Mercedes-Problem: Hours in Barcelona

In Imola we have a car with a flat head. George Russell went to Vierter das Ziel. This team will not be able to go to Platz 3 in the WM. The Schlüssel war was launched at Platz 11 on the 6th rank. The temperature is set at the normal temperature and the Mercedes container is normally normal. I was guilty of lewing Hamilton. The Ex-Champion has been awarded the title and is a member of the DRS Festival.

The reorganization of the Mercedes is a matter of urgency, and it is therefore in the interests of the Member States. Doun Bouncing war nicht etwa verschwunden, nur weil kaum einer davon sprach. The war is over and over and over again. The company compares to the internal Reihenfolge: “I am a man of the Bouncing in Imola. The information provided by Mercedes is provided in the context of the application of the Rules of Procedure.

Da geht es um die Fragen: Wann, wo, wie und warum tritt es auf? Und warum and I weniger stark oder gar nicht? Is it possible for a car to be connected to a car, which has a high amplitude and a high frequency, and a car to be used to stop the car when the truck is running out of space?


The truck is fitted with headlamps.

Fahrer klagen über Schmerzen

The above process is based on the results of the work carried out. In addition, the sample is not used for the purpose of carrying out the operation. This is the case with George Russell, who will be a member of the WM-Punkt in the airfield. In addition, Mercedes is equipped with a system of grounding. “If necessary, the car can still be used as a result. If the car is used, it will not be used, but it will not be used in the car.”

In this case, Mercedes with the same bodywork as the trailer will be replaced. Until the end of the year in the Member States. “We are in charge of all the work. It is free, it is brut. It is a maximum, but it is very good. My colleague Hamilton was born in the world. In 2009, McLaren differed as a result of the war. It is difficult for Mr McLaren to correct the situation.

So lange will Mercedes nicht warten. In addition, the product may be removed from the oven. We therefore consider that there is no need to adjudicate. “These measures are necessary to ensure that the goods are not covered by the provisions of this Regulation.” Teamchef Toto Wolff schließt daraus: “We are involved in the development of factors, including speeds, speeds, speeds, and winds, windscreens, power plants.”

Mercedes - GP Emilia-Romagna 2022 - Imola


The overheads of the plant are treated as such and are treated as such.

Schuss ins Schwarze zu riskant

The new aerodynamic components, such as in the case of a Mercedes gas pump, are used in the reaction of the bouncing. “It is possible to recover the quantity of the product.” For the purpose of the treatment, it is considered that the data must be obtained and removed. “We are involved in black and white goods,” said the author. “It is clear that there is no problem with this issue. We have been able to improve the situation. This is an increase in the number of transactions.”

On the ground floor, Ferrari with a large headland. The WM-Spitzenreiter can be found on the bouncing, but the carriage is redundant. If you are already in the car, you will be able to use the car, but you will be able to use the car. “We are right in front of Germany,” said Mattche Binotto of the Tatendrang team.

In Dem Punkt hält Red Bull eine Trumpfkarte in der Hand. The bouncing is kept to a minimum and the ingredients are removed. The upgrade in Imola is functional. Technikchef Adrian Newey exclaimed: “This is an aerodynamic problem that can be found in a car. The system is located in Newey, the structure of the structure of the vehicle is managed by the company, and the vehicle is operated by a motor vehicle.

Lewis Hamilton - Mercedes - GP Emilia Romagna - Imola - April 23, 2022


Wie schnell kommt Mercedes aus der Bouncing-Falle? This is due to the fact that the light is not very large.

Vergleichstest in Barcelona

Mercedes detectors are designed to be used in the manufacture of heavy duty vehicles. “Wir werden was in Miami probieren, and dann noch einmal in Barcelona.” Toto Wolff was born in Barcelona. “This is the case with the winter conditions of the present model. It is still within the scope of this specification.

For the purposes of this notice, Barcelona has automatically set out the following criteria: “We shall be able to carry out the correct operation. The vehicle shall be rectified.

The theory is that the problem in the wind canal is very limited, and that the use of Mercedes and Red Bull is also a machine. “This is an extraordinary model of the car and the test of the car with the same frequency as the freestanding in the garden,” said Newey.


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