Nachwuchs-Krise im deutschen Formel-Sport: Ohne Moos nichts los

Munich – Germany is a member of Formula 1-Nation.

As a result, 28 representatives of the German authorities. Keine and Nation stellte diesem Zeitraum so oft den Champion.

The first step was performed by Sebastian Vettel and Mick Schumacher, who were active in Formula 1.

Doch die groage Frage ferries: Did you know?

In the case of Classes in the class, the direction of F1 is not comparable. In the case of Saison with David Schumacher (Formula 3) and David Beckmann, Lirim Zendel (in Formula 2) of the Fahrer in the Nachwuchs series was found to be complete with the dextration.

Hat Deutschland also ein Nachwuchs-Problem?

Ralf Schumacher is a member of the Swedish Association for Motor Sports

“In the case of motor vehicles in the field of motorsport, the general public”, said Ralf Schumacher on the basis ran. These are not covered by the German law.

In the case of the present invention, the Austrian Oscar Piastri states: ” We also have the right to use the automatic system.

“In this case, Formula 1 is used and is known to be present. This is due to a problem. The results are shown,” said Schumacher.

Timo Glock, after the preparation of 130 Formula 1 compounds, was selected as such. “It is common to enter into talents in the field of motorsport. As a problem, it is not possible to enter into a partnership in the field of motorsport,” said that: In the case of Formula 3 and Formula 2, the financial contribution shall not exceed. “

Glock recalls that: “In the beginning of the sport in this field, the results in Formula 1 will only be reduced to EUR 1 million.” The free competition in motorsport is very intense: “As the name of Sebastian Vettel and in the form of formula 1, the war is not very extreme.

Stroll & Co .: Formula 1 is used in the form of Söhne

In addition, the composition of the Millionaire or Multi-Millionaire in the Formula 1 gel may be used. Lance Stroll and Nicholas Latifi are some of the best talent in the country.

Is it also known that the normal type of trauma from the Formula 1 is complete? “This is not the case”, according to Formula E-Formula and Pascal Wehrlein.

“The result is that the talent and professional talent are employed by the company. This is an extraordinary financial event. It is possible for a cartel driver to play a role. ergänzt der 27-Jährige.

The program is based on the opportunity. “In the case of a Glacier, a Partner and a Partner may be required to do so. die Speed ​​Academy. Auch dort werden junge Talente unterstützt. “

Ralf Schumacher for the Jugendteams

Gleichwohl herrscht laut Schumacher noch ain Optimierungsbedarf: “Ich finde, dass die di Formula 1 und der Veranstalter, also Liberty Media and FIA, in der Verantwortung stehen, Jugendteams scholikw und so that the Gemsinschaft is so financed. on the other hand, the talent is the subject of the contract. “

Möglicherweise may be used for the production of mixed meals.

Oliver Jensen

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