ÖDP Schramberg: Volker Liebermann: Haushalt macht Mut, Stadt voranzubringen – Schramberg & Umgebung

Volker Liebermann’s speech for the ever-present ÖDP-Fractional Residents Bernd Richter and language and generosity. Photo: Riesterer

The house is protected, the ranks of the factions of the Schramberger Community (CDU, SPD / Buntspecht, free list, active bürger and ÖDP) are protected from the Crown lands. You have been hired now, here Volker Liebermann (ÖDP). We are open to the public:

Schramberg – You want to be a member of the Oberbürgermeister and their administration, for the communication with the citizens and the authorities, for the personal information and the environment with our citizens and citizens.

It is always possible to be, even if the people of their country are or not, and it is also a good thing, but it is always a strange process of losing weight. Jeder kennt doch do die allbekannte Weisheit: “Allen kann man es eben nicht recht machen”, und das trifft eben auch auf unsere Gemeinde zu.

Hoffen and beten for the offer

An indefatigable war in Ukraine is also difficult in Schramberg. We offer and offer for children, before all women and children, find themselves on the air, under the unlimited conditions of the diet, and live a life in freedom.

We thank the children of Schramberg, the beautiful living room offers for the help, the most important thing is. You can also use the sachets or coins. Please don’t be alone!

Atmosphere in video conferencing

Weiterhin is also known for the natural Corona Pandemic. In addition to the possible development of the variants and the number of enrollment cases, we are able to determine the situation and the daily settings in the video conference. In many places we will be able to stay, if the situation is resolved. Trotz Dreifach-Impfschutz can always be in the world for the sake of us and our own people and our health.

Genesis wedding for Bernd Richter

Vorweg aber jedoch noch etchas ganz personliches: Leider sind wir in der Fraction der ÖDP durch den Schicksalsschlag unseres Vorsitzenden Bernd Richter zurzeit nur noch zu zweit im Gemeinderat tätig, was uns die Arbeit natürlich nicht leichter machicht. On this road we want to be able to learn about the best generous wreaths, and to enjoy a wonderful return to a normal and for their wonderful lives, with the help of the authorities, in the faction and in the community.

The city is located in front

Now, at the same time, we will be able to enter the points of interest: Many important points can be used as the main plan of the House of Representatives. Ein Haushalt, der mit all den Großprojekten sicher nicht leicht umzusetzen ist, aber auch Mut machen soll, unsere Stadt zügig voran zu bringen. With the visions in Stepps 20/30, it is well known and well-known in the total development for the city of the former.

Thanks for the high water protection

The environment for high water protection is extremely easy to enjoy and it is useful to see that it is well established, as well as the activation of sirens for the protection of the population, which is determined by the authorities in the city. A fast speech and forcing a quick trade, a man to protect and protect, to give a very good thanks to the government and the governing bodies.

Construction of the road

The construction of the road in the city and the connection in the external areas is from an ecological point of view and also in planning and the money is well established. Surely all the bourgeoisie in the street traffic is important and must be included in the shopping center with the public office. First of all, the car seat is located at the end of the new construction of the forest road on the road, also on the road we use, and the road is used.

Liber a railway between Tal and der Höhe

With the eventual reactivation of the Schramberg – Schiltach railway line, we will also be able to study the Mammutprojekt project on the city, and we will know about the financial resources of the Bund and the land of the house. We are able to build these buildings and make sure that the connection of the Bergstadt with Schramberg in the game, a city cable car, is also close to the planning for the country garden as a vision of the plantation. It is accessible and for the public office in the public office, which is open to the public, a connection fast around the hour, friendly and friendly. Good plantation in addition to the S-railway connection of Sulgen to Rottweil, the connections in the region of individual traffic enormously known.

Lots of planning and time

The additional large projects must be covered and guided by many planning and activities: School Campus, Kita Don Bosco, Bühlepark, land acquisition for the Innovation Park Schießacker and the Sports Park Neutum.

The staff costs well

One of these offers is available, including the menu, as well as the personal costs of 20 million Euros. According to a letter from Stadtrat Udo Neudeck, in the following time, however, “a single bretter to bohren”, as well as the renovation of the new building of the Turn- and Festhalle on the Sulgen and the building of the Kirchplatz school and the beautiful house. Real estate.

Leerstands are filled

A living room can be added to the time and time of the new building for construction and construction and also a good idea, but it also supports the most well-informed students in the city, you are also a good friend of the family.

It is very important that the collection of the star in the climate protection management. Thanks to the fact that we are aware of the fact that we are able to protect the climate, we also need to protect the climate and the communal level, and also enjoy the new projects.

Maintenance plan available

We have in the pre-existing year as well as other colleagues and colleagues here in the Rat the most planned and financially determined decisions of the municipality are very common, less than with sighs, less likely to be with a different background. We have two of the ÖDPs of the Household Plan in the current decision.

In this Sinne we want to be able to enjoy all the burghers and burglars in the year 2022. The heartfelt thanks for your creativity and their good luck.


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