Mini Remastered Marshall Edition by David Brown Automotive

David Brown Automotive legt eine Sonderserie seines Mini Remastered auf. Anlass ist der 60. Geburtstag der Verstärker-Spezialisten von Marshall.

In addition to the Rock Concerts, you can choose from the following events: In the 60th century, the market is characterized by the legendary nature of the legislation and the Autonomous Community. David Brown Automotive, this year is the first address of the Ministry of Transport, which has been re-established as a Mini-Remastered Company.

Dass sich gerade diese beiden Firmen zusammentun, hat auch lokale Gründe: David Brown Automotive Resident in Formula 1-Stadt Silverstone, Während Marshall a dem nur etwa 30 Kilometer entfernte Milton Keynes kommt, wo das F1 Team von Red Bull seinen Hauptsitz hat . However, the emotional development of the company and the British company was identified by the company: Almengründer Jim Marshall Beide Kultobjekte stammen also aus derselben Ära.

Umfangreiches Sound Package

The soundproofing of the sound system in the sound system is complete. The armature is equipped with modern equipment, and is equipped with the use of a Bluetooth-enabled information system from Pioneer. This music game is available for Android Auto or Apple Carplay. The device is equipped with a mobile phone type that does not have a Bluetooth DSL1 combo. In the case of a handset, the handset is induced by the sound packet.

David Brown Automotive

In the case of the Marshall-Verstärker.

The Mini and Marshall Markets are defined as the optics. Logisch, dass David Brown Automotive and the Sonderedition das iconic schwarz-goldene Farbschema der Firma Marshall aufgreift. In the case of a barbecue grinder, the transverse side of the conveyor belt is set off, the bracket is a brace, the brace of which is flushed: This is a commodity of the Marshall Crossing of the Tyrrhenian and one of the accessories in the dome of Chrome. The logo of the company David Brown Automotive prangt im Marshall-Gold auf der Karosserie.

Gold find sich überall

From here you can see the natural fort. The workmanship is found in the form of a garment, an armature brace, and a blanket which is handled and hand-held. In the case of the city, the instruments, the systems, the air, the surface and the teptic are these in the form of an accent. The Marshall Logo is attached to the ledger. It is recommended that the pedalers play a musical role: Here are some of the motifs in the “Skip Track”, “Pause” and “Play” motifs. The gesture “1 of 60 – Rock ‘n’ Roll” is based on the limitation, and a special design for the interlocking concept is shown.

Mini Remastered Marshall Edition

David Brown Automotive

The pedal building is well equipped and musical.

The technical version of the Vertreter of the Marshall Edition is normally Mini Remastered. Input: The 1,330 cubic centimeter drives a master cylinder of 84 PS and a maximum torque of 133 Newton. The class of the Mini is 8.9 seconds from zero to 145 km / h. For this purpose, the kraft is used in the operation of the feedstock and the operation is carried out with the aid of the central position. However, the configuration and color of the circuit, including the LED technology, and the configuration of the configuration can be determined from the link or page.

For the purposes of this Regulation

These are available for a maximum of 60 copies of the Mini Remastered Marshall Edition without the need to compare the Partner. Clarification: To spend the sum of the Music Venue Trust; In addition to the Coronavirus Pandemic Organization, the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are responsible for the implementation of the Coronavirus Pandemic Survey. David Brown Automotive has been involved in the operation; the production starts for the year 2022.


Der Restomod-Mini. It is original in the original case.

Der Original-Mini. The nature of the aid does not depend on it.

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Welches Auto passt am besten zu Rockmusik? This classic Mini has no connection in the room. However, it is possible to carry out such an operation. The symbiosis of the British cultural object is described as such; The soundproofing of the Mini Remastered locks is based on the Euro-Bereich.


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