Neuzulassungen March 2022: Aufwärtstrend hält an

The German market in Germany has been positive for March, with a total of 241,330 cars. Hier machen sich stark die Produktionsengpässe bemerkbar.

Wie das Kraftfahrt Bundesamt (KBA) was not granted the contract in March 2022 241.330 Pkw neu zugelassen. For 20.4% of the vehicle is present in the formulation, 17.5% of which is present. Gleiches Bild bei den Gesamtneuzulassungen. The Board of Directors of the Kraftfahrt Bundesamt (KBA) for the year was 307,968 in the amount of 26.7% of the current year in February. It is possible to withdraw from Minus 15.7%.

These negligible factors are also described in the Minutes. Mit 625.954 Pkw nach drei Monaten dejd das Ergebnis um 4,6 Prozent unter dem Vorjahr. The total number of shares is 767,405 and the Minimum of 4.4 percent.


Polestar und Tesla mit d dicksten Plus

Of the KBA gelatins, the market is limited to 15 times the size of the sample. For the sake of operation, we also use the electric car manufacturer Tesla und Polestar. The compounds of the monolith are at the same time plus 147.5%, and the Americans are treated with 137.2%. We are also interested in the Renault-Billig-Dacia market. For Romania, the KBA is plus 77.7%. This is not the case for Honda, for which the number of vehicles is 71.6%. These markets are also available from MG Roewe, for which the manufacturer is required to use both the Polestar-Verkaufsniveau and the market for Lexus, Jaguar, Subaru or Alfa Romeo.

The license was issued to the Schatten. These include Land Rover (-36.8%), Jaguar (-28.8%), Nissan (-28.23%) and Smart (-28.1%). Gemischte 3-Monats-Bilanzen gibt es bei de deutschen Herstellern. Audi denied 4.2 Prozent im Plus, Ford 12.9 Prozent im Minus. These include Mercedes (-7.6%), Opel (-16.8%) and VW (-14.4%). Porsche noch with a value of 9.8 percent points.

This class is subject to a measure of 13.3% or more of the positive segment and 1.2% of the product. With 28.1 percent of the segments in the SUV segment, 6.3 percent of the compact segment, with a weight of 14.5 percent in the segment segment, 32.4 percent of the total. This measure is based on the fact that the product is minus minus 33.9%. The mobile phone is set at 20.0%. In the case of Rückgang pieces and in the case of Mini-Vans (-4.8%), the yield of 1.0% of the ringing material is reduced.

Alternative antirebe legen zu

We are connected to the electric car. In March, the KBA yielded 34,474 units and a plus of 14.5%. The Anteil der E-Autos an den Gesamtneuzulungen is prohibited to be used for 14.3% of the plug-in hybrid, and 27,288 Nuzulassungen 11.3 Prozent betrug. The plug-in hybrid 75,713 hybrids are used. With the addition of 34.9% of the compounds which are present in the gasoline, a mixture of the compounds of the formulation is added to 27.0%. The container is designed for diesel. The Pkw betrug deren Rückgang 30.1 Prozent, ihr Anteil an den Neuzulassungen liegt nur noch bei 18,7 Prozent. We are connected to the gas industry. For the purposes of this Regulation, the United States has a turnover of 1,745 and a percentage of 0,7%. For a market value of 0.1%, the yield of the model in March 156 was reduced to 72.7%.

Details of the findings of March 2022:

  • Anteil Benziner: 34.9% (-27.9%)
  • Anteil Diesel: 18.7% (-30.1%)
  • CO2 emissions: 119.3 g / km WLTP (-5.5%)

Gebrauchtwagenmarkt stürzt ab

Im Gebrauchtwagenmarkt dating on the other side of the car park in Anging. Entsprechend fällt die Balanz hier negativ aus. In March, a total of 533,934 Pkw den Besitzer und damit 20.6 percent of the product was added to Jahr. For the purposes of this Regulation, KBA 646,889 halterwechsel und damit 19.3 Percent weniger als im Vorjahr. The soluble kennel can be used only if it is not treated. At 1,472,042, Pkw was excluded from the Minutes of 7.0%. In all cases, 1,723,738 units were used, which was less than 7.0%.


Yes, auf Jeden Fall!

Nein, auf keinen Fall!

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However, the application to the German market is absolutely necessary for the purposes of this Regulation. Wirklich fett zulegen können fast nur Hersteller von Elektroautos. The motor vehicle market is connected to the country of origin.


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