Nature, fine dining, wine and culture in the surroundings of Sapporo

Sapporo is the largest city and natural heritage point of Hokkaido Prefecture. Find out what the best Japanese prefectures need to find in the city in the city.

The city of New Chitose is close to the airport, which is a car park or south of the city. This is charming and modern, but in the last place the environment is also up to you.

The land of Sapporo

Allen voran steht naturlich die Stadt Niseko für diesen Trend. There is a ruined, landed city, which is based on international ruins, the southern pulverium is located in a glamorous and modern ski resort.

Tatsächlich hat die rasante Entwicklung von Niseko seit den frühen 2000er-Jahren dazu gujürt, dass die Unterkünfte in der Region na a Niveau gestiegen sind, das mit denten der weltbesten Winterdestinationen wie Aspen, Whistler und Courchevel konkurriert.

Just like this time a new hotel, restaurants and bars in the holiday town are available. The region in Sapporo offers more attractions than just Niseko and this article can also be found in some other places – all light Sapporo or airports can be found.

This round trip offers spectacular nature, fine dining experiences, a tour of the local wine cellar, as well as cultural heritage and brings you from Shikotsu-See to Berg Yotei, stays in the direction of the famous Niseko and the historical world. fahrt.

Shikotsu-See and Fukidashi-Park

Only 25 minutes from New Chitose Airport you will find some friendly friends. Image: Hokkaido Tourism Association

Shikotsu-See is a painterly lake, just 25 minutes from New Chitose Airport. Daher is the perfect guide to the nature of Hokkaido. The Shikotsu-See is a Caldera-See, the spectacle of its spectacular Berglandschand and its unglaubichhe hohe Wasserklarheit bekannt ist.

The landscape and the many small hikes and activities on the lake also include many onslaught and a comprehensive selection of Gourmet options. Eins davon ist die Lakeside Villa Suimeikaku, in which the famous Azzuro Restaurant is located.

This restaurant, the Michelin-Führer 2017 with a Pib Gourmand selected, is printed in a modern Italian interpretation of fresh, local and seasonal dishes – a mantra, the kitchen chef up to the last detail.

The list card is well-kept and well-groomed, while the fish in this morning was opened or cooked freshly.

The bones on the map can be seen by the view, but their essence is also with the panoramic view of the view.

Nachdem wir den Charme des Shikotsu-Sees genossen haben, fahren wir nach Westen in Richtung Niseko, aber nicht ohne einen kurzen Halt einzulegen.

Fukidashi Park
Fukidashi-Park Image: Hokkaido Tourism Association.

The journey from Shikotsu to Niseko is dominated by a beautiful nature landscape and is still a long way to go. Fukidashi Park is located on the foot of the mountain, and a fascinating natural phenomenon is preserved. Here you can see the rain and the snow, which on the nearby hill fell, on a steep stream of natural water with a total of up to 80,000 tons per day.

It has a well-kept end to the water, which is very fresh.

Das Neue Niseko

The Somoza
The Somoza. Image: Hokkaido Tourism Association

If you follow the main road to the west, follow them to Niseko. This city is the landmark in Hokkaido, and in the last year the most famous places are located.

Wie zu Anfang this article is well-known, Niseko has an interesting waiting time, that the opening of a series of new interesting places has led.

One of the well-maintained Park Hyatt, 2020 is close to Niseko Hanazono Resorts. The last one is definitely worth it, as it is a central starting point for activities around Niseko gilt, equal to every year.

The Niseko Annupuri Mountains are located north-east and is a green summer season with an outdoor pool for outdoor activities. In the winter you can also enjoy the Pulverschnee of the region Ski skiing and snowboarding.

A few other places can be found in SOMOZA, a hybrid room in a traditional Japanese house, which is located in the forest of Niseko.

The project is located in the local area of ​​Entwickler Shouya Grigg and has a café and a gallery in a spacious, new, 150-year-old house from Tochigi Prefecture.

The Café mit Blick auf den Wald is also home to an Italian-style breakfast and coffee shop with excellent regional and seasonal dishes. The gallery offers curatorial ceramics and antiques.

Rakuichi Room
Rakuichi Room. Image: Hokkaido Tourism Association.

A great day for a great time is Rakuichi Soba, a great base, a few days ago.

Anthony Bourdain is one of the best rooms and restaurants in the country, but he also loves the fruits of the sorrowful noodles of the besieged Tatsuru Rai.

It starts with 100 percent local bookkeeping, includes water and format of its own with its own area. Endergebnis is one of the tastiest versions of the cult Japanese noodles, the part of which is a Kaiseki course served. Everything is served with love for detail, and the taste of the dishes is best served. In Tat is Rakuichis Kaiseki-Kurs a print out of time, nature and nature and an absolute mousse, they are in the other side.

Wine and history in the cities of Yoichi, Niki and Otaru

Niki Hills
Niki Hills. Image: Hokkaido Tourism Association

Nachdem wir in Niseko ein wenig das High Life kosten kontenten, machen wir us nun auf, einen der bemerkenswertesten Trends der lezten Zeit in Hokkaido zu erkunden: die Weinherstellung.

Niki is located north of Niseko and is a small town, which is a very interesting place in the existential vineyards of the prefecture.

The suitable Niki Hills lodge is located on a small hill in the city and is a popular vineyard with a large area. In the vineyards and wine facilities there is a restaurant, accommodation also has a beautiful garden, in which the flowers in the full flower can be enjoyed (when you come to the summer!).

Neben der Möglichkeit, Wein vor Ort zu verkosten, zum Beispiel in Verbindung mit einem französischen Mittag- oder Abendessen, köntnt ihr auch auf Reservation baierene Weinguttouren od Naturtrekking genießen.

Yoichi Winery
Yoichi Winery. Image: Hokkaido Tourism Association.

The well-known Yoichi is rich in the most famous place for wine in Hokkaido, with more than a dozen local wine bars, a large number of products and products.

The 1974 Yoichi Winery was founded as a pioneer in the city and is responsible for the development of Hokkaido. Neben einem Besuch des Weinguts selbst köntnt ihr auch in der hauseigenen Vinothek sovie im Café und in der Bäckerei einkehren. Here you can enjoy Hamburger with Hokkaido-Rindfleisch and Steinofenpizza. For this light is also known to Softeis, that with the hauseigenen Trauben des Weinguts chosen.

After all, the bone trial of the local wine has been a great opportunity to have a lot of lust on a cultural activity. Dafür seid ihr im nahegelegenen Otaru Kihinkan gut aufgehoben.

It is located on the northern side of the city of Otaru and is a piece of city history. Otaru Kihinkan is the former palace of the Aoyama family, which is rich in the heritage of Otarus in the Meiji- and Taisho-Ära verdiente and is a national culture registered.

In the hauseigenen restaurant you can enjoy fresh seafood and other seasonal dishes from the region, while your worldly garden is overlooked, the beautiful beaches are beautiful, and the many flowers are beautiful.

We have a well-maintained, well-maintained region around the Hokkaido main city of Sapporo.

When you are at the New Chitose Airport, you will be able to visit the Hokkaido time in the main town, recommend it, and you will be able to take a short trip to the same highlights.

More information about Hokkaido Prefecture can be found on the official website.

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