0 of the total number of shares in the sum and in the case of Siege. ‘

Christian Heinle (Ried-Trainer): ‘Wir haben uns super verkauft. The Netherlands are concerned (for example, in Liga, Anm.). For the purposes of the present invention, the original product is used as a super-active product. Diesen Schwung müssen wir mitnehmen, auch wenn es jetzt kurz danach bitter ist. However, such measures may be taken as a whole. ‘

Andreas Ulmer (Salzburg-Kapitän): ‘It is possible to enter into a special agreement with the Commission. Day 1: 0 war naturally over the course of the matter of Luke, which is not so great. However, in the case of spielkontrol, a mixture of water and water is absolutely obtained. I know for a moment that we are very happy. ”

Uniqa-ÖFB-Cup, Finale


Salzburg – Ried 3: 0 (1: 0)

Klagenfurt, Wörthersee Stadium, 7,800 Zuschauer, SR Harkam

1: 0 Sucic (27th)
2: 0 Wöber (52nd)
3: 0 Sesko (87.)

Salzburg: Köhn – Kristensen, Solet, Wöber, Ulmer – Capaldo (63./Aaronson), Camara (90./Junuzovic), Sucic, N. Seiwald – Okafor (73./Sesko), Adeyemi (90./Kjaergaard)

Ried: Sahin-Radlinger – Wießmeier (57./Micic), Meisl, Lackner (82./Nene), Plavotic, Pomer – Stosic, Ziegl, Satin (82./Weberbauer) – Nutz, Bajic

Gelbe Karten: Sucic bzw. Bajic

The best: Wöber, Adeyemi, Köhn bzw. Bajic, Ziegl

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