Nachfolger des Financial Fair Play: Neue Regeln für den Wilden Westen – Sport

I have been discussing the Financial Fair Play (FFP) in the wake of the war. Is it the case for the Corona Pandemic Survey? Do you want to pay a ticket to the International Sportgerichtshof Cas Manchester City free of charge? The Club, which is a member of the European Communities, shall be replaced by the European Union. Oder hat ber bertete Regel, wonach man als Klub grob gesagt nicht mehr Geld ausgeben darf alman man einnimmt, in Wirklichkeit nie funktioniert?

I am looking for a principle in the world. In this case, FFP is described as a paper tiger, which can be used as a whole and is not used. Siehe Manchester City. For example: the name of the scheme is set to the rule. These are included in the “Tempo 50” -Schild and less than 70 feet are immersed in the sink, and the sink is then shaken for 100 hours.

The Financial Fair Play has been approved by the Executive Committee of the Financial Regulation in accordance with the Financial Sustainability Regulations; the financial statements, including the Financial Fair Play 2, in the case of the Financial Regulation (FFP2). In the case of the present invention, the Wildfire is designated as such.

The establishment of a club under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture

These regulations were implemented in June 2022 and implemented in Germany. For the purposes of point 20 of this Regulation shall not exceed 70 years from the date of entry into force of this Club in the Member States, transfers and transfers of funds. Bisher is also listed in Theorie 100 percent of the article, which is read in conjunction with the present invention (90-80-70 percent).

On the other hand, a total of EUR 60 million has been allocated to the Community, with a total of EUR 30 million. The deficit can be set at 90 million for clubs with “financial support”. The formulation is defined as a field and a sports field. Denkbar wären Transferverbote, Punktabzüge oder Abstiege and einen tieferen eurotarischen Wettbewerb, also von der Champions League in the Europa League, doch die Uefa präzisiert den Punkt noch nicht. The approval of the Clubs is subject to the conditions laid down by the National Audit Office, which is a member of the Financial Supervisory Authority.

As far as the case is concerned, this is a relative and absolute measure. It is considered that, in the case of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Federal Republic of Germany should be considered as such. The existence of sports clubs in the context of the Geldstraken Manche Klubs has been implemented.

The ECS Association of the Football Association of the European Communities

In this context, the system is described as having the meaning of the definition of “Einnahmen” lautet. The city of Abu Dhabi is located in the city of Abu Dhabi and is a state-owned subsidiary of the United Kingdom.

“In the present proceedings, there is still an unforeseen interest in the activities of the European Club Association (ECA).” The ECA is therefore a member of the Football Association, and is therefore authorized to do so.

ECA-Venditzender from Nasser Al-Khelaifi, President from Paris Saint-Germain, from Stellvertreter ist Kahn. PSG, al Qatar alimentiert, has been granted interest in the interests of the Finanzgericht. However, the Bayern-Boss may continue to be involved in the operation of the area, since the establishment of an oil-free plant, which has been the subject of a common financial regulation. Two parts of the polish can be used.

These are also described below as having been added. Kahn nannte die neuen Regeln “einen Meilenstein”, Fernando Carro von Bayer Leverkusen sprach von einem Kompromiss, mit dem die Bundesliga leben könne. Al-Khelaifi has been a member of the “Investment Committee”, and Uefa-Präsident Alexander Ceferin has been the subject of a “State of the Union”.


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