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  • Sky overhaul of the complete ride from Melbourne to the first freelance Training for the final Press conference on the exclusive use of Sky Sport F1
  • For Sky Sport F1 am Wochenende im Einsatz: Sky Experte Ralf Schumacher and Moderator Peter Hardenacke for Ort, Sascha Roos commented on the soundtrack with Sky Experte Timo Glock
  • Complete Rennwochenende auch in UHD HDR
  • For individual Renners: The innovative features for Sky Q are available on-board cameras, “Data Channel”, “Driver Tracker”, “Was it possible?”
  • The addition of Formula 1® to Sky Sport News and digital on is available on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • In-Race Videos for the spectacular Rennmomenten a und in der Sky Sport App
  • Eine neue Ausgabe des Podcasts “Backstage Boxengasse” seit gestern verfügbar
  • The Australian Grand Prix is ​​live with Sky Q or Sky Ticket
  • All information on Formula 1® for Sky is available at

Unterföhring, 06. April 2022 – The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland entered into the territory of the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Jene Zeit habeen australia Veranstalter genutzt, and the Albert Park Street Circuit was renovated and modernized. The curve and the box are verified, and the carriage is fitted and the towing is carried out in the form of Formula 1. Gute Voraussetzungen also for the manned sales tax.

Nach dem Stadtkurs-Rennen in Dschidda, dass Max Verstappen in den hochspannenden Schlussrunden gegen Charles Leclerc and his teammate Carlos Sainz have been involved in the development of the company, and have been involved in motorsports in Melbourne for two years.

In the case of Australia, which is not present in the Albert Park, it is possible for Sebastian Vettel to end up in the same part of the Rennen as the corona infection. I am still working for a team of Wittmasters with the team Aston Martin, for which the company is currently operating in the same way as the main wall, for which the performance of Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes is not very good.

The sky is a great place to go and live in Great Britain live and exclusive. Vom 1. Freien Training bis zur letzten Pressekonferenzön die motorsportfreunde alles a dem dem Non-Stop Motorsportsender Sky Sport F1 verfolgen sowie Sky Q Kunden zusätzlich in UHD HDR a Sky Sport UHD.

Sky Experts Ralf Schumacher and Peter Hardenacke for Ort – Sascha Roos and Sky Experts Timo Glock comments

From Melbourne, Sky Experte Ralf Schumacher and Moderator Peter Hardenacke to Sky Zuschauer. Sascha Roos commented on the complete Formula 1 show on Sky live, with the help of Sky Experts Timo Glock. The analysis of Leo Lackner is based on the results of a live data analysis.

The Formula 1® for Sky Q: Only one or more of the UHD

The manufacturer is required to carry the Sky Q and Sky Go in the form of the Formula 1 and the Motorsports brand, but will pass. What are the innovative features of the 20 On-Board Cameras all that the “Data Channel” and the “Driver Tracker” are called “Were it safe?” You can go to Sky Highlights with all the sessions and the best classic games with Sky Q.

High quality and high quality ultra-high HDR image quality and high performance. The sky is exposed to live hours in the UHD and the complete set of the UHD image quality.

Abseits of Live-Rennen: Previews, Highlights, Analysis and Interviews Non-Stop from Melbourne for Sky Sport F1 and Sky Sport News

The Rennwochenende wed eingeläutet mit der Preview-Show “Warm-up – das Motorsport Spezial”. Sandra Baumgartner arrived at the Donnerstag at 4.30 pm and was interviewed with the participants in the formulation of the Formula 1 Teams.

The Analyze Show at Montag at 1 p.m. The moderator Noah Bottle is currently included in the analysis of Formula 1 and analyzed.

Attractive Sky Angebote for all Motorsports

Sky Sport F1 is available with a Sky subscription in the Sports Package for 20.00 Euro per year, which is available in classic TV or with Sky Go. For 5 Euros per year we have the right to use high quality and high quality UHD HDR quality.

The Formula 1® Fan can also be used to install a flexible Streaming Sky Ticket. These are described as having the right effect. The formulation of the Formula 1® Saison stream is based on the live sports sport of the Inclusive Football Association and the Premier League and the event.

If you are interested in Sky Supersport Monatsticket für 29,99 Euro per Monat bietet Sky allen Fans auch das Sky Supersport Jahresticket. With the aid of the compound, a total of 24,99 Euro per day of the formula is used live.

Send to the Great Britain Live for Sky Sport F1 and Sky Sport UHD:

Donnerstag, 7.4:

16.30 Uhr: “Warm Up – Motorsport Special” on Sky Sport News

Freitag, 8.4 .:

04:45 – 06:30 Uhr: Formula 1 – 1. Freies Training

07:45 – 09:30 Uhr: Formula 1 – 2. Freies Training

09:30 – 10:30 Uhr: Formula 1 – Press Conference Fahrer

Samstag, 9.4 .:

04:45 – 06:30 Uhr: Formula 1 – 3. Freies Training

06:30 – 07:30 Uhr: Formula 1 – Press Conference Teamchefs

07:30 – 09:30 Uhr: Formula 1 – Qualifying

09:30 – 10:00 Uhr: Formula 1 – Press Conference Qualifying

Sonntag, 10.4 .:

05:30 – 06:55 Uhr: Formula 1 – Vorberichte

06:55 – 08:45 Uhr: Formula 1 – Rennen

08:45 – 09:30 Uhr: Formula 1 – Analyzes & Interviews

09:30 – 10:00 Uhr: Formula 1 – Press Conference Rennen

10:00 – 10:30 Uhr: Formula 1 – Ted’s Notebook: Australien

Montag, 11.4 .:

13.00 – 13.30 Uhr: Analyze-Show on Sky Sport News

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