NI and Partner: A vehicle fleet for ADAS support – Assistance systems:

The test vehicles are equipped with the most advanced data storage data- and specification solutions from NI and Seagate Technology.

All companies with NI have a vehicle fleet in Europe, USA and China, and the Vehicle Resist systems in real Scenarios for testing. With the help of the test system, the vehicles that carry disabled vehicles in the range of data volumes, quality, precision and frequency are specified.

The test drives are supported by the built-in data storage data- and specification of NI and Seagate Technology supported and supported by ADAS Expert Konrad Technologies and VSI Labs with Integration Datasheets. This business unit is designed to provide a complete workflow through the Combined Technologies from the global ecosystem.

Security is essential:

The security of our automated bicycle is for the acceptance of the breakthrough of the large scale. Engineering tools can be used with the Bedarf or large databases to configure, with your Wahrnehmungsalgorithms and Hardware to train, test and then a validation system to record.

In these frames these projects are developed, developed and demonstrated by NI and its innovative Cooperation Partners Solutions for the Assumption of the Sensor in large size and quality. Also available effective data analysis on data transfer and direct data analysis for training, analysis and validation of algorithms in labor.

Optimize ADAS- and AD-Engineering-Workflow:

The Initiative is based on the well-established ZSammenarbeit affiliated with NI, Seagate Technology and Konrad Technologies on and conditioned on a new Cooperation with the US ADAS Forschungsunternehmen VSI Labs an. The VSI Labs will provide forensic services, including with the ADAS Terms of Use of vehicles that drive within the United States, and use the Datasheet in the ADAS and AD-Engineering workflows. Complete the data on the Straße to get the NI and Partner under the Weirentrentwicklung to support the Solutions, which from the Data Protection to Simulation and Digital Development with some Hardware-in-the-Loop Tests.

The data entry is complex:

»The recording of ADAS data is one of the most complex data circuits for ADAS- and AD-Behavior data from the sensor Sensor modalities (Camera, Radar, Lidar, Ultrashall, Infrared, IMUs / INS, GNSS memory and storage) werden müssen, um die Leistung von Sicherheitsfunktionen und -merkmalen zu trainieren u zu validenren «, with Drita Roggenbuck, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Transportation, bei NI. »Wir freuen us, mit andren zukunftsorientierten Unternehmen aus dem ADAS- and AD-Ökosystem zusammenzuarbeiten and so das Versprechen des autonomen Fahrens sicherer u schneller auf die Straße bringen zu können.«

»The strategic partnership with NI and Seagate enorme Möglichkeiten eröffnet, sich an diesem bedeutenden Projekt zu beteiligen«, sagte Melyssa Banda, Vice President of Lyve Mobile Solutions at Seagate Technology. »If you are ready to enter the Datasmengen, the Forschungsfahrzeuge together and the dazu beitragen, our ADAS-Lisungen with NI on the next Stufe to bring.

Synchrones Sammeln von Daten:

»The maintenance service is one of the largest applications for the integration of PXI switching systems. The synchronous data sets from the real scenarios of the master sensors and ADAS controllers in the vehicle are universal, and the application of the autonomous vehicle to the vehicle “, says Michael Konrad of Konrad Technologies. »This data can be verified for the Datenwiedergabe an ADAS-Steuergeräte vern, um Wahrnehmungsalgorithmen zu testen and die Gesamtleistung zu verbessern.«

»VSI must be sure about the Partnership with NI, in the ADAS Lessons to test and validate«, with Phil Magney, Grunder and President of VSI Labs. »Das Sammeln von Daten in den Sciedarien der Drive Series’s is for ADAS- and AD-Announcements from entscheidender Bedeutung, and there freunen uns schon darauf, loszulegen.«

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