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Press release from 05.01.2022

The infantry of the Corona Pandemic is 2021 only possible, nature and environmental education of schools and kindergartens can be supported. Also beautiful, in the autumn of 2021 a forest project of the 3d class of the Joseph-Kehrein-school Montabaur is through.

Beim Lernen im Wald hatten die Kinder der 3d viel Freude. (Photo: Ute Klapthor / Nabu)

Montabaur. Free of charge are the students of the 3D of the Joseph-Kehrein-Montabaur School, as well as Ute Klapthor, Educational Expert of the Nature Protection Fund (Nabu) Ortsgruppe Montabaur and surroundings, you can see. Begleitet wurde sie von Fagus, dem Buchenwichtel, der den Kindern in kurzen Geschichten von seinen Sorgen um die Wälder am Köppel berichtete. Besten by their class teacher Lydia B. Ketzer prefers, the children are very interested.

From the holdings of the Holler Nature Protection Center, there are also forestry, eichhörnchen- and kleiberpréparate in the classroom and animate the children, which are intensive with the life of this animal, their livestock and the foliage of the forest.
In the following week stand the education of a forest. The famous Stadtwald am Biebrichsbach is well known for its long years and Borkenkäfer.

Before the Christmas holidays, the 3d class of the Joseph-Kehrein-Schule Montabaur is located together with the biologist Ute Klapthor vom Nabu and the class teacher Lydia B. Ketzer on a Waldex excursion at Biebrichsbach. Dort konntten die Drittklässler gesunden i geschadigten Wald miteinander vergleichen sowie die Spuren des Borkenkäfers und die Zusammenhänge seines Wirkens mit dem Klimawandel besser versterhen. In addition to the ideas of the pioneer plants on Kahlflächen, the new horror picture can be found. The Stockworks of Waldes, while the students in the history of history are well-known in the theory, are always in nature to be paid.

As a forest ranger, children are intensified, as well as Ute Klapthor, with their research on compost and forest floor tests. You have experienced the “recycling” in the forest and the question of the question on the ground, was with the “fall” in the forest. As children, the children of Blattabbau and the humus building from the autumn harvest are protected. Equipped with shovels, pliers and tweezers, there are many small woodpeckers in their trials, such as Würmer, Käfer, Schnecken, Asseln and Pilze, and the contents are very good, as well as important work, if possible. .

Between the concentrated Forschen sorts of forest games for navigation and rescue of students. Beim Rückweg uses the group playground at Quendelberg.

A positive attitude towards life and their environment is the most important basis for nature and environmental education in children, the most important of which is important. Interesting Walderlifts are a real opportunity, at the same time the children are at ease, close to the assemblies in the ecosystems. The self-regulation through the aftermath of trees and huts on the territory of the deforested forest is also a beautiful example of the self-healing power of nature.

The students of the Waldabfalls (Herbstlaub) recognize the students, but the nature of energy and resources is not uncommon. You can enjoy a wonderful range of treats from Wertstoffen, from many animals, pillows, bacteria and the trees. After all, the natural disaster, the natural cross-country race, is not so well known, it is common and in the Hausmüll collection. (PM)

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