Notes in the world of tomorrow – Laufenburg:

With the “Expedition d” learn Schüler der Hans-Thoma-Schule in Laufenburg modern computer technology kennen.

Schülerinnen and Schüler der Ahten and neunten Klassse an der Hans-Thoma-Schule (HTS) Laufenburg lernten beim Besuch des Bildungstrucks “Expedition d” modernste Computertechnologien kennen, die künftig die digitalisierte Arbeitswelt prägen werden. Ziel ist, junge Menschen für die Chancen einer digitale Zukunft zu begeistern. Forged in the technical area and in the IT are very closed.

(BZ). Wie wird das Auto der Zukunft aussehen? Which modern computer technology can be found in a Fitness Studio zum Einsatz kommen? To start the programs, both the Schülerinn and Schüler have a separate workstation, including the Erbsnis-Lern-Trucks connected to each other and the various stations that have the following technologies in place. Assassination was given to the two coaches, the Geowissenschaftlerin Felicitas Mundel, and Aurelia Stein, the Erziehungswissenschaftlerin. Except with the Tablets listed in the groups of technically correct recordings and quizzes. They will be tested as well, as well as with the help of a car sensor in a parking lot.

Also access the database. You can also find links to banks and exchanges, but also to social networks like Facebook. The player loses the Schülerin and Schüler at a Station the SQL database bank and the entries are sent to the Schritt for a flight under the Passenger Airlines. A VR-Brille (“virtual reality”) is located next to a virtual computer generated virtual machine. Dort mussten sie ein Fahrrad zusammenbauen. Künftig künnte diese Technologie den Schulunterricht revolutionaryieren. In Biology you can find virtually no human body and search for the basic functions of the Herzens genus untersuchen. Beim Spiel “Muscle-Pong” treats the Schülerinnen and Schüler in Ping-Pong between. The Schläger on a Bildschirm are supported by their internal motors, which are connected to the Klebelektroden. Technical information found in the game integrates the biosignals into the base of the smart processes or the exoskeleton handles, which are inextricably labeled, which are directly connected to the hand.

Cobots are Robots, which can be used by humans. They will be installed in the production and the men will be able to install the parts in order to get the point of departure. Beim Rundgang through the Truck account of the practical Helfer self programmed.

At the workstations at the stations the students and students at the “Raum der Ideen” in the overview of the Trucks on the Tablet, selected by their self-proclaimed workstation, a digital poster with their own views. While there is plenty to do, if you want to train Fitnessstudio mittels VR-Brille at a great location you can find one or more of the most up-to-date auto data companies, the Privacy Policy to get the most out of your bike. , waren nur zwei von zahlreichen Einfällen der Schülerinnen u Schüler.

“We do not recommend the use of coaching by Coaching4Future. It is based on the concept, while the youngest modern technologies can be used, but they can be tried and tested very easily, in order to convince Berufen,” All Classes are designed to provide specific workshops with a unique program and workshops. Most viewed for an Escape Game. The Scenario consists of the Artistic Intelligence (KI) the Oberhand im Truck. Through the Lösen von Aufgaben, for the Wissen, which are in the Truck world, are genuinely loved, while the Schülerinnen and Schüler see from the Truck befreien.

A Classified Program Theme. The 45-minute Workshop program the Scholars and Scholars themselves with a Handicap.

The company is named after the employer Baden-Württemberg-Stiftung, the Arbeitgeberverbands Südwestmetall and the regional directorate Baden-Württemberg der Bundesagentur für Arbeit.

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