Mercedes EQS SUV (2022): Daten, Fotos, Technik

Mercedes baut seine EQ-Model model weiter aus und bringt 2022 den EQS auch als SUV. The model was published at the IAA in Munich in 2021 as a series of studies. The premiere of the serial version will start on April 19, 2022, and the photos of the model will be updated on the Internet and on the Social Media Channel.

In addition to this, the vehicle is equipped with a self-propelled vehicle, the EQS SUV (X296) of which is shown and has been used for the purpose of driving the vehicle to the right of the vehicle: Talsperre im Schwarzwald is located in the area of ​​the forest area. After the manning and so on, the man was given a small amount of water. The raffle of the drums differs from the GLS. Also ein EQG? Nein, heißt die elektrische G-Klasse, die 2024 an den Start Start. Also EQ GLS? For this purpose, the EQS SUV may not be used.

The technical unit of the EQS SUV, which has a maximum capacity of up to 3.5 tonnes, is available in a limousine and is available in optional battery packs. The base battery is equipped with a 90 kWh power supply, and the power supply is 108 kWh. Allowances for the electric SUV in the limousine wall of the building and the construction of the bodywork are required. Statt 780 Kilometer Reichweite sind nur maximal 650 Kilometer drin. According to Wunder, this is the first EQS with a cW value of 0.20 for the aerodynamic series model.

AMG- and Maybach-Versionen kommen

The laden is powered by 22 kW (power supply) or 200 kW and is equipped with a power supply. Hier kann in 15 Minuten 300 Kilometer Reichweite getankt werden.

Alternative Antriebe

Reichweiten-Rekord beim Mercedes EQS

Das Geheimnis der Super-Akkus

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We are also looking for an SUV and a limousine driver. The EQS SUV 580 4-Matic is permanently synchronized with a board and a picture of the subwoofer. The System Output is 523 PS and 855 Nm. Torque Shift has been shown as an all-wheel drive with two different speed limits. The base version of the E-Motor is 333 PS and 568 Nm above the shaft. The 760 PS performance model from AMG is available in the AMG EQS 53 and Maybach version. Übrigens: Die Anhängelast beträgt 1,8 Tonnen.

Mercedes EQS SUV


Ein Detailbild vom Maybach-EQS hat Mercedes bereits veröffentlicht.

EQS SUV Zeigt sein Design

For the first time, the Spanish publication “Cochespias” via Instagram and Facebook has been updated to include the EQS SUV as a typical EQ-Vertreter. The front end is in the form of an EQS-Limousine, which is naturally available and suitable for use in the form of a standstill. The motor hose is connected to the outline of the hose, starting at the end. In the case of triticale, the triticale and the corresponding mixture are obtained. Dachlinie denies sich sanft gen Heck und gibt dem EQS SUV einen etwas coupéhaften Stil. The Heck is dominated by a licensed bundle of gaseous valves and the gaseous valves and the diffuser of the diffuser.

This design is based on the design of the EQS SUV. The model with the display is only the same as the GLS with the front panel. In the case of the third country, 20 or 21 years above the date of entry into force of 22 years. Ubrigens: Auch der EQS SUV commutation with a crossover with two sides: 4.5 degrees and 10 degrees. Let us know that this is the case.

Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV


Concept Mercedes-Maybach EQS

Elektro-Maybach nimmt EQS SUV vorweg

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MBUX-Hyperscreen und Head-up-Display

For this purpose, the Mercedes is used for the EQS SUV in the direction of the Hyperscreen, and the display is best fitted to the Gorilla-Glas. For MB and the display, the MBUX infotainment system is 12.3-inch and the central display is 17.7 zinc. The headroom of the hyperscreen is 141 cm wide, the height is 2,432 cm2. The Augmented-Reality-Head-up-Display is optionally selected from the Frequency and Navigation Information virtually on the Straße. In addition, the MBUX High-End Rear Seat Entertainment Plus Package is available with two images in the middle of the system.

Mercedes EQS SPERRFRIST 15.04.21 18 Uhr Collage Aufmacher


Mercedes EQS (2021), electric for S-Class

Luxury String with Diesel Fuel

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In the case of the EQS Limousine, the Sindelfingen vom Band läuft, produced by Daimler den EQS SUV wie auch den EQE SUV im US-American Werk Tuscaloosa.


Nein. The first step is to carry out the operation and use the equipment.

Yes! Ein Auto hat man, um sponton irgendwo hin fahren zu können und neder jich can be used to drive cars from Sweden.

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In the case of SUVs, the EQ format for electro-power is also used in the form of a GLS for which a different role is played. Ihn sieht Mercedes vor allem für die USA und China vor.


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