Nati-Coach Murat Yakin on his family, Qatar and women’s football

It is popular, it is popular and it is popular. In August 2021, Murat Yakin (47) was nominated for Schweizer Nati and his money was transferred to WM in Qatar. Yakin deals with Offenheit, Charme and Lockerheit. “It’s my fault, I’s not in the Gefühl habe, but you should not be able to buy it”, says Frauen-Sportmagazin “Sportlerin”. And it’s too much for Hype to have one person fall. “Even though Glück, Italy has not been able to qualify for the WM Qualification as an Elfmeter, they have not been able to qualify directly for the World Cup qualification.”

These souls and goddesses, all of which Basler also has in the world here – with her Frau and with all of Töchtern (now and then Jahre alt). «Ich bin ein riesengrosser Familienmensch», sagt er, gibt aber auch zu, dass es zuhause nicht immer nur einfach ist. Yakin: «Ich bin ein Mann, ich bin Sportler, ich bin sehr direkt. With all the women in the house house, I’ll have a lot of fun, just look back. My wife w esgen es, wenn man schöne Worte wählt. »

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