North Korea tests Hwasong-17 Intercontinental Rocket:

N:ordkorea hat am Freitag den Start a new Intercontinental Rocket of Types Hwasong-17 supported. The Regime will not be allowed to clear indirectly, since the 2018 self-imposed Moratorium on Nuclear- and Langstreckenraketentests have already taken place. The KCNA stationary reconnaissance agent will detect the rocket as a medium for a nuclear detachment and a nuclear deterrent against a nuclear weapon. In response to the Rocket Launch, the United States and other sanctions against the Institutes, Institutions and Persons in North Korea and Russia, which have been assigned to the United States in the North Korean Missile Program, have been suspended.

Patrick Welter:

Correspondent for Business and Politics in Japan with Sitz in Tokyo.

The test is part of a large demonstration of the North Korean military, which is currently under the auspices of the KCNA. The state-of-the-art media posted photos of Machthaber Kim Jong-un with the black Lederjacke supporting the mobile Startplatform with an elf axis as well as a lot of Weg. A propaganda video shows the rocket launch in Zeitlupe from the camera camera perspective. The Rocket itself was also captured by a Camera.

The United States, South Korea and Japan have launched missile launches in the Middle East as well as in the United Kingdom of the United Nations. Freitag wollte der Weltsicherheitsrat zu einer Sondersitzung zusammenkommen.

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Südkorea hatte schon am Donnerstag nach dem Raketentest zur Warnung an Nordkorea testweise kleinere Raketen abgefeuert, die im Ernstfall unterirdische Bunker zerstören könnten. On Friday, the South Korean military was trained to absorb the two-wheeled field of the F-35. The North Korean Missile test shows the success of the various expansion plans of the South Korean President Moon Jae-in. It is not uncommon for the North Korean Presidential Council in South Korea to launch rocket launchers. President Yoon Suk-yeol was assassinated on Friday, and the Regime with Provocations was never attacked. In a telephone conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Yun darum, the nuclear power plant of North Korea will be dismantled.

Test the plan to check:

The dimension of the new Waffe, the North Korea first 2020, has already been presented in a parade, with the new Sorgen here. Nacho Einschätzung’s Japanese Defense Ministers Nobuo Kishi hat the Rocket a Reichweite of more than 15,000 Kilometers and can damit also the American East Coast. Reichweite hängt vom Gewicht des Sprengkopfs ab. Kishi sprach am Freitag von einer neuen Dimension der Bedrohung. Fachleute vermuten, dass die Rakete mehrere Sprengköpfe tragen kann. The air launch start is not limited to Beleg, while North Korea and the Middle East rocket launchers in the Earth can be stereotyped, while the Sprengköpfe can be found in Schaden.

The rockets were fired at the North Korean International Air Force Base in Pyongyang. North Korea reaches its maximum flight speed with 6248.5 kilometers and its flight time with 4052 seconds (or 67.5 minutes). Das entspricht et etwa den Angaben Südkoreas vom Vortag. Rücksicht on the security of Nachbarn habe man the rocket in the exact position gestartet, heißt es in den northkoreanischen Berichten. Die Rakete habe akkurat das Zielgebiet im koreanischen Ostmeer getroffen.

In the Japanese media, it is widely reported that Zweifeln is mentioned. The Rockets landed at Angaben in the Japanese Regiment about 150 kilometers from the West Bank of Hokkaido in Gewässern, while the windswept Nutzungsrechte flew over Japan. Local Fischer and its target in Tokyo are safe, while North Korea in the Japanese Gewässern Rockets are listed.


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