Musikverein Egenhausen: member number trotz Corona stable – Altensteig & Umgebung

The Musikverein Egenhausen are long-term members: Luisa Wüthrich (from the links), Tatjana Schleh, Linda Rothfuß, Horst Beck, Thomas Walz, Joachim Kaupp, Klaus Ehrl, Heidrun Brakopp, Bernd Mast, Milena Kalmbach, Jens Hammer Photo: Musikverein Egenhausen

After the two-year-old, pandemic Zwangspause, the Egenhausen Music Association will be able to return to a general meeting. The beaches at the Sportheim are well stocked, as well as the collection and delivery of the most popular food.

Egenhausen – The precautionary reports for the requested years are always available, must be included in all concerts and events. Lediglich für das Jahr 2019 konnte noch mal rückblickend positiv balanziert werden. Small conversations are included at the Gothic Service and Hochzeiten. You will always be able to enjoy the music and musical atmosphere in the community, as the mayor Sven Holder notes. In addition to the area of ​​events, the report also comes out. The over-the-counter and popular Christmas Eve Festival in 2019 will be open to the public for a short time, and Bernd Mast, as well as 2023, will be able to meet again in 2023.

Shares feed Einbussen ab

The results of this financial year are limited, and various shares are recommended. In addition to the sale of self-proclaimed mundane seeds and the annual scrapbook collection, there are new sales of fresh Zwiebel and Schmotzberd from the backhouse in October, and a new event has been established. Through the events of these events, as well as savings in other countries, the Bernd Mast at the end of its treasury report is still in full swing.

A heat stroke but close to night. The list of selected confectionery services with the Kirchenchor in the Advent season includes the flute festival in Ahrtal, the concert program on CD is available and the Spence is available. It is always planted, built and organized. In addition to the number of gestures, the number of employees must be included.

Music spent on flute

Ersatzweise wurden Flyer gedruckt, in denen um Spenden für eine evangelische Kirchengemeinde im Ahrtal gebeten wurde, die stark von der Flutkatastrophe betroffen war.

In February 2022, a delegation from the Kirchenchor, Musikverein, Posaunenchor and Männerhauskreis hosted a Spendenscheck in Höhe von 5435 Euro an den Pfarrer der evangelischen Kirchengemeinde Bad Neuenahr überreichen. Das sei ein kleiner Trost gewesen, so Bernd Mast.

Active activities of the Treue Association

The Coronapause has no additions to the member numbers, which include the assembly line. The active musicians and musicians enjoy the trend of treasure, and the first rehearsal by locating the masses is in full swing.

Also, in the aftermath of work, a positive picture. The Musikverein Egenhausen has a total of 17 children in the musical training, as well as being in the planning for a community of young people, and under the spring guidance of the Altensteig Music School, in a very friendly and friendly way,

In addition to the new newsletters, there are two possible changes. The bishop’s pre-emptive member Sven Krauß is his favorite place, Valentin Ehrl has been chosen as a relative. The other stands, as well as the Beisitzerin and Beisitzer, are well maintained.

Two new members

Kreismusikdirektor Josef Stritt nahm als Vertreter des Blasmusikverbands Kreis Calw anschließend die Ehrung der active Musikerinnen und Musiker vor. Milena Kalmbach, Luisa Wüthrich, Hannah Posselt, Sarah Mast and Theresa Rath have been working on this activity for 20 years, and Linda Rothfuß and Tatjana Schleh have been active for 20 years. On the 50th anniversary of the active music, Joachim Kaupp can be seen. Also, Jens Hammer and Bernd Mast for 15-year-old engagement in the association guide. Danach bekam Conductor Branko Herbstreit die Ehrennadel des Musikvereins für a Jahrzehnt Conducting Conduct.

In addition to passive members, Heinz Kalmbach, Else Krauß, Heidrun Brakopp, Veronika Kalmbach and Thomas Walz for the 20-year-old Fördermitgliedschaft are selected, 30 years ago by Frank Buob and Hans Kern as a musician.

A sounding word about the conclusion of the membership meeting with Horst Beck and Klaus Ehrl. The music community of the Egenhausen Musical Association has been closed for a long time, and in addition to their active activities, there are various functions for the members of the United Nations.


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