Nürnberg Ice Tigers: Jessica Campbell hören auch die Machos zu – Sport

Patrick Reimer is a member of Woche bei seinem Trainer Tom Rowe etwas loswerden. “Mann o Mann,” said the captain of the Nuremberg Ice Tigers, Rowe lächelte, als er diese Geschichte am Mittwochabend erzählte. These measures are not included in the plan. Rowe ist kapp 66 Jahre alt – und damit derält Trainer in der Deutschen Eishockey Liga (DEL). Here are some professional careers in the field, including in the conservative world, in the field, and in the field. This is the case when Jessica Campbell came to the site. In the case of the Canadian National Coalition Party, the Land of the WM-Silberian Land was established. These are used as technical equipment with NHL and DEL technology.

It is therefore appropriate that the Nuremberg Professionals be an individual in the field. In this case, the hours of operation in the heat exchanger are determined by the co-trainer and the co-trainer Manuel Kofler. “Ich sagte ihr: Schnappe dir einen Stift und gehe an die Taktiktafel”, concluded Rowe. The Campbell started the Ice Tigers with rusters at 6: 2 and left in the middle of the EHC Red Bull Munich at 2: 3 with a penalty of about one point. In the case of a trainer function of the band: Das hat es der der der noch nicht gegeben. Campbell arbeitete dunklen Blazer, mit verschränkten Armen – und Kaugummi kauend.

Vom alten Eisen, aber nicht von gestern: Icetigers-Chefcoach Tom Rowe Trainer.

(Photo: Thomas Hahn / Zink / Imago)

The contact for Campbell is replaced by Ice-Tigers-Sports Director Stefan Ustorf. Rowe kannte zwar den Namen, einen persönlichen Kontakt hatte aber nicht gegeben. In this case, the starting point of the idea is 29-inch, which can be used for complete offensive operation and power supply operation. “Tom hat mir eine ziemlich bedeutsame Rolle gegeben”, sagte Campbell. In this case, the function of the Mannery-Euchockey, in the field of sports, in which the machining structure is described above, is only possible in this way. For the purposes of this Regulation. “It is considered to be the same as in the case of Austria”, concrete. “It is possible to use the best of the same methods, such as to reduce the spheres.” The Ego stellte er hinten an.

After 15 seconds, the chef von Spielern was accepted by Andrew Bodnarchuk

The Nürnberger Spieler is based on the impulses of the Campbell community. Andrew Bodnarchuk, der in 1: 0 of Munich, resigned, and in 15 seconds, said, “In the case of the Cabinet, the right to go”. Campbell was selected as the “first-time standard” and was treated as a spearhead: Auch Tim Bender reiterated the words: “It is said that, in the absence of such a measure, there was no need to do so.” Und Campbells Tips fruchteten sofort. “I mean, the creativity is in the field and we’re working in France.” Campbell da sei, “found in the Offensive Area of ​​the Raum”, said Bodnarchuk. The winner is able to obtain a large number of trays, which are fitted with a new row.

Rowe, der Franken erst in October, is considered to be a complete structure and is selected for pre-playoff qualifiers. This is the case for the purpose of defective work, which is considered to be “limited”. Nun, kurz vor den Playoffs, sollte frisches Offensivgedankengut eingepflanzt werden – und Campbell is the result of an investigation. “These are the perspectives and vision of the outlook,” he said. The present invention is described as having a general purpose, such as circular and technical means. It is possible, in the case of Schleager, to use the aid for the production and use of fruit and vegetables, which is a Norwegian American trainer.

Campbell is a well-known trainer who is a talented trainer. This is done by Vorreiter. Egal ob Mann oder Frau, “letztlich sprechen wir alle die Eishockeysprache”, betonte sie. It is considered that, in the case of the Ministry of Agriculture, the name of the company should not be exceeded. Ihre Botschaft lautet: “It is not enough: Sorry, this is not the case.” This is because the mentality of the Ice Tigers “is very high”. On the other hand, the heel of the Augsburger Panther, which is the ice tigers of the Ice Tigers, has been sold in Chicago. Ihr Ziel ist es, irgendwann als Cheftrainerin im Männerbereich zu arbeiten. Geh es nach Rowe, wird das so kommen. Campbell, sagte er, habe “eine leuchtende Zukunft vor sich”.


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