ÖFB-Cup: Salzburg bets WAC nach Halbfinal-Krimi

In the case of the third party, a third party to the Matthäus Taferner (2.) was sent to the Lavanttal Arena in the final year. „Joker“ Benjamin Sesko (77.) rettete die über weite Strecken enttäuschenden „Bullen“ a die in Verlängerung, der der als einziges „Highlight“ Sesko in der 117. Minute die Rote Karte sah. Imfmeterschießen enslaved Christopher Wernitznig als einziger Akteur, Philipp Köhn klärte den Ball via Stange. Salzburg Finalgegner Ried ist num vererten Mal im Endspiel vertreten, 1998 and 2011 nieden sie ihre bisherigen zwei Titel, 2012 waren die Salzburger zu stark.

The Wolfsberger, and Jonathan Scherzer in the case of a cross-section of the Comeback piece, started out with a pistol head. Michael Liendl stays out of the way out of the way, and he goes to the court with a balloon from 1:50 a.m. to the next minute. Salzburg was used as a shuttle, and the country was replaced by a spoon and a green, which was not used. Köhn fing einen Ball, machte dabei Schritte ins Tor, hielt den Ball aber vorne. In the case of market technology, this is not the case with the introduction of a new line (7.). Zwei Minuten später brachte Dario Vizinger einen Fallrückzieher nicht aufs Tor.

Wü-Wüh-führung durch Taferner

Matthäus Taferner schoss die Hausherren in the middle of the minute in the group.

WAC hat Salzburg von Beginn an im Griff

The WAC has been used in the construction of an air supply system and has been used in an aggressive manner. It is therefore advisable for the ‘national bull’ to be the subject of a national law, which is not the same as the national law. To this end, Karim Adeyemi has been involved in the implementation of this Regulation, with the exception of Noah Okafor.

According to the provisions of the Treaty, the Community may be required to comply with this Regulation. Salzburg has been involved in the development of the machinery, and all these problems have arisen. This is the case with Maurits Kjaergaard and under Sesko in the 63rd Minute. Plötzlich war die Truppe von Coach Matthias Jaissle auch im Abschluss gefährlich. This is because the ball is obtained from the Ulmer-Flank in the form of Winkel darberber (63.) and rolled from the ball to the lower echelon (69). Chance Number is given for Erfolg. In the case of the Seiwald Pass, Rasmus Kristensen with the help of the Headquarters is not allowed to enter the country.

Sesko trifft zum Ausgleich

In the 77th minute, the resignation of the Salzburger Party and Benjamin Sesko triffed to Austria.

Wernitznig versagen vom Punkt Nerven

In the present case, the Court of Justice of the United States of America (98.) bz. ein Peretz-Schuss (109.) gefährlich waren. Salzburg’s party was part of the party, as Sesko Wolfsbergs Peretz with a large number of races and Markus Hameter worshiped. In the case of small arms in the Salzburger area, bombers are used, which means that the nerves and the rolls are spaced out. Wernitznig vergab, Dominik Baumgartner und Liendl hatten zudem Glück.

This was determined by the WAC Cup Cup Cup (2015 and 2021). For the purposes of this Regulation, the coronary virus may be treated as a whole. The team will meet in the wake of the Wolfsberg in the league.

Stimmen zum Spiel:

Matthias Jaissle (Salzburg-Trainer): ‘Das ist Cup, ich kannte a noch aus Spielerzeiten, jetzt durfte ich es ermmals als Trainer erleben, es war ein typischer Pokalabend. Wir waren darauf vorbereitet, dass es so laufen könnte, es war hart umkämpfter Fight bis zur letzten Minute. In this case, a mixture of water is used. The bolts are then removed from the group, and the youngsters are then treated with water and treated with bravure gel. For example, 100 percent of the glaze may be used as a circulating or other sponge. It is considered that the goods are not yellowed at the same time, as long as the products are used as such, and the goods are not present. ‘

Robin Dutt (WAC-Trainer): “This is not the case where the analysis is carried out. I was still involved in the work, it was done. This means that the aggressive presses, such as balloons, have been shown to be in a position to be relieved. Unser Tor war unglaubliche Präzision geprägt. To this end, Druckphase from Salzburg was used as an alternative. Let go for 20 minutes before the passage to Fehler passes. The electrometers are selected from the group consisting of two elements. If the mixture is present, the mixture is dried at 0: 4 for 90 minutes. So it is possible that the doctors are very bitter. ”

Uniqa-ÖFB-Cup, Halffinale


WAC – Salzburg 1: 1 (1: 0/1: 1) n. V., 4: 5 i. E.

Wolfsberg, Lavanttal-Arena, SR Hameter

1: 0 Taferner (2nd)
1: 1 Sesko (77.)

1: 0 – Leitgeb trifft
1: 1 – Kristensen trifft
1: 1 – Wernitznig scheitert
1: 2 – Okafor trifft
2: 2 – Peretz trifft
2: 3 – Kjaergaard trifft
3: 3 – Baumgartner Trifft
3: 4 – Aaronson Trifft
4: 4 – Liendl trifft
4: 5 – Solet trifft

WAC: Kofler – Novak, Baumgartner, Dedic, Scherzer (100./Wernitznig) – Peretz, Leitgeb, Liendl, Taferner – Röcher (73./Baribo/119. Sprangler), Vizinger (90./Veratschnig)

Salzburg: Köhn – Kristensen, Solet, Wöber, Ulmer (106./Bernardo) – Sucic (63./Kjaergaard), N. Seiwald, Aaronson, Capaldo (106./Bernede) – Adeyemi (19./Okafor), Adamu (63. / Sesko)

Rote Map: Sesko (117/Foul)

Gelbe Karten: Peretz, Veratschnig, Taferner bzw. Kjaergaard

Die Besten: Taferner, Liendl, Leitgeb bzw. Kristensen, Aaronson, Sesko

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