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Barcelona (dpa) – In the case of Barcelona, ​​Max Maxsteden to the Orange Party at the Redemption Center.

This is due to the fact that Kies and the technical problem are described in the form of a series of formulas of Formula 1-Spitze and the genome of the jubilee is shown in Fans. The redemption of the Red-Bull Star from the Motorcycle Bank was carried out by Charles Leclerc. The Ferrari driver has been selected in accordance with the rules laid down on 28 May.

Verstappen übernimmt Gesamtführung

These measures have been taken over a period of time in order to reduce the size of the plant. “The war was started at the end of the day,” said 24th. With 110 points to be excluded from the Netherlands, the provisions of this Regulation apply. “I would like to say that we would not have been able to do so,” said Leclerc.

We were born in Spain and Sergio Perez of Mexico. For the Red Bull war, the Doppelerfolg der Saison. Auf Rang drei kam Mercedes-Fahrer George Russell ins Ziel. In the case of Barcelona-Sieger, Lewis Hamilton was found to be in a state of disrepair and to have a large number of plants, which were treated as such.

Schumacher verstasst erste WM-Punkte

Mick Schumacher, in the course of the start of the World War, was born on the 14th of the WM-Punkte. “After this, a large number of roundabouts have been used. The first and second rounds of the same number of parts are shown,” as the case may be. : “Unser Auto ist stark in der Qualifikation, das ist ja das, was in Monaco zählt.”

Sebastian Vettel joined the company Aston Martin Rang elf. “Schade, dict wir nichts mitnehmen können”, said Vettel bei Sky: “Ich bin soweit zufrieden, aber es istin el Platz.

The temperature is set at the same temperature

The temperature is set at the beginning of the Teams. Mercedes-Motorsport Toto Wolff warns of the fact that the reefen has been removed from the ground for 49 years asphalt. “Die Hitze macht einiges unberechenbarer”, said Red-Bull Motorsportber Helmut Marko bei Sky. The Chefpilot has been used for a second time in the field of operation. Problems? “Da waren einige,” said Marko.

Am Start war davon wenig zu sehen. The car park was set up and set off from the ground floor of the WM-Rivalen Leclerc unter Druck. For the purposes of this Regulation, the provisions relating to the pole position shall not be affected by the technical condition of the container. We are right in the heart of Russell, who is right on the ground.

Hamilton und Sainz haben Probleme

Sein Teamkollege Hamilton dagegen musste schon nach Runde eins an garage. Haas-Pilot Kevin Magnussen fought with a British collide and hatched a reefenschad in the silkworm race. Hamilton for the first time was served in the city of Barcelona. For the 37-year team, the engine must be equipped with a power supply. The Mercedes is still registered in the Feierabend.

We are a leader in the field of Carlos Sainz. Erst verlor er am Start zwei Plätze und war nur noch Fünfter. Dannre is found in Kiesbett. The series of vessels, patrons and pechs of the woods were set up in the city of Madrid after the establishment of the fortified city.

Leclercs Wagen was appointed to the company

The first part of the frame is connected to the floor: For 24 years, the wind turbine is connected to the ground and the surface is closed. Zwar ließ ihn sein Teamkollege Perez schnell vorbei, doch wegen einer defekten Überholhilfe hing er hinter Russells Mercedes fest. “We are not involved in the operation of the CRS in Hungary,” said Mr Verstappen am Funk.

Alle deutete ainen einen lockeren Sieg für Leclerc hin. Doch dann das Drama: In Round 28, a Ferrari-Pilot plottzlich langsamer. “Nein, nein, ich habe Power verloren”, rief der Monegasse. With the help of Motorkraft roll in a die box, the wall is warmed up. The Ferrari mechanic was informed that the box manufacturer was not available to the public. “I would like to see the nichts. Ich habe überhaupt nichts gespürt vorher”, sagte Leclerc.

Damit war der Weg plötzlich doch wieder geebnet für Verstappen, der in Barcelona 2016 als 18-Jähriger seinen ersten Grand Prix gewonnen hatte. For others, Reifen, Kollege Perez ging an Russell vorbei in Führung. These are also intended to be covered by a rubber-free plate.

It was considered that the members of the Weltmeister had been in charge of the operation. The company was replaced by the following series: Immer, wenn er in dieser Saison ins Ziel kam, gewann er auch das Rennen.

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