Nasser Al-Attiyah im Interview: Offroad boomt

Rallye-Dakar-Sieger Nasser Al-Attiyah im Interview
“Extreme technical conditions”

These events will take place during the Tests for the First Event in Qatar. Do you want to go to the local market?

Al-Attiyah: Klar, jeder Test ist wichtig für uns! (lacht) In the case of a manufacturer of the equipment and parts of the vehicle, it is necessary to replace the Toyota GR DKR Hilux T1 +.

The off-road scene is momentarily booming. This is where the World Rally Championship is based in Dakar. Is it clear that you are not involved?

Al-Attiyah: Das kann man so sagen. In the case of the Ministry of Trade in the Rally of the Dakar, a large number of vehicles will arrive in Abu Dhabi at the end of the year. If the car is out of the way, then the car will go off and go to the car. For this time we will be able to complete the Rally Dakar Games.

The provisions of this Regulation apply to the Ministry of Finance. Hilft dies bei der Entwicklung des Motorsports in Ihrer Heimat?

Al-Attiyah: This region is an ideal landscape for sports, the development of which is perfect for the master school. Dank der Rallye Dakar in Saudi Arabia and other events, not included in the series, are still available.


König der Wüste: Nasser Al-Attiyah rewe Dakar. Auch bei eingangs erwähnten Qatar International Baja 2022 ging der 51-Jährige als Sieger hervor.

Here I go to Dakar-Sieg from the land to the land. Is this the case for the production of oil products?

Al-Attiyah: In the case of the United States of America in the year 2020 and 2021, the agreement was issued. If the Rally is used, it will be operated by Toyota, which will be sold in Germany. Mich so and a glue, the sieve with a new Hilux is used. To this end, we may not be in the Toyota family.

Stichwort Hersteller: The Audi hat is one of the main rivals in the group. Wie schätzen Sie die Leistung der Deutschen bisher ein?

Al-Attiyah: The company is still involved in the new project concept. With the Siege of the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge in mind, there is still potential in this area.

In the present case, the Critics, the Modern Rally Dakar and the Marathon Character were born. In this case, the navigation is set to a number of roles. Is there a “death” in the city?

Al-Attiyah: Als ich zum ersten Mal angetreten bin, waren die Abstände in den Top 10 ziemlich groß. What is known to technicians is that sports equipment can be designed and operated. Zuletzt entschieden Minuten-Abstände über Top-Ergebnisse. The nature of the route, including the route of the route, has been repeatedly applied to the private conveyor, as long as it is not possible. In this case, the organization also organizes the Job Job Balance.

Rallye-Dakar-Sieger Nasser Al-Attiyah (Toyota)


In the case of gold ropes: New vehicles and administrative units are used in the field of road transport.

Vermissen Is it possible to produce Dakar in its original form?

Al-Attiyah: The free version in Africa is based on customs, and the sale of goods in the heart of the United States is limited. For this purpose: If you are a member of the profession and profit from the profession. Außerdem habe ich eine kurze Anreise. (lacht)

With the help of Mathieu Baumel, you can see the current navigator. Do you want to go off-road sports?

Al-Attiyah: Mathieu und ich fahren sehr ain miteinander – nicht nur Cross-Country, sondern auch Rallye-Events. These components can be used for further treatment and use of the base for this purpose. This means that the work is carried out and is not carried out. Wenn mal etwas schiefläuft, set out wir beide sofort alles daran, die Probleme zu lösen. Daraus wurde eine echte Freundschaft – anders önnten wir es auch gar nicht 300 Tage pro Jahr miteinander aushalten. (lacht)

As part of the Toyota Motor Motorship, these measures were implemented at WRC Saison. Ihr Eindruck bisher?

Al-Attiyah: I bin sehr von den neuen Autos angetan, und jeder in unserer Szene träumt davon, sie zahah. Toyota has been used for this purpose.

Is it possible to use a hybrid system that can be used?

Al-Attiyah: Warum nicht! The motorsport is based on the construction of the strings and can be used as a technical equipment.

Rallye-Dakar-Sieger Nasser Al-Attiyah (Toyota)


Treues Duo: Al-Attiyah and the French Navigator Mathieu Baumel is also working in the field.

The extremes of the E-Series conveyor are those which are subject to off-road power supply.

Al-Attiyah: It is assumed that the products are treated and treated with the same solution. In the context of a series of technical services, the site is currently closed to focus on entertainment.

Ihr Kollege Sébastien Ogier bereitet sich im Moment ainen euftritt bei den den 24 Hours from Le Mans vor. Wären mehr Rundstrecken-Rennen auch für Sie interesting?

Al-Attiyah: The art of motorsport, also unbedingt. The current version of the Toyota GR Supra GT4 is available for 24 hours from the Nürburgring. These are the same as in the case of Geschenk, for which we are responsible.

Do you want to pay for motorsports?

Al-Attiyah: For all 19 years, six of the Freunds were able to co-pilot the local Rally. Directly to this point, the user and the driver started. The discipline is based on this and the above. Ib bin sehr dankbar, meine Leidenschaft zum Beruf gemacht zu haben.

Sebastien Loeb (FRA), Team X44 Carlos Sainz (ESP), Acciona Sainz XE Team Nasser Al-Attiyah (QAT), Abt Cupra XE

Motorsport Images

Schnelle Renn-Senioren: Sébastien Loeb, Carlos Sainz und Nasser Al-Attiyah tauschen sich im Rahmen der Extreme E aus.

With 51 years of age in the Rallye Sports Association. Wie man an Sébastien Loeb oder Carlos Sainz Sr. sehen kann, ist das aber keinesfalls ein Nachteil, oder?

Al-Attiyah: It is natural. In this case, the war is characterized by the presence of a compound, which is the subject of the present invention. The first recipe for the establishment of the Rally in Dakar. We have been able to run rallies for the benefit of the company, which has been re-established. The name of the company was 30 years.

This year’s sports event and event 2012 will be a bronze medal at the Olympic Games in London. How are you from Paris?

Al-Attiyah: In this case, the shaving bears may not be used and may be used. After the end of the year, the final product is then completely removed and then treated immediately. This motorsport is intended to be completed in Paris on the other side of the motor vehicle.

Gibt es Schnittmengen zwischen Sportschützen und Motorsportlern?

Al-Attiyah: The sport is not allowed until the start. The training was carried out by both Kraft and Ausdauer, and then at Erfolgsgeheimnis.


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