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On April 29, he started the NFL Draft 2022 and marked Schritt for the Football Association. Welche Talente stehen hoch im Kurs? Und welche Teams picken zuerst? Alle Infos gibt’s hier.

Jedes Jahr ist n NFL-Draft eines der wichtigsten Events des Football-Jahres. In the case of the American-American Football League, the World Cup was joined by the United States-American Colleges – in the development of the Stars of the NFL in the United States.

Aber wie genau läuft der NFL Draft ab? Wanna find die Zeremonie 2022 statt? Are there any teams in the company that have the best job in the field? Sky hat all The information for the National Football League in the Übersicht.

NFL Draft 2022: Wann und wo findet Zeremonie statt?

The NFL Draft is traditionally based on the Tage und find 2022 off the beginning of the year, the 28th of April, the 30th of April (Ortszeit) statt. The aid was granted on the 87th day of April.

The World Cup of NFL Drafts 2022 is located at the Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada. In the case of the Austrian NFL Crafts of 2021 and 2023, 2020 of the NFL Draft 2020 were adopted in the context of the NFL Draft 2020.

Wo wird der NFL Draft 2022 übertragen?

The NFL Draft is based on the Swedish TV show and the West in the United States of America. ESPN, NBC und dem NFL Network overhaul. Also in Germany the NFL Draft is live on Free TV. However, these are also used in the form of an open-ended, in addition to the top-picks, also in the form of a talent ‘about the ladder’.

ProSieben Maxx to complete the rounding off am 29. April ab 2 Uhr morgens im TV. Auf can be drafted in the form of a live online live show.

NFL Draft 2022: Zeitplan und Termine

In the case of the NFL Draft 2022, the provisions of this Agreement were amended accordingly. Innerhies dieses Zeitraumes finden insgesamt 259 Selections (Wahlen) statt. The proposed measures are based on:

NFL Draft 2022: Zeitplan

Date Uhrzeit (MESZ) Draft-Round
Freitag, 29 April 2022 02:00 Uhr 1
Samstag, 30 April 2022 01:00 Uhr 2 and 3
Samstag, 30 April 2022 18:00 Uhr 4 bis 7

Picks, Trades & Co .: Wie läuft der NFL Draft 2022 ab?

In the first half of the 1936 NFL Draft, 30 pieces of the draft, which were drafted in the United States of America at the end of the year. In the first half of this year, the NFL Teams were considered to be ineligible. Picksthe College-Spieler is responsible for the implementation of the rules and regulations.

For this time, you will be able to use the Pick slow motion. However, the Teams in the draft rounds have been used for a few minutes, for which time the rounds have been removed and all of them have been used for a minute. The results of the proceedings were carried out by the team and the team was able to meet the requirements. I would like to know how to use it Trades you can use the Wunsch-Pick for the car.

NFL Draft 2022: In Welcher Reihenfolge pick the die Teams?

The picks of the picks are set on a table in the form of maximum fairness. So the team in the field of the team will be able to take off the pick and take a chance, and the football team will start. Der Superbowl-Sieger, in the name of Jahr die Los Angeles Rams, greift hingegen als letztes in den Draft ein.

In this case, the solution is obtained from the table in the form of the following: In addition, the draft form is used in the form of a manual and is used as a reference.

The Draft Proceedings for the Autumn 2022 process include:

Draft-Pick-Reihenfolge 2022: This is how Teams in the first round

Pick Team
1 Jacksonville Jaguars
2 Detroit Lions
3 Houston Texans
4 New York Jets
5 New York Giants
6 Carolina Panthers
7 New York Giants (trade with Chicago)
8 Atlanta Falcons
9 Seattle Seahawks (trade with Denver)
10 New York Jets (nach Trade with Seattle)
11 Washington Commanders
12 Minnesota Vikings
13 Houston Texans (trade with Cleveland)
14 Baltimore Ravens
15 Philadelphia Eagles (Trade with Miami)
16 New Orleans Saints (trade with Indianapolis)
17 LA Chargers
18 Philadelphia Eagles (trade with New Orleans)
19 New Orleans Saints (trade with Philadelphia)
20 Pittsburgh Steelers
21 New England Patriots
22 Green Bay Packers (trade with Las Vegas)
23 Arizona Cardinals
24 Dallas Cowboys
25 Buffalo Bills
26 Tennessee Titans
27 Tampa Bay Bucaneers
28 Green Bay Packers
29 Kansas City Chiefs (Trade with San Francisco)
30 Kansas City Chiefs
31 Cincinnati Bengals
32 Detroit Lions (trade with LA Rams)

Top Talents: Are you going to be a favorite in the NFL Draft 2022?

In the Draft System of the National Football League, I would like to log in to the Teams with these picks for the best College-Spieler and the great talent. In addition, the focus is on the focus of the Nachwuchs-Footballer on the other side of the Football Association in the field of the Football League in Germany and on the other hand.

In this case, the name of the company is Edge Rusher Aidan Hutchinson aus Michigan sowie Safety Kyle Hamilton (Notre Dame) the best Chancen auf den ersten Pick zugesprochen. Aber auch Kayvon ThibodeauxEdge Rusher from Oregon and Offensive Tackle Evan Neal from Alabama to Top Top Prospects for the NFL Draft 2022.

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