New Crown rules for casinos in Hanover and surroundings


The playhouses in Hanover and the surrounding area are located in the Crown-Pandemic area with the possibility of a breakdown. From time to time, the Corona Lockers are located just outside the limited area and must be mutated by mutants. Num steht Omikron als neue Mutation vor der Haustür und in Deutschland gibt es bundesweit neue Corona Regeln, die auch für die Spielcasinos vieder eine Umstellung bedeuten.

Corona restrictions in Hanover and surroundings

The Bundesland Niedersachsen has a dramatic attitude towards new infections and Use of the Omicron variant for new applications, new Corona locks on land level. Prime Minister Stephan Weil, of the SPD, told his burghers that the screws were very important, and that in the coming weeks and months were spent in the next waves of the pandemic.

  • Surface-proof 2G control for all events and single trade
  • Adjustment of the warheads to the limited management system
  • 7-day-in-progress marker for one of 35 (before 50)
  • Standby and mask fee for all (no withdrawal for 2G)
  • Enclosures also for young people from 12 years

The new Corona rules are in full swing, but the situation in the Kranken houses is not yet different, so that the Lower Saxony is currently in the line of the border of the White House. A further translation of the regulations is durchaus denkbar, wenn deutlicher wird, wie sich Omikron auf die Gesamtlage auswirkt.

Regulations and restrictions in the casinos in Hanover and surroundings

The Corona Rules in the Casino Region of Hanover are among the highest falling numbers. Thanks to the situation, the access to a game bank with 2G rules is regulated. The views, the genetics and the genesis of Zugang are still alive, while the incoming events also take place with a current test. In addition to any further translation of the location, the 2G-Plus control is still available for use.

Simply leave the background requirements and the masculine surplus again. The way of declaring these regulations is due to the latest circumstances. For the most popular players, there are more controls at the guest house and a good work and organization. Dennoch werden die Spielbanken sehr dankbar dafür sein, nicht noch einmal in einen totalen Lockdown zu gehen.

The best casinos in Hanover and surroundings

For the Hanover region, the casino offers new rules of comfort and a variety of transfers after Christmas as soon as possible. Many players are sensitive to the theme and enjoy it in the high-level, up-to-date play of the Spielbank. Dabei has the opportunity to learn a wonderful new bonus, so we Opens external link in new window10 Euro Bonus without single payment Casino, the game banks are not available in the program. The Casino Hannover and surroundings must be provided, but the normal number of visits is not possible in an optional manner.

The Hannover Spielbank is located in the Lower Saxony City of Niedersachsen and has the motto “Born To Entertain”. There are also natural 2G controls. Hannover Casino 5 live on play games. Four tables are Cash cards for Casino Hannover Poker. We also offer blackjack and roulette as well as classic games. From 16 to 2 o’clock you can play the table games. From 19 hours left Hannover Casino Poker and other attractions. The dress code offers smart casual wear. The Casino in Hannover costs lunch and 2 Euros in total. Players need to be 18 years old and can be selected.

Casino Bad Pyrmont

The Casino in Bad Pyrmont is located in the large Hannover area and is a relatively small and unshainable casino. For all guests, the general 2G controls are available. Play slot machines for availability, allergies, no table games. Poker, Roulette or Blackjack are possible, but you can also play specialized games at the Online Casino Hannover, you have to watch your games online. The slot machines can be played from 15 to 1 o’clock. The dress code is Casual Dressing and 1 Euro entry available. Players need to be free of charge and have a choice.

Casino Bad Oeynhausen

The Bad Oeynhausen is also located in the Hannover Groß. The Casino is also located in Bad Pyrmont or at the Casino Hannover. With 20 Live Tischen can be read free of charge. The 2G features are natural. The various poker options (Texas Hold’em, Omaha) are also available at Blackjack and Roulette for guests. From 15 to 2 o’clock the table games can be completed, from 12 o’clock the slot machines can be opened. Smart Casual clothing is available as a dress code. The entrance costs 5 Euro. If only the slot machines are available, can be reduced to one reduced unit of 1 Euro. The players must be 18 years old and must be selected at the same time.

The Wolfsburg Casino is located in the Großraum Hanover, north of Braunschweig in the Wolfsburg Autostadt. It is located in a small casino, which is located in Opens external link in new windowNiedersachsen also has the 2G regulations. In Wolfsburg there are free slot machines, table games are available for players. You need to find an online casino as an alternative. From 13 to 2 o’clock you can play the slot machines. The entrance to the Wolfsburg Casino costs 1 Euro. The players have to be 18 years old and can be read at the same time. Casual dressing is possible in Wolfsburg.


Trotz der Corona Einschrunkungen ist die Unterhaltung für Glücksspieler weiterhin možlich. Play the game in front of your office for your work, but you have to follow the new 2G rules. Players who do not have a choice or have a job, find out, can find a nice virtual playground on the Internet and find the right time to do so.


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