Narrenzunft Sigmarswangen: Hoffen on a normal Fasnet 2023 – Sulz & Umgebung

Freuen sich auf die kommende Fasnet: hintere Reihe, von links Timo Bossenmaier (Vorsitzendenteam), Sonja Fischer (Beisitzerin), Martin Kühne (Zweiter Vorsitzender), Selina Staiger (Kassiererin), vorne von links Colien Steinwand (Gruppendendühre) Hezel (purchased after 14 years of departure). Photo: Narrenzunft Siegmarswangen

The narcissist sigmarswangen blickt auf eine something else fasne back. Through the great commitment of the military leader to the Crown, the day is just as possible as the Fasnetsgruß of the seniors.

Sulz-Sigmarswangen – The Orange Sigmarswangen has 119 active and 51 passive members. The narrenkleidern is 94 mofänger, sechs altmonde, 63 stoagwaldmale und der bauer als einzelfigur notiert. With a number of beds and 14 guardrails there are 185 fastened clothes. Timo Bossenmaier, as the interpreter of the previous issue, supports the collection and celebration of Fasnetssaison 2021/22.

Wegen der Corona-Pandemie konnte 2021/22 wieder keine normale Fasnet stattfinden. Allergizing that the narcissist is not afraid of them, and Sandra Kühne and Daniela Horn write about the fascinating activities of the editorial staff: to start the annual anniversary.

Spectacle on Youtube

On Youtube, the content of the spectacle can be found. A mobile team is at the forefront of the Mask-Abstauben and Verneilen ranges. The narcissist Sigmarswanger is at the Dreikönig with a video translation of the pictures of the famous faszumzüge vertreten and auch im Ort gab es Feste, which the reporter Marcel Baiker visited.

The small stones in the children’s garden have a beautiful pasture in the Kindergarten. After all, the famous Sigmarswanger Mitbürgern has been judged and organized in a small, fascinating way. Erstmalig gab es den Sigmarswanger Narren-Büttel zur adverb, mit vielen wichtigen Informacieus iz dem Dorfgeschehen. On the evening of the Muscovite party, the Rathaus-Sturm des Narrenzuges is located. Ortsvorsteherin Sabine Breil you don’t want to, you don’t want to go, but you have a lot of mobs and stocks at your office.

Am Fasnetssonntagmorgen comes from Geschell der Narren den Tag and also die Gemüter der frisch wach gewordenen Bürger. The orange grove is supported by the bürgerstüble at an Essen-Abhol-Aktion. Rectt time for the Rose Montage to be included in the video broadcasts. The Fasnetsdienstag is also available to others: Musikverein and Narren can be found at the Bürgerstüble, which is also a great place to visit. It is a vineyard and a beautiful nightingale.

Sandra Hezel is married

The report of the cashier Sonja Fischer was positive, the report of the cashier was received. The entrances by Ralph Voßler are still not in the way.

Timo Bossenmaier married Sandra Hezel after 14 years as an ex-officio member and thanks for their engagement. You will be the year of the scribe and the three years of writing for the people. As a view of the views on the all-round Grillfest, this term is still available. On November 11, we will be back to the Kleidles-TÜV. Also available for the Fasnet season 2022/23.

Ehrungen für langjährige Vereinsmitgliedschaft gab es außerdem. For 20 years of active membership, Beate Bachmann, Gerhard Fink, Reiner Hartmann, Nadine Kaufmann, Timo Kühne, Stefanie Link, Bernd Schlotterbeck and Bernd Walter are guided. This year is Katja Alf, Carina Bachmann, Kathrin Bachmann, Martin Bahnholzer, Simone Breil, Sonja Fischer, Sina Grathwol, Stefanie Hölle, Vanessa Leucht, Carina Link, and Andreas Milz dabei. Sabine Roth supports the association for 20 years passive.

At the time of the election, Martin Kühne, as a member of the Zweiter Vensitzender, was appointed, but the cashier is Selina Staiger. Colien Steinwand is a member of the Guards / Showtanz and Sonja Fischer.


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